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Archive for June, 2012

Is Hard Work a Good Thing?

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Before my wife, Zhannie, emigrated to the United States from China, she always ended her messages the same way, “Bu yao tai nu li gong zuo.”

Translation: Don’t work too hard.

This statement always bothered me. I didn’t like it because I honestly believed that ‘hard work’ was the key to success in anything. Today, I have a different way of looking at the ‘hard work’ principle, and I’ll explain how in a moment – but first, what did Zhannie mean when she said, “Don’t work too hard.”

One day, while taking it easy at the aluminum factory in her hometown, Zhannie’s good friend was working hard in the assembly line.

Suddenly, an explosion.

The lady’s face caught on fire. She suffered third-degree burns. And never left the house again, other than to see a doctor, for more than ten years.

The woman’s beautiful face instantly scarred for life. And with the communist system of income, you can imagine the health care she received for her wounds.

Shabby at best. Until the doors opened to capitalism and doctors arrived who could perform the complicated operation she needed.

Under a non-capitalistic system, very few high-level doctors – or the money to pay a specialist if there was one.

Why no high-level doctors?

No incentive. Everyone got paid the same, no matter what.

Another worker lost his arm while working hard. Others lost their lives. In fact, my wife saw so much death when she lived in China she was numb to it. Life was not precious.

Everyone was the same. Just an egg shell to be discarded.

So my wife’s refrain: “Don’t work too hard” – meant the same as the Chinese saying, “Yi lu ping an.” Travel safely.

Safety was valued far more than hard work. Don’t take a risk. Don’t do anything in which you could get hurt or injured.

When Zhannie came to the U.S. she no longer believed in the “Don’t work too hard,” slogan. She believed in taking risks, in doing whatever she could to make life better for herself.

At one time she held three jobs. She worked part-time in three different restaurants. She went to school at an Adult school to learn English. Later on she attended a junior college to learn more.

And she encouraged me to take risks, to write books, to give seminars, to increase my income and so on. She never said, “Don’t work too hard” to me AFTER she moved to the U.S.

Years later, when I began teaching Psycho-Cybernetics and Zero Resistance Living on this website, in my products and at LIVE coaching programs, Zhannie dived into the subject with enthusiasm.

From me she learned that the key to success is proper use of your imagination and something I call the Law of Practice.

Dr. Maltz called it “practice, practice, practice.”

But not hollow practice.

Enthusiastic practice. Putting your body, mind and soul into what you’re doing – but doing so in a relaxed way.

All great achievers do what they do in a spirit of calm and relaxation. They may pay lip service to the slogan, “It’s ALL HARD WORK” – but the reality is that when you work hard and are not relaxed – you’re not very effective.

The best of the best understand this. So next time you hear “it’s all hard work” coming from the mouth of the champion athlete or successful businessman – ask for video footage of him in action.

While watching him, you’ll discover an amazing fact: Even in the heat of battle, even when time is of the essence, even when your life may be on the line – the winners are those who make what they’re doing look easy.

Two summers ago I watched a man in Xinjiang Province in China walk a tight rope. I also watched him run on the tight rope. And I watched in awe as he stood upon a chair. He made the seemingly impossible look easy.


First, he imagined being the tight rope walker he became.

Second, he practiced more than anyone else until he became that person.

Relaxed, enthusiastic practice is the key to greatness.

Are you relaxed? Are you enthusiastic? Are you willing to practice more than anyone else?

Then nothing can or will stop you from becoming a successful human being.

Matt Furey

P.S. BTW, the world famous Zero Resistance Living Course will teach you how to relax, imagine and put enthusiasm into all you do at the highest level possible. Order NOW and make a quantum leap forward.

Eat, Drink, Man, Woman

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Imagine this: You’ve written the script for a movie and you’re trying to come up with a title.

You have no earthly idea what the title will be – so you look over your script again and ask, “What’s the movie about?”

And you still have no answer.

So you ask yourself, “What are the characters in the movie doing – and who are they?”

This question gives you an answer: Eat Drink Man Woman.

And that becomes the title for your movie.

Now, I don’t know for sure that this was the process used to come up with the title for the Chinese movie I saw about 15 years ago – but I think it almost had to be.

It’s a bad title – and a great one – at the same time.

And it captured the interest of a lot of people.

Well, how’d you like to capture the interest of the masses with a book, DVD, course or movie?

How’d you like to publish your work on your own and sell a million copies of it?

And how’d you like to learn how to do so for FREE while also eliminating any and all debt you may have?

Discover how by going here…

Matt Furey

Father’s Day Flashback

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Note: Two days ago, Early to Rise featured a piece I wrote for Father’s Day in 2007. As I read the article I was caught totally off-guard. I’ve written many emails over the past 12 years, and it’s easy to lose track of what you wrote. And sometimes, it’s not just “what” I wrote, but an overwhelming feeling of “WHO” wrote it.
This is what happens when you’re in THE ZONE. You’re living in the present moment to such a degree that no ego is attached to what you’re doing. Reminders or flashbacks are wonderful. So, I’m thankful to ETR for republishing this one – and I think it appropriate to send it your way once again. After all, if I forgot I wrote this one – chances are you’d like to re-read it as well.

Best Advice a Father Can Give

It hit me like a ton of bricks.

I couldn’t believe I’d “missed” it before. I’d read the book many, many times – but this time was different. A “secret”
was revealed to me – and today I’m going to give it to YOU.

If you are open and receptive to this passage – you can expect a major breakthrough from what you are about to read.

I suggest you be OPEN.

Here’s the passage:

“Psychologist David Seabury says that the best piece of advice his father ever gave him was to practice positive mental imagery – immediately and “on cue,” so to speak, whenever he became aware of negative feelings. Negative feelings literally defeated themselves by becoming a sort of “bell” which set off a conditioned reflex to arouse positive states of mind.”

Now read this passage again. It comes from the 35-million copy best-seller, Psycho-Cybernetics.

Pay particular attention to the following words: “the best piece of advice his father ever gave him…”

Those words set the tone for for what the rest of the passage reveals.

Why. Because whenever something is the “best piece of advice” someone can give you – especially your father, it had better be GOOD.

In reading this passage I not only see this as the best advice I can give my son – but myself, and everyone I teach at my seminars and in my coaching programs.

So many people wonder why I am always so calm, cool and collected. Many wonder how I am able to speak before a crowd in a non- chalant, totally relaxed way and still have everyone totally riveted.

Most of the reason is because I have no thoughts of resistance when I speak. I’m not concerned about offending anyone. I’m not even trying to get people to like me. I am simply ME, take it or leave it.

Very few people are this way. They’re trying to figure out how to get others to approve of them or like them. Not a good strategy because the more you NEED others to like you the less they will like you.

Same goes with money. The more you NEED it – the more it will stay away from you. Money and friends go where they are wanted – not where they are NEEDED. There is a world of difference between want and need. One attracts. The other repels.

Even if you think you NEED money or NEED friends, so long as you have this thought you are in a repelling state of mind. Never NEED anything. Want is all you want. Want comes from a vibration of “I’m happy already and I’d like to have this, too.” Need comes from a vibration of “I’m miserable and frustrated and I need this thing to make me happy.”

Become aware of negative NEED feelings when they arise – and if and when they do – learn, through practice, to have these feelings immediately trigger the thought to change your vibration into a “feel good” one.

Most people have never been taught this by their fathers – or by any other teacher. They’ve been taught to set goals, to have a burning desire, to be optimistic and have a positive attitude.

But what do you do when you look at your bank statement, or your finances and you immediately begin to feel bad? What do you do when the reality of your situation begins ruining your day? What do you do when you’re feel frustrated, fearful and worried? You do what Dr. Seabury’s father told him to do and what I’m telling you to do.

First, you “recognize” that you are feeling bad.

Second, you understand that this “feel bad” vibration REPELS what you say you want. Your want is not a want. It’s a need that comes with the expectation of something outside of yourself making you happy.

Third, you recognize that this “feel bad” imagery sends a signal to the Universe that you cannot be happy “for no particular reason.” And that’s not good.

There is a balancing act you are to learn between having a burning desire and having a desire that burns you.

On the one hand having a burning desire creates the necessary mind-set that will create the thing you want. On the other hand, if the desire is connected to “I’m miserable unless I have this thing” – then you are chasing success and that success will always run faster than you do.

Your objective is to attract success; not to chase it. Chasing success is repelling success. You never get what you are chasing. At the end of the month you always come up short; you always need a quick fix. And fixes don’t fix anything.

Several years ago a man sent me an email in which he said I was “chasing the almight dollar.” I had no idea what he was talking about. I couldn’t even form a mental image of myself doing what he was writing about.

What the man was saying was a reflection of what HE thought I was doing.

He was wrong. When I chased the almight dollar – and I did that for years – I had no money. When I stopped chasing and learned to attract it – it flowed into my life so fast I was nearly knocked over.

Continually alter and improve your mental pictures so that dollars are chasing you. Anytime you begin feeling as if you’re no longer attracting – then look at what you’re picturing in your mind and see if you’re repelling more than you’re attracting.

At all times the forces of attraction and repulsion are at play. It’s simply a matter of how strong the forces are. If you’re repelling energy is stronger you go deeper into debt. If your attraction force is stronger you get wealthier. If both are equally strong, you feel “stuck.”

Now the question is, what do I do if I am repelling more than I’m attracting?

The answer:

1. You change the way you feel by changing the mental picture you have of your situation. Everytime you feel the negative feeling, it’s an alarm that triggers a positive one. A bell goes off inside. “Uh, oh. Not good. Change the mental picture.” You do this over and over and the feel bad vibe lasts less than a second and you’re back to feeling good. Essentially, no one will ever know you even visited the feel bad emotion. It was “here and gone” in the time it takes to click a new photograph.2. Begin each day with Theatre of the Mind exercises so that you go through the whole day without resistance. Don’t just read positive messages or books. DO the exercises. Stand before the mirror and speak. Picture what you want when you speak. Sit in a chair and use your creative imagination. Recall previous successes and link them to your future.

3. Have a burning desire in mind, a goal. But at the same time don’t expet the goal to give you happiness. You don’t let the desire burn you by feeling bad if you don’t have it yet. In fact, even though you WANT the goal and put your heart and soul into creating what you want – you are also able to “walk away” from the goal emotionally. There is no expectation of your desire giving you anything other than the thing you desire. For example, if you want more money – you don’t expect more money to give you happiness. You simply want more money – and you put yourself into happiness mode

If you’re happy even though you don’t yet have in your possession the thing you want – then you are attracting it to you.

If you’re unhappy because you don’t yet have in your possession the thing you NEED – then you are repelling it.

So get happy NOW – not later.

Recognize that fear, frustration and angst are only there to help you change course. They’re there to help you see that your mental picture is off-target. Put the right mental image back onto the screen of your mind and watch how the Universe lines things up in your favor.

Quick note: Theatre of the Mind is a technique I’ve championed with much success. I’ve find it to work for virtually any area of your life. You can learn to use it in the powerhouse Zero Resistance Living System.

Rise Up!

Matthew Furey

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