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Beware of Vitamin C Tablets

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

I received an overwhelming response to last week’s email: The Vitamin C Hoax. As I stated, most people are simply not aware that the form of Vitamin C they’re ingesting, is most likely toxic to the human body.

If you take a look at most Vitamin C tablets – you’ll see that the source is listed as “ascorbic acid.”

But what you’re not being told is this: Most ascorbic acid forms of Vitamin C come from genetically modified corn. Not a healthy source, to say the least.

With the above said, you’re better off eating certified organic oranges, tangelos, grapefruit, strawberries and so on.

But even if you eat more than double the so-called recommended daily servings of fruit and vegetables, you’re still not going to come close to the amount of Vitamin C that promotes a mega healthy immune system.

That’s why I’m so excited about Camu berry – the fruit that yields 3,700 mg of Vitamin C per serving.

Yes, that’s 3,700 mg. And it’s from a FOOD. It’s not synthetic. It’s not artificial. It’s definitely not GMO.

And the health benefits of this berry on virtually every system and cell of the body are immense.

Right now there’s a 2-for-1 Camu Celebration taking place and I wanted to make sure you get in on this special before it expires.

If you want more calmness, clarity and peace of mind – in addition to all the other health benefits of real Vitamin C – then you owe it to yourself to get involved in this celebration right now.

Everyone I’ve put on Camu Gold and Pure Camu has raved about it. Why not you?

Order yours today and let me know how it works for you.


Matt Furey

The Way UP and Out

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Last night I spoke with a man from Australia who made his first million last year. He told me he’s spent so much time listening to my CDs in his car, on the way to work, that he feels like he’s known me for a long time.

He told me that by following what I teach on my CDs, he’s made a fortune. And NOW he’s upped the stakes. Instead of only listening to me on CD, he’s working with me 1-on-1, over Skype, so he can go to the next level.

I realize some people may think that earning 7 figures per year is enough.

But successful entrepreneurs are sort of like speedsters in track or HR hitters in baseball.

They want to run faster and hit more home runs.

And I think that’s awesome.

I’ve been talking about “the way out” the last couple days. The way out of debt, that is.

I’ve told you about how you can learn from the GIANTS who’ve come before you – and model what they did to not only get out of debt – but to become handsomely prosperous to boot.

Part of the way UP and OUT is learning to be an entrepreneur – a creator – a mover and shaker in this world. In particular, as self-published author who reaps the vast majority of what he sows.

And this part is included in the product Think and Live Debt Free, which I encourage you to order.

At the same time, if you’d like to be getting 1-on-1 time with a mentor who’s been there and done it, and has helped a lot of others do the same, then consider having me as your mentor.

Go watch the video and see if this program is for you.


Matt Furey

Worst Investment You Can Make

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Here’s something I learned years ago from Ted Nicholas, a man whose sold over $7 Billion dollars worth of goods; a man who was $96,000.00 in debt at one time; a man who lives in three countries during the year – with spectacular views of mountains and the ocean at each residence.

He told me, “A brand new car is the single worst investment you’ll ever make in your life.”

I didn’t like hearing this the first time I heard Ted say this. After all, the car I was driving was NEW. And so, even though I lost money on the “investment” before the ink had even dried, even though I’d lost money before driving off the dealer’s lot, I had to justify my decision somehow.

This was easy to do when talking to my accountant. He told me that because I got a “lease” I was saving money on taxes.

Yeah, right.

Pay a fortune in interest. Don’t own what you’re driving – but save money on taxes.

That’s “logic” and premature e-gratification – when you’re blowing your load too soon – and in this case, you may be blowing your load before you even have one.

Truth: You don’t need a new car or a new car payment.

That’s no way to get out of debt. There’s a much better way to get around; a much better way to eliminate debt and enjoy peace of mind.

Imagine, no bills, no debt and no worries about how you’re going to make ends meet.

This includes no mortgage payments, no car payments, no rental fees, no leasing fees. Nothing.

Also imagine, if you can, having a home here and abroad – both of them fully owned by you.

The idea was nearly inconceivable to me years ago, but Ted knows it better than anyone – and lives it.

Maybe having a home in more than one country doesn’t appeal to you. But being debt-free, FOREVER – if that has no appeal to you, then you must not have a pulse.

THINK, my friend. THINK.

And LIVE Debt-Free, Forever.

It’s a lot easier than you’ve been told.. Discover how today by going to here.


Matt Furey


How to Get Out of Debt

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Picture this: You get up in the morning, open the fridge, and grab a gallon of milk. Upon removing the lid you smell something a bit foul. You move your nose closer and take a bigger whiff.


What do you do in this situation.

If halfway sane, you walk to the sink and dump the entire gallon down the drain.

Well, imagine being able to do something similar with debt.

It stinks just as much as a gallon of sour, out-dated milk, don’t you think.

So why carry it around.

Being in debt is like going through life with sand paper rubbing against you. It’s far better to feel as if you are sliding through life like with lubrication on your skin.

Being debt free is a helluva lot better than wondering how you’re going to make ends meet – and you can get started on the path to freedom today by taking a gander at my new program, Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever.

This course is currently being offered at a ridiculously low amount – FAR, FAR less than the value of it.

If I were you I’d latch onto a copy in a heartbeat.

Go and secure your copy of this program NOW.

Matt Furey

Only Way Left to Eliminate Debt Forever

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

A few months ago I sat with a man who’s made over six billion dollars in his lifetime. He has homes in three countries and lives life with gusto.

Yet, years ago he was in the hole in a big way. People thought he wouldn’t make it, but he did.

He followed a proven, systematic method of getting whatever he wanted, whether he had the money or not – and three years later he was a millionaire.

When I first got started in info-publishing, I was also in debt. So I followed what this man advised and guess what? I got the same type of results he got.

Whether you’re in debt or not, I advise you to take a good look at the program I created with this man.

It’s called Think and Live Debt Free, Forever.

Check it out NOW. You’ll be glad you did, for an entire lifetime.

Matt Furey

Breathe Deep – Live Long

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Whenever you see someone oozing health and vitality, you’re seeing someone who understands the power of deep breathing.

In China, traditional practitioners of tai chi, gong fu and chi kung will tell you that any exercise program that doesn’t incorporate the breath is ‘incomplete.’

The Chinese Long-Life System begins with deep breathing. Not only that – it incorporates exercises designed to open the meridians of the body, thereby increasing the flow of ‘chi’ in the body.

Disease and illness come when the ‘chi’ is stagnate.

Keep your chi flowing by doing a series of simple exercises that put everything in flow: the breath, the blood and the chi.

Order the Chinese Long-Life System today at over half-off.


Matt Furey

The Vitamin C Hoax

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Ask around a bit and this is what you’ll most likely hear:

“Do you take Vitamin C.”

“Yes, I do.”

“Really, in what way.”

“As a multi-vitamin or solo tablet.”

“Really. What’s the source of your Vitamin C.”

“Huh? I think it says it comes from ascorbic acid.”

“Most likely. But were you aware that most Vitamin C supplements that come from ascorbic acid are derived from genetically modified corn.”

“Huh? Well, should I just eat more oranges.”

“That’s a good idea, but do you know how many milligrams of Vitamin C are in an orange.”


“Sorry. But it’s less than 100. More like 70. So, think of it: if you eat about a dozen oranges in 24 hours, you’re still not even getting 1,000 mg per day, which is far less than what people who want super-immunity should consume.”

“But guess what. The highest concentration of bio-available Vitamin C ever discovered come from an Amazon berry I began taking a few months ago with tremendous results. And a small pouch of dried pulp from them yields 3,700 mg of Vitamin C. That’s a lot of Vitamin C. And the health benefits of this berry are off-the-charts.”

I cannot report on all the benefits in this email because it may sound too good to be true – but I can tell you that Vitamin C does FAR MORE than strengthen your immune system. Vitamin C is involved in virtually every process in the body – including eye sight.

The other day I helped get a 40+ year old man on this berry and he called a couple days later to rave about the benefits. And the story he told me had to do with his eyesight. I’ll leave it at that and how he had a “Peter Parker moment” wherein he couldn’t see anymore with his glasses on – but could with them off.

Right now I have some professional athletes taking this product and let me tell you, they’re hitting the ball and throwing and running better than ever.

The name of the products I recommend are called Pure Camu and Camu Gold – and right now the company is offering a 2-for-1 special on them.

I suggest you go grab some now and discover the benefits that so many are raving about.

One thing is for certain, after you use this product, you’ll never have to worry about getting enough Vitamin C ever again. Nor will you ever have to worry about the source coming from GMO corn.


Matt Furey

Back By Popular Demand

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Just got word from Furey Central that a new shipment of books came in.

The book in question practically flew off the shelves when it first came out in 2008.

And NOW, after updating it and giving it an even more ‘timely’ title, I expect it to do likewise.

The book, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money in Any Economy is your ticket to greater freedom and prosperity.

Make sure to grab your share by getting this book NOW.

CDs also available at half-off the normal amount.


Matt Furey

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