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May 7th, 2009

Competence or Confidence

Last weekend I conducted the most powerful training I have ever done.

For the most part, it dealt with the subject of CONFIDENCE and how to get it – FAST.

Someone once told me that he believes ‘competence’ is more important than confidence.

I disagree.

Why? Because the world is filled with competent people. They’re on every corner of the globe; they’re on every street corner – in every classroom and business.

But these competent people lack confidence – so they hold back – or they do stupid things to mess everything up.

Then there are people who COULD be competent, if they only had the confidence to stick with something, day in and day out – until they master it.

Becoming competent in something requires confidence. A belief in yourself that positively affects everything about you – a belief that is so strong other people pick up on it and believe in you, too.

Keep this in mind: Even when you’re competent, you still need to project confidence in what you are competent in.

If you don’t, your high level of competence will not be taken seriously by anyone.

Not only that, but YES, you can even project confidencein things you’re not competent in YET – and if you believe
in what you’re doing strongly enough – guess what?

You will surprise yourself and others.

I know a salesperson, for example, who is totally incompetent when it comes to closing techniques. He cannot even tell you what his standard closes are.

Yet, he continues to rewrite history, year after year. His confidence propels him to higher and higher levels of income.

The same can be said of athletes who have sloppy technical skills. You might even laugh when you see them practicing – but when it comes game time, they can get the job done.

I know some people who were awful in practice, but as soon as the official time clock starts and a referee and audience were present – another person showed up inside the body and mind of the competitor. And he WON.

So confidence is HUGE.

Today I put up a clip about this subject that I’d like you to see. This clip gives you an idea of the top secret product I’ll be launching this coming Tuesday, May 12.

You’ve got to watch this clip NOW and find out about the book I wrote in 1995 – competency – and why it was never published – lack of confidence.

Watch it now below.

And prepare yourself for Tuesday, May 12.

Matt Furey

P.S. By the way, all my emails as well as my video clips are 100% stream-of-consciousness. There may be mistakes in both – yet, I’m considered by many to be the world’s greatest email copywriter – and a master communicator. How can this be? Watch this clip – and each clip I post – and you’ll see it in action.

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