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February 14th, 2008

Forget Time Management

A lot of people use the term “time management” – but there’s really no such thing.

You cannot manage time – nor can you control it.

You can only choose to do or not do certain things. That’s it.

Sort of like the sun. You cannot manage or control the sun – or the moon. But you can choose to be outdoors in view of it – or indoors out of view.

You’ve probably become accustomed to hearing other people (and quite possibly yourself) saying, “There’s not enough time in the day” or “I don’t have any time.”

Since when are we the decider on how much time there should be in each day? And how can you not have any time?

Time and energy are all we have. You either use them to the full – for things that matter to you – or you use them for anything that grabs your attention at the moment.

Saying “there’s no time” is like saying “there’s no muney.”

There are always plenty of both. Depends on your view. And not your view on the outside. It depends upon how you see things on the inside.

The next time you think there’s a shortage of time – or think that you need to manage time – change your mental picture to the following:

“I have time to do what is most important to me.”

Now, you may be wondering if I have a “system” that helps me get everything that’s important to me done.

I sure do – and I can assure you it’s not one of those “planners” you see people lugging around.

If you’re interested in learning my system of “Time Useage” – drop a line and let me know.

Matthew Furey

P.S. Remove the blocks, the resistance, the friction keeping you from the life you want. Tune into the Zero Resistance Living System and make a quantum leap in your life.

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