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Archive for April, 2010

How to Remove Blocks to Success

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

In the sport of baseball, there are many ways to score a run.

Listed below are three of the most common ways:

1. You hit a fair ball over the fence and trot around the bases (works every time).

2. You slide into home plate and beat the tag (doesn’t always work).

3. You knock the catcher over if he’s blocking the plate (doesn’t always work) and step on the plate.

Well, what to do if you’re half the catcher’s size – or just not very big – and he’s blocking the plate so well there might just as well be a brick wall up?

If you’re Fordham baseball player, Brian Kownacki, you refuse to see the catcher as an obstacle. Instead, you view him as a prop that you’re going to fly over. See what I mean here:

Then come back to this site, expand your imagination about what is and isn’t possible – and order a copy of the amazing Zero Resistance Living Course.
Matt Furey

My Opinion of Tiger’s Return

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Tiger Woods returned to the game of golf this past weekend – and people who don’t normally watch the game tuned in to see him in action.

After more than four months of exile, ridicule and embarrassment, Woods put all that to the side and concentrated on hitting little balls into dark holes.

Now, I realize there are many who don’t like Tiger because of what he did off the golf course. In the eyes of many, he went from revered to repugnant almost overnight. Some who had nothing to do with anything the Tiger did – will never forgive him or let their mental image of him change, grow or go.

But this is also true for many on a personal level. Many people are unwilling to let the mental images they have of themselves change, grow or go. They cling to memories of the past – previous mistakes, previous bad experiences, previous failures.

They relive and regurgitate them on a daily basis – acting as their own cable news network. 24 hours a day of non-stop bad coverage about one self.

Even worse, though, the bad news has been playing for years – and in many, many cases – decades.

If you believe you can’t draw, sing, dance, play sports, write, speak, sell, market, communicate, concentrate and so on – these are mental images you have of yourself – and you condemn yourself, oftentimes, with insufficient evidence.

If one person told you that you couldn’t do something, did you replay this message over and over – or did you use it to prove him wrong?

Big difference.

And so, I believe instead of condoning or condemning the Tiger, we ought to pay more attention to the images we have of ourselves – and the results they are bringing in our lives. As we allow ourselves the space to change – the same goes for Tiger.

Instead of judging whether he’s sincere or not, leave him alone and focus on your self.

This is something I began learning to do as a young man growing up in a small midwestern town. and I’ve covered this in great detail in The Unbeatable Man – a book that will give you tremendous insight into your own life and help you make the changes you want to make, regardless of the odds, regardless of how many people are pulling against you.

When you’re reading The Unbeatable Man you’ll see how you, too, can make courageous and confident changes in how you live your life.

Regardless of past failures, mistakes or setbacks,  you’ll find a way to rise up and harness the unbeatable spirit that lies within you.

Go here and place your order NOW.

Matt Furey

Your Biggest Competitor

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Competition is a good thing. A great thing. It brings out the best in a person. It shows a person where his true weaknesses are.

Yet, after a competition, there is an enormous danger. The person who loses may consider himself a failure.

It is one thing to say to yourself, ‘I didn’t do well today, but I’ll do better next time. I wasn’t myself today, but I’ll improve on this. I didn’t win today, but I’m still a winner inside.’

I realize it’s hard to do sometimes, especially if you really wanted to win – but it must be done for you to move to the next level.

The best athletes, salespeople, entrepreneurs and so on, don’t compete with others as much as they compete with themselves. Afterall, once you’re better than all your competitors, how can you continue to improve if your focus is simply about ‘beating the others.’

When I was in college my father told me to ‘make yourself your greatest opponent.’ He was right.

In order to do this you must go back in time and picture your best moments, your greatest successes. You must relive the feelings of confidence you once

Doing so is the same as a good friend reminding you of your value; that you’re someone special. Only difference is that NOW you are being a friend to yourself. You’re going within and finding the BIG SELF who inherently knows that you came into this world to succeed.

I once knew a businessman who was very successful for more than ten years. Then the demand for his product died off and he had to close up shop. He thought of himself as a failure; that he was a loser.

I talked to the man and said, ‘My goodness, you had 10 years of success. I wouldn’t call that a failure. Close this shop and move on. Figure out a way to tap into another current trend and you’ll be off to the races again.’

He listened. And he succeeded once again.

There are great athletes who go undefeated until the ‘BIG SHOW.’ Then, if they lose the big show, they feel like total failures. But they’re not. They simply lost one game.

So long as these athletes gave it everything they had in that game, they can hold their heads high. And if they didn’t give it everything they had, they can declare that ‘next time will be different.’

Do as Dr. Maltz always says. Instead of trying to keep up with the Joneses and feeling badly when you’re not at their level – ‘keep up with yourself.’

Make yourself your greatest competition.

Want to get the most out of yourself. Then dig into Dr. Maltz Zero Resistance Living program. This 12-week course will change your life for the better. Loaded with exercises and drills that make your imagination mega powerful – build your confidence and create the life you’ve always wanted. Go NOW
to find out how to improve upon your best days of your life.


Matt Furey

P.S. Also, be sure to look into the Psycho-Cybernetics Super Human Success Group.

Mind Over Time – (not just matter)

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

You’ve probably had the experience of time flying by. I’ll bet you can even remember a time in your life when hours seemed like minutes – if that long.

It’s amazing when time seems to distort like this, but did you know that there are other ways that you, through the conscious use of your mind, can change time.

It’s not accidental when it happens either. Nor is it coincidental.

Instead of thinking of “mind over matter” – consider the idea of “mind over time.” Think about being able to bend time into relative segments, none of which most would consider the norm.

Here are some examples of “mind over time:”

1. When an athlete gets into “the zone” he often has the experience of time slowing down – even when it’s going at regular speed.

2. Ted Williams, the last person to bat .400 in Major League Baseball, was able to see the threads on the ball as it was coming toward the plate at 95+ mph.

3. When two lovers are hot for each other – they can completely lose track of where several hours went.

4. You can nap, visualize or meditate for 20 minutes and have the experience of getting a full night’s rest.

5. And if the above isn’t wild enough for you, there are some martial artists who have had the experience of stopping time, of making it ‘stand still.’

When I was a competitive swimmer in my teens, I had an amazing experience take place while in the middle of a race.

I’d be about half-way across the pool in my first lap of the butterfly, swimming as hard as I could, and all of a sudden I’m hearing the lyrics from the Beattles’ hit “Yellow Submarine.”

As I heard the lyrics, “We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine,” my body relaxed further and deeper. I shot through the water even faster as I sang these words in my mind – but it was all slow motion to me.

Perhaps this experience helped me to be undefeated in this race for four-straight years.

The truth is, all of us have had moments of time distortion – but did you ever think that you could make it a regular daily practice, and that there are many benefits to doing so?

For example, most people live in a “there’s not enough time” world. And this puts them into a trance in which there’s never enough … “time.”

Imagine if you could use your mind to dictate whether or not you have enough time in your world – and that by simply proclaiming it so, it becomes that way.

I recall hearing a major media talk show host say that he would make time for exercise if God would make each day an hour longer.

Well, why not play god (with a smaller ‘g’) and make an extra hour by yourself? Why not open yourself to an extra hour being available each day – if you so choose?

Even write it into your daily planner.

2500 Hour: Walk for 60 minutes

Think I’m joking about this? Then try it and see what happens.

Time is relative to how YOU use your MIND.

Want more time in your life to do more? Then form mental pictures of time expanding or shrinking based on what you want to do.

A novel idea, me thinks. Give it a whirl and let me know how it works for you.

Matt Furey

P.S. To read more about Mind Over Time – be sure to pick up a copy of The Unbeatable Man.

Instant Improvements

Monday, April 5th, 2010

How would you like to make a 30% improvement in your performance over the next day or two.

In fact, the improvement may not even take that long. It may take place in an instant.

Let me give you an example.

Last February I was asked by a coaching member to critique his online video. Along with others in the room, I sat through as much of his presentation
as I could without falling asleep.

When I hit the stop button I broke the news to the man that he looked and sounded like one of those brain-dead, dull and lifeless professors I had in college.

This got his attention.

Then I told him that when he and I have a normal conversation and he tells me a story, he looks and sounds completely different.


Because in one context he is natural and at ease. And in the other context he’s trying to be professional – or he’s trying to make an impression.

In one arena he simply imagines what he wants to say, then he says it. In the other, he ponders and ponders and adds angst to what would typically be a smooth delivery.

In one realm he uses his imagination in a positive and powerful way. In the other he imagines the worst and dredges it from the quagmire.

To “fix” this man I showed him a couple quick video clips of someone who spoke from the heart – and did so with natural-ease. Then I showed him his clip again – so he could see and experience the difference.

He sat in his chair taking copious notes about everything I said.

But note taking isn’t the key to success. It may be important – but action – especially immediate action, is where you demonstrate understanding.

So I got the man on his feet and had him give an impromptu speech on the same subject. I had him stand differently and breathe differently. I game him a new mental picture of what to focus on – and then I walked to the back of the room and gave him the queue to begin.

Within 20 seconds most in the room were misty-eyed listening to this man’s story – as well as SEEING how quickly he’d gone from awful to awesome.

The same thing happened last week with my son, in another context. He’d just gone through a bad day at the batting cages – and his pitching was off, too. When we got home it was already dusk – and I had a tele-seminar to give in less than an hour.

Even so, I spent time with my son, teaching him HOW to use his imagination in a positive and powerful way. I taught him how to breathe, how to relax
and what to picture.

Then I got into a catcher’s squat and had him throw some pitches. 16 out of 20 were straight across the plate.

The next day we went to a local park and I threw pitches to him. Using the same “power of imagination” tools I taught the night before, we focused on
my son’s batting. And he started clobbering the ball.

Now, for the next test. Can he do the same in a LIVE GAME.

Two nights later he was given the ball in the third inning and fourth innings of the game. He struck out four of the six outs.

Last night his coach gave me his stats. He went from throwing 40% strikes in previous games to 70%.

As for his hitting, he knocked his first home run of the season – a three-run shot – and hit an RBI double the next time up.

Not only was my son proud – but so was his father.

My friend, the power of your imagination is REAL. And each day, whether you realize it or not, you are using it to create your world.

Why not give yourself the ultimate edge in creating the type of life that you want. Follow my advice and you can count on improvements of 30% or more –
within days – or maybe even instantly.

The key to your success is getting coached by someone who knows how to get inside your mind and help bring out the best that lies within you.

Very soon I’ll be releasing a couple new products that will absolutely astound you. Stay tuned as you definitely will want to have them in your library – as well as in your mind.

Matt Furey

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