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October 14th, 2008

Am I Slamming ‘The Secret’

Earlier today I got the following email:

“You can do what you want and I realize you have had success, however would it make sense to acknowledge the benefits of the LOA understanding and work along side it as opposed to challenging it altogether? Just curious, hope all is well.

Patrick M.

MJF: Hi Patrick. I thought I’ve been very clear that the Law of Attraction works – but not unless you follow another LAW, which comes first. And this LAW, which I cover in 101 Ways to Magnetize Money, is NOT mentioned in The Secret. Nor do most people even think of it as a LAW.

In my book I acknowledge at least two people who appeared in The Secret: Bob Proctor and Joe Vitale.

Yet, as a martial artist who won a world championship, as well as a successful entrepreneur who has earned multiples of seven figures, year after year, I have a knack for pointing out the missing pieces of the success puzzle.

Let me give you a strong hint about what this missing LAW is.

Although I am a world champion martial artist and successful entrepreneur – I did not just land in this position from visualization alone – although it WAS a major factor.

Not only that, but in spite of my accomplishments, I continue to train. Each night, when the stars are in the sky, I’m outdoors doing various exercises for an hour or more.


Because I know the LAW that no one is talking about. And I understand that when you combine both LAWS – you don’t just have a rocket – you have fuel in your rocket. Not only that, you have a guidance system that will direct you when you are off course.

Being off course is part of the success process. Mistakes lead you to the goal. Success is failure turned inside out.

But even the above are mere platitudes without a daily regimen to follow.

In 101 Ways to Magnetize Money, I don’t just talk about other peoples’ success – I give you the regimen that will lead you there.

To grab hold of this regimen and use it – go here.

Matt Furey

P.S. Here’s an eye-opening testimonial I received today:

Matt, I have the book and absolutely love it. A couple of  great things have happened including a check for $916 that came within HOURS of when I needed it. You have no idea how important it was in getting me somewhere that is leading to several thousands of dollars a month.
Thanks – Ted

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