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August 5th, 2008

Doing What You Hate

Sometimes in life we have to do what we hate. Or so it seems.

We have to pay taxes – and we might hate that.

When we take a trip overseas, we have to fly for seven, ten, maybe even fourteen hours. And that’s
not supposed to be fun.

Then we have to put up with difficult people.

And so on.

Yet, in each of these situations, there are choices other than ‘I hate this.’

You can either FIND a way to enjoy what you hate by changing your attitude – or you can stop doing what you hate to do.

Years ago I determined that I didn’t enjoy answering the phone to take orders. When I first began in business I DID enjoy it – but once things started to go well, I was unable to get anything else done if I answered the phone.

So I stopped answering the phone and found someone who enjoyed doing it.

At one time I enjoyed fulfilling orders. It was fun to put books in envelopes, label them and seal them. It was also fun to take all my orders to the post office.

But then, after the business grew, I got nothing else done if I fulfilled orders and went to the post office. So I began to hate fulfilling orders – not because there was anything wrong with it – but because I needed to GROW.

When you feel pain when going to work each day, chances are this means YOU want to GROW, personally and professionally.

And you can’t grow if you insist on doing the same things that you’ve always done. Just because you used to like doing something is no excuse to keep doing it.

Ultimately, if you want to keep growing, you’ll need to continually weed from your work environment the things you don’t like to do while focusing on the tasks you like to do; ideally those tasks will have the greatest payoff.

It’s been said that the vast majority of people go to work each day in jobs they hate. I don’t understand how a person can do this. Yes, I understand the line, “I have mouths to feed and a roof to put over our heads.” But since when does that mean the next action step is doing what you hate.

If you have mouths to feed and a roof to put over a number of heads, then doesn’t it make sense that you do what you are passionate about so you can increase your income year after year.

Where is it written that the wealthy do what they hate to do. It’s the opposite. Those who are thriving do what they love. Those who are surviving do what they detest.

I have yet to read a book entitled, “Do What You Hate and the Moohlah Will Follow.”

Figure out ways to move from the “I hate this” workplace to the “I love this” environment. The payoffs will be HUGE.

Matt Furey

P.S. I have 101 suggestions to help you make the move from I hate” to “I love” in my new book, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money.

P.P.S. And at my 4-Hour Workday Seminar I’ll give you the formula for maximizing your time and talents, doing what you love to do.

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