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February 25th, 2009

Can China Survive Without US

After yesterday’s email I received the following comment from an American woman who lives and works in China. My comments to follow:

Hi Matt,
Your emails are superb / I’m passing them along and also saving every one of them. I can see that you’re tapping into your Zone….starting several months ago – pre-election.

HOWEVER: your message today “Money & Self-Image” should be printed in newspapers, magazines for all to see. But then, only a few will ‘get it’. Pls. write more on this subject.

What you’re saying about China is spot-on.

We (my husband and I) started working here in 1991 and are proud to have been part of the Chinese Renaissance. It’s been a wonderful experience to see the people grow and accept their potential.

I’m sick about what I hear from the USA.

But reading your emails surely makes me nod and put a knowing smile on my face.

I just wanted to tell you how much your words mean to me. And I wish you, your associates and your family the very best.

Rebecca Eisele

MJF: Thank you, Rebecca. I still remember meeting you in Delray Beach in 2005, then again in 2007. I’m happy to hear from you.

Today my wife gave me the latest news from China. Guess what they’re doing? LOWERING TAXES.


Lower taxes when purchasing a home. Lower taxes for automobile purchases.

Yes, despite what most of the world has been led to believe, those Chinese Capitalists have money – and pay taxes. But unlike our country, they’re not trying to improve the economy by increasing taxes.

Go figure.

Look for the self-image of China to grow stronger – with or without the U.S.

Again, they’re not perfect and I don’t agree with everything the government in China does – but I believe they’re moving toward more freedom.

AND – the Chinese people, more than anywhere I’ve ever been, know the Power of Imagination.

In fact, in the Water Cube – where Michael Phelps won his 8 gold medals, I took a photo of a banner that spelled out how the concept, design and use of the Water Cube before and AFTER the Olympic Games was all part of that dynamic word I champion again and again: IMAGINATION.

Use your Imagination like never before. Use it with gusto and enthusiasm and watch your life change for the better. The world famous Zero Resistance Living program will show you how – and it’s now available at half-off to help stimulate YOU and the economy, world-wide.

Go here and order now. Just type ’2009′ into the coupon code when you add this item to your cart and you’ll be all set.


Matt Furey

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