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You Changed My Life

Friday, May 11th, 2012

This week I worked with many different clients whom I mentor privately. Some meet with me in person. Some speak to me over Skype or by phone. Some do a combination of the above. All are raving about the guidance they are getting and this makes my day.

One young man has a book that is one of the hottest products I’ve seen in a long time, but he doesn’t quite know how to market it. Another is pulling in over 100K per month and he attributes much of it to what he’s learned from me. Another has an idea but needs guidance on how to complete it and get it rolling.

For 10 years I ran a number of Mastermind coaching groups, and you can see the raving testimonials I got from people in the group here. But the ULTIMATE mastermind is done privately. It’s a mentorship between master and student/client. It’s the FASTEST way to spring ahead.

Being mentored privately was how I developed as an athlete and martial artist, as well as an entrepreneur. Yes, the group meeting style has it’s pluses – but the biggest positive of all is still the time you get one-on-one.

If what I’ve described above lights you up and makes you want some of that – then go watch the video I put up for you and be sure to fill out the form and send it in pronto.

I look forward to serving you.


Matt Furey

Blessings and Curses

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Every blessing contains a curse, and every curse, a blessing. That’s the realization I put into words recently.

Think about it. Think of any strength you may have, whether it is superior intellect, athletic skill, musical or artistic talent – you name it. Rest assured, along with your skills you’ll find a few things you wish weren’t part of the deal.

If some of your blessings are material, I can assure you there will be people who feel entitled to a piece of what you have. And if you’re fortunate enough to use a talent you have to acquire material wealth, don’t expect everyone to respect you. Some will hate you for no other reason than you appear to have MORE than they have.

Now let’s look at the “curse” side of the equation.

How can a curse contain a blessing. Well, it does, if you’re brave enough to look for it.

Let me give you an example: A young man I coach told me how he lost his job. He got fired. When I spoke to him by phone he was really down. And when I told him that losing his job was “good” – he was stunned.

Huh? he thought.

I continued: “Now you’re in the perfect position to start your own business, to become an entrepreneur. Now you can do the things you’ve always wanted
to do.”

The man thought I was smoking weed. He didn’t see himself as an entrepreneur. He didn’t believe he had any business skills.

But he followed my lead and persisted.

As of today, this young man has been self-employed for nearly 10 years. He turned a curse into a blessing – by looking for it.

Over the years I’ve written extensively about my highs and lows, my good and bad times. I’ve written about my successes and my failures.

This week has definitely been a challenging one. I’ve been stung a few times.

At the same time, this week has been one of growth. It’s been a week where I learned to “forgive and forget” at a higher level. It’s been a week of “let’s move on.” It’s been a week when the phone has rung with fresh opportunities to begin again – to take skills to the next level.

It’s not easy looking for blessings out of curses. It’s not easy looking for the good in a mistake you made, a blunder you caused or a failure you feel badly about.

It’s also not particularly exciting to know that your skills, abilities and/or blessings in life are not looked at favorably by others.

But it’s part of life and you either accept it or reject it.

One of the key phrases I learned from Dr. Maxwell Maltz goes as follows: “I may be a mistake maker, but I’m also a mistake breaker.”

In my case, this statement is definitely true. In fact, as part of a visualization, I can go back in time and relive something I did that I regret. And as I look at it
with objective eyes, I can repeat to myself, “Mistake Maker – Mistake Breaker.”

This will get me over the hump.

If I follow this statement with the question: What’s good about this? – then my mind will begin searching for a blessing. And it will find one.

Will this blessing have a potential negative attached to it. Well, sure. So what to do.

Rise above it by focusing on the blessings. When you do this, you’ll find it far, far easier to weather the negatives.


Matt Furey

P.S. To learn how to go from being a Mistake Maker to a Mistake Breaker who gets the ultimate out of life, be sure to order the Zero Resistance Living Course. It’ll calm you down, cool you off and help you make the most of any situation you find yourself in.

What a Mentor Can Do For You

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

For 10 years I ran a number of Mastermind coaching groups. I had the great honor of helping many, many people find success.

Last fall, though, I switched my approach to one-on-one mentoring because of all the time spent with my children, watching them and coaching them.

At the present people I work with get undivided attention – and this is much more powerful than the group effect – which is saying a lot.

Anyway, I’ve put up a page where you can apply to be mentored by me.

Go watch the video and be sure to fill out the form and send it in pronto.

I look forward to serving you.


Matt Furey

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