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Archive for October, 2009

Get Up Again, and Again, and Again

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

What do you tell the person who feels defeated? Who feels beaten down? The person who’s lost another one?

There are many answers to this question that I cover in my new book, The Unbeatable Man. Believe me now and listen to me later, I know what it’s like to pick myself up after defeat – over and over again. And that’s why people can relate so deeply to my story.

Here’s an answer to the question about defeat that is NOT covered in my book:

Last weekend the head coach for a young football team that finished the season with an 0-8 record, called all the parents forward when the final whistle blew for the year.

The coach then told the parents, “I don’t care if the boys win or lose. What I care about most is that the boys have FUN and form good relationships with their teammates.”

Admirable qualities, yes. But come on, coach. If you really want to teach the boys to have FUN – then teach them how to give everything they have on the journey toward victory.

If you make giving your best effort the goal – winning and losing will take care of themselves – and you’ll most likely win far more than you would if winning was the goal.

On the other hand, if FUN is the goal – UGGH! Not good. Not good at all. Fun is what losers pretend they’re having when everything goes wrong. It’s an excuse. “Ah, it doesn’t matter we lost 40-0, so long as we had FUN.”


Sadly, many coaches today have bought into the “fun comes first” idea of training. It’s ALL wrong.

Fun is a secondary benefit that comes of it’s own accord when you give the game everything you’ve got. Same goes for relationships.

Want to have fun? Want lifelong friends? Then train your ass off to become great and you’ll achieve all of them.

Last night the Phillies looked like they were having a ton of fun beating up on the Yankees. But I’ll bet you their goal wasn’t fun. It’s winning the World Series.

Make sure you grab one of the remaining hard bound copies of The Unbeatable Man NOW – along with the FREE CD entitled, The Power of Thought Vibration – which you’ll want to listen to again and again.

The Unbeatable Man will instill and install the correct winning attitude toward success as well as setbacks. It’ll help you bounce back after every mistake or failure – and it’ll keep you primed and ready for more when you’re victorious.

Become The Unbeatable Man today.

Matt Furey

P.S. Here’s a note i just received:


I just read the Unbeatable Man. I couldn’t put it down and you wrote in such manner that I felt I right there with you at the state finals. But when you continued about how to learn lessons from your losses as well as your victories it was powerful. So powerful that I starting a new journey on a change in my career it gave me confidence. I have been an accountant/budget analyst for almost 30 years for the government. I retire in less then four and want to go into Holistic Health. I started taking classes and feel like a fish out of water, but as I read your book, I know this fish will become a shark and succeed beyond my own expectations. Waiting for the next book………..

Bill B.

Momentum Killers

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

In a moment I’m going to send you to a link to look at some people I coach who’ve got MOMENTUM on their side.

But first, let’s talk about how to kill momentum – something that happens to good people every single day by the so-called well-meaning others.

One of the first ways to kill momentum is interfering with someone who is already doing well, is getting things done, is accomplishing tasks.

Last night was a perfect example.

You have the Yankees v. Angels – Game 3 of the ALCS.

The Yankees have a pitcher on the mound who is doing a great job. And the manager interferes. He takes out the guy who is totally in command of his game and effortlessly putting out the Angels’ battlers.

The manager puts in a pitcher who isn’t HALF of what the previous guy was in terms of raw talent and focus. Why? Because right handers supposedly have a tough time with left-handed batters.

New pitcher takes the mound and loses the game – after the Yankees manager KILLED the momentum of his own team.

It’s tragic – yet it happens every day to people who would otherwise succeed if they only had a coach or mentor who showed them the way, motivated them to succeed, then encouraged them as they moved forward and were catapulted onto success.

One thing I’m grateful for is having coaches who’ve helped me gain momentum. My coaches fostered momentum in me – and this caused me to win a national title and world title in kung fu,as well as create a great business, attain peace of mind, and so on.

I bring this same spirit into play with the men and women I coach. You can see what I mean by going here.

You can also see several down-to-earth examples of the type of high quality men and women I work with by going here.


Matt Furey

Open the Windows and…

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Yesterday when I was driving around town with my wife, Zhannie, she says, “I notice a lot of Americans never open their windows every morning to let the old chi out.”

“You know, you’re right,” I said. “I never thought of that. We do  it so it’s easy to assume everyone else does it.”

Zhannie adds: “How can you not open your windows? Don’t people FEEL they need to let the old out so the new can come in?”

“I think a lot of people are numb,” I said. “Too many sit before a computer all day, or watch t.v., And when they’re not doing these things they’re on their cell phones or using some other electronic gadget. So they’re totally tuned out to what good and bad even feels like.”

She says, “In China it’s the first thing you do each day. Open the windows. Let fresh air in. Open the windows and open your mind.”

In addition to opening your windows each day, it’s a good idea to get outdoors and breathe in fresh air as you exercise. It’s also a good idea to get some sunshine.

Go for a walk or a swim. Do some bodyweight exercise.


Where your mind and body get fresh air to stimulate every cell in your body toward the positive.

Then come inside and read a book. A good one that you’ll find impossible to put down is The Unbeatable Man.

Testimonials continue to pour in. A second printing is close at hand.

And those who order NOW get a couple FREE gifts that easily double the amount for the book.

Go get them now.

One of them is a CD that you’ll listen to over and over again. It’s called The Power of Thought Vibration.

Did you know that your thoughts vibrate faster than radio, computer and satellite?

But how to make your thoughts vibrate in a way that you get what you want and bypass what you don’t want?

All this and more covered on this invaluable and extraordinary CD.

Grab one now while supplies last. Stake your claim at theunbeatableman.com


Matt Furey

P.S. You’ll also receive a FREE copy of the classic book, The Power of Concentration, sent to you automatically when you order.

The Power of Positive Thoughts

Friday, October 16th, 2009

I greeted the rain while taking my daughter to school this morning.

Then I dropped by a Karate school to visit my friend, Manny, for a few minutes and give him a few items to read.

After that it was off to breakfast. On the way to the restaurant I popped in a CD called The Power of Thought Vibration  – something I’m giving out FREE to everyone who gets a copy of The Unbeatable Man .

Well, I hadn’t listened to this CD in awhile, so I wanted to make sure everything on it was as incredible and amazing as I’ve been telling you.

And let me tell you, before and after breakfast, despite having umpteen things on the front burner “to do NOW” – I kept driving so I could listen to the whole cotton pickin’thing.

My friend, what I reveal on this CD applies, across the board, to everyone in virtually all situations. I talk about the power of thought vibration in sports, in business, when flying, when talking to others, when opening yourself up to new experiences that you’ve  always wanted but couldn’t have because you were making life more difficult than it is.

This FREE CD is easily worth $49 and I’m certain you’ll want to listen to it again and again and again. And you can get it NOW with your order of The Unbeatable Man.

But I’m not going to make this FREE CD available forever when I really could be charging for it. So I’m only going to make it available to the next 247 people who jump on this offer right now.

BTW, this morning I received a couple powerhouse comments about the book:

Matt – I’ve read the Unbeatable Man several times now and get  something different out of it each time! I’m still lovin’ your ability to weave the story in and out of the education you wish us to glean from the lessons you’re teaching.

I gotta say, I’m surprised that, after at LEAST 3 read-thrus, I’m still anxious as each match approaches, still cheering as if I were in the stands, and still feeling the emotions after each battle. I have laughed, cried, and shared it with all my friends.

Thank you for such a wonderful book. Like so many others, I’ve given it to my 13 year old son to read. I’ll send his thoughts to your office as they are much more private (and telling of how much a truly open mind can get from what you teach!) THANK YOU!

Rachel Campbell Young
author of
What if You Were Thin!



I just finished your new book. It was powerful. Read it straight through. I’ll be telling my readers about it next week.

Looking forward to “the college years” version.

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, M.Sc.
Author of Turbulence Training

Thank you Rachel and Craig. I’m thrilled to hear how much you like The Unbeatable Man. Keep spreading the word.

Matt Furey

You’re Never Going to ….

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Ever have someone tell you that you’ll never succeed, that you’ll never amount to anything, that you’ll never become healthy, wealthy, wise or (fill in the blank).

If so, look the person who said this to you right in the eyes and say “THANK YOU for telling me THAT.”

And mean it.


Because that’s the SPIRIT of The Unbeatable Man. That’s what he or she says whenever someone gives you a “NEVER” statement.

I love it when people use NEVER statements on me – especially when the very goal I seek comes after the word.

“Furey, you’ll NEVER write a book.”

“Ah, thank you for telling me that.”

“Furey, you’ll NEVER write a best-seller.”

“YES, thanks for putting so much emotion into it for me. I can use it. And what a stupendous mental picture you’ve given me. Thank you.”

“Furey, you’ll NEVER have a successful business.”

“Fantastic idea. Can’t wait to do so.”

“You’ll NEVER get into the best shape of your life, finish college, own your own home, have loving relationships, etc.”

“Thank you. Thank YOU. And THANK YOU. Such lovely thoughts. I appreciate your concern and care. And I’ll let you know when I’ve fulfilled these goals.”

Look – I don’t think I’m alone in this world when it comes to others using “NEVER” statements on me. But I may be the first to point out that whomever uses them on you is doing you a favor. They’re giving you a shot of adrenaline that will catapult you to levels of success you weren’t excited enough about. Now they’ve given you the juice to help you materialize the immaterial.

The other day I told a young man that he should NEVER read my new book, The Unbeatable Man.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because the book will NEVER motivate you to get more things done in less time. It will NEVER help you focus and concentrate like a Zen monk. And it will NEVER help you be filled with a ton of courage and confidence to knock through walls and leap-frog over obstacles.”

“How much is it?” he immediately asked.

When I told him The Unbeatable Man comes with a FREE copy of The Power of Thought Vibration, a CD loaded with information that will electrify you – it was like an explosion took place within him. Could practically see the very thought of owning a copy making his cells expand with each breath.

I love it when that happens. And I LOVE it when I see and hear about the successes people achieve after reading The Unbeatable Man.

Never get yourself a copy of this life-changer. Don’t live a life of greatness, modeling those who’ve figured out what it takes to overcome the odds and WIN.

Don’t follow me.

Stay where you are.


Matt Furey

P.S. BTW, in The Unbeatable Man Coaching Group – my students will not learn how to succeed far faster than anyone ever thought possible. But if you’d like to be the type of person who turns “NEVERS” and “NOTS” into “EVERS” and “GOTS” – then you might want to inquire about how you can get involved.

Eye of the Tiger

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

I’m in Biloxi, Mississippi right now looking at all the old cars known as Cruisers. Got some real dandies that made me want to own one, especially the 1963 red convertible Cadillac.

But nothing compares to the note I just received from a reader of The Unbeatable Man. My comments will follow:

Dear Matt,

My name is Pierre Provost.

I got your book, The Unbeatable Man, in the mail yesterday. Amazingly I read your book in one sitting like a tiger devours its prey when he is hungry for the kill.

You nailed it on the head on page 77 when you describe what you need to do to become a champion like Dan Gable. Then at the botton of page 78, you talk like a zen master about how you feel your opponents body. As you unlock the mind of your opponent, you open the door to victory.

Now I bow to you dear master as the student and will get up each time you apply your duck-unders. I’m back up for the next round in our journey.

Your friend,

– Pierre

MJF: Thanks a million, Pierre. You’ve brightened a sunny day to a whole new level. I’m sure you’ll find a lot more gems when you read it a second and third time.

Reminder: I’m giving away a free CD entitled The Power of Thought Vibration, a 49 dollar value with each order, while supplies last. Devour The Unbeatable Man like a tiger. Go to theunbeatableman.com

What’s Better Than Law of Attraction

Monday, October 5th, 2009

You hear a lot about the Law of Attraction – and it is a LAW.

But there’s another LAW that I have proven over and over again that you MUST know if the Law of Attraction is going to work for you.

I reveal this LAW in The Unbeatable Man – and when you use it, your life will take a dramatic, automatic turn for the better. Every single time.

After I learned this LAW I was catapulted toward success at an ever-accelerating pace. This LAW served me well as an athlete, where I won a national title in college. It served me well when I opened a business and when I won a world title in shuaijiao kung fu in China.

It’s helped me learn foreign languages, write best-selling book and coach frustrated LOA people to become great.

Chances are you don’t want to learn this LAW. Chances are you’re already successful enough, happy enough and totally fulfilled in every area of your life.

But just in case you’re always LOOKING for the edge, no matter how well you’ve done to date, then I recommend you read, devour and practically memorize the story of The Unbeatable Man.

No matter what your endeavor, your goal, your dream, The Unbeatable Man will guide you and mentor you to far greater success.

How do I know?

I know because of the ton of testimonials already pouring in about how the book has already helped people like YOU.

For example, earlier today, I received the following note:

Yesterday my son Trey (17 years old) ran his cross country race over a minute FASTER than last week. Your book helped him get his head straight.
Thank you very much.

Claim your copy of The Unbeatable Man NOW and I’m going to toss in a FREE CD on The Power of Thought Vibration. This CD features an interview with me in which I reveal more secrets in one riveting hour than you’ve ever heard anyone rattle off before.


Matt Furey

P.S. If you’ve already ordered The Unbeatable Man – I’ll make sure you get a copy of this CD, too.

What Don’t You Want?

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

There are three types of people in this world.

Those who know what they want. Those who know what they don’t want.

And those who know both.

Most people fall into the “I know what I don’t want” category.

3-5% fall into the “I know what I want” group – and they end up achieving more than everyone else combined.

Whenever you meet someone who knows what he wants as well as what he doesn’t want, you’re most likely observing a person who is in the top 1% of achievers.

And if you ever have the great fortune to listen to this person speak – or to read his life story, you’ll be transported into another realm. You’ll literally lose track of time and space as you’re pulled into a Universe unto itself.

As a young boy I dreamt of becoming a great athlete.

And as I thought about this I projected myself into the future, “beaming myself up” before crowds of people, telling them how I did it.

At the same time I thought about the things I did not want to happen, the things I did not want. This gave me clarity of focus and allowed me to concentrate without distractions. It allowed me to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.


Today I still look back at the young boy I once was.

I look to the young teenager who had guts and determination galore.

I look back upon the days in which he faced Goliath, the unbeatable man – and I ask, “What would that young 17-year old do in this situation? How would he handle it? How could he become the Unbeatable Man?”

Immediately the answer comes to mind and I act upon it. I GO GET what it is that I say I want.

18 years ago, over Christmas vacation, I wrote a short story about this young teenage boy I once knew.

Over time I added to the story until it became a book. And last week I finally released it to the world.

Those who read it are tele-ported into another world – the Universe of… The Unbeatable Man.

And there life is changed.

They see courage where there was nothing but fear and doubt.

They see hope in the midst of frustration.

They see trust and belief instead of grief and depression.

They see themselves overcoming the odds.

Whether you get the message in The Unbeatable Man – or don’t get it – is not something I can control. But I could control every word that went into creating the type of book that so many feel they must read from cover to cover in one sitting.

Yesterday I received words of praise from Michael, who wrote:

“All I can say is that is was riveting, inspiring, and left me wanting more! I read it from cover-to-cover in one sitting because I just could not put it down. When I got to the end of the book, I almost screamed out loud because I wanted more.” Zach Even Esh wrote and said, “This should be more than just a book – this has to become a movement!”

Sue Rosario wrote and said, “A very inspiring story I’ll reread many times.”

Get The Unbeatable Mantheunbeatableman.com

It’s going to take you to places you’ve never gone before.

Matt Furey

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