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How to Find the Love of Your Life

Monday, April 13th, 2009

In 1993 I visited China for the first time.

My purpose for going, however, was not simply to visit. It was to meet and marry the woman of my dreams.

Here’s what happened that led to my journey:

In 1992, after I ended a relationship that wasn’t working – I sat in a chair and asked myself what I really, really wanted in a relationship. I also asked myself, without limitation, who I wanted to be with.

To my surprise the answers that came forth were that I wanted to meet and marry a Chinese lady.

Initially, this idea made perfect sense. After all, I practiced kung fu, tai chi and chi kung. I frequently dined in Chinese restaurants and was fascinated by the culture.

Being I lived in the Bay Area of California at the time, which has a huge Chinese population, I figured that finding my future wife would NOT require overseas travel. Yet, within three months of making the decision to attract the very person I had in mind – I was corresponding with a 24-year old girl from a rural area in China.

I was totally intrigued even though she wrote me in Chinese and I wrote back in English, and both of us needed our respective letters translated.

I was hooked even though neither of us could speak the language of the other.

No problem, I thought. I’ll learn the language. And off I went to begin learning a language I had no business learning.

It was difficult.

At times I would get so frustrated I’d feel like a young child ready to burst into tears. But I beilieved if I continued to persevere I would learn the language and I would be able to communicate when I visited China.

Despite all rational thought to the contrary, as well as all pleadings from family and friends NOT to proceed, I boarded a jet in September of 1993 and landed 13 hours and 10 minutes later in Hong Kong.

A few days later I would enter the Peoples’ Republic of China.

I was 30 at the time. And for the most part, despite many great ideas and a promising future, I wasn’t getting anywhere. My business was floundering; I was always living on the edge. I always had trouble paying bills. Was usually late for rent – and was always in debt.

And to top it off, after seeing a photo of a young lady living 8,000 miles away, I wanted to make things harder on myself, by finding money to travel there, learn the language, take time off work – and so on.

All I know is that somewhere deep in my gut – I saw this voyage as destiny. So I followed the internal signal that told me that this lady was the one for me.

Along the way I had plenty of support that seemed to materialize from out of nowhere.

When I received the first letter from China, I walked into a local Chinese restaurant and asked if there was anyone who could help me translate it.

As fate would appear to have it, I found a 73-year old Chinese man, Mr. Pan, not only translate this letter for me, but everyone other one thereafter. He and his daughter and son-in-law met with me regularly to advise me on how I should proceed.

And when it was time to go to China, it was this 73-year old man who accompanied me to make sure I knew where to go and what to do.

How did I get the money for the trip? That’s an interesting fact in and of itself.

Before making the decision to learn Chinese and go to China, my gym business was suffering. After making the decision, clients showed up from out of the blue. Within a couple weeks my gym was packed and I had a waiting list. And this was with no additional marketing or advertising.

As you’ll learn in Zero Resistance Living, once I made the decision to move forward, everything I needed came to me. Once I removed the resistance – once the pressure lifted, much of the process was effortless. Even the learning of Chinese, although difficult at first, got ultimately easier when I realized I was on the right path.

Much of what I needed came so quickly and mysteriously, I felt like a living breathing magnet. All bills were paid on time. Many were paid in advance.

What a turnaround.

What a change.

Today, I’m proud of all the things Zhannie and I have accomplished together. We have so much to be thankful for.

The list goes on and on.

Most importantly, though, I’m proud of the fact that both of us know the life-changing power a decision holds.

If I hadn’t made the decision I made back in August of 1992, I would not have attracted Zhannie into my life. And if she hadn’t made the same decision a few months before me, she wouldn’t have attracted me. And so on.

One decision can and will change your life.

Success begins with a decision.

Once you’ve made one – by law, you will pull the people, resources and knowledge into your life that will make your goals and dreams a reality.

That’s how it works. There is no other way.

In closing, let me relay the final message Zhannie’s Uncle wrote to me before I boarded the plane for China:

“Matt, you say you have made the decision. If this is true I am very happy. You will be proof of the Chinese saying, ‘When two people love each other, though they may be thousands of miles apart, they can be pulled together by a single thread.'”

What is this single thread?

It’s a thought reaching out and finding someone else of like mind. And when both people keep hold of the thread, they must be pulled together – regardless of the distance.

Matt Furey

P.S. Making the decision to use the Zero Resistance Living program will definitely put you on the fast track to success.

I urge you to learn what has helped me and so many others.

How to Write a Best-Seller in 7 Days

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

How would you like to be able to write a book in 7 Days and turn it into a best-seller. Well, I’ve done it more than

And there are a bunch of secrets that I implemented that helped me accomplish the task with EASE. Not only that,
but there are a few other secrets I used to virtually guarantee my new book would sell a lot of copies FAST.

Some of these insights I haven’t shared with anyone before because they were so automatic I didn’t think about them.

Then, along comes a 23-year-old who’s already written and published three books, using the model he learned from watching me. And two of those books he wrote in under 7 days each.

Not only that, but he didn’t write these books and watch them gather dust like most authors do.

Far from it.

His books are selling all over the world today.

Recently he broke down his process into a system that anyone who wants to write a how-to book can use to
hit the ground running.

When I got a sneak-peak at his system, I broke out in a Cheshire Cat grin: Most of the secrets about writing best-selling books and courses that I’ve kept to myself were broken down step-by-step for anyone to take advantage of.

A few weeks ago, this young man taught a select group of people this system. You can read the story, and their
slightly censored comments, here.

I’ve known this young man for a few years now and when it comes to writing that makes doll-ars and cents, he’s the

He doesn’t just teach HOW to write, but how he’s pulled in a six-figure income doing it himself.

If you have any interest in writing and publishing a book of your own, and doing it without a trace of Writer’s Block, check out what he has to say here.


Matt Furey

Never Get into a P*ss Fight With a Skunk

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Tuesday morning I read the reports.

The biggest story, as far as I’m concerned, wasn’t that North Carolina finally won the NCAA championship in men’s basketball.

It was the following passage I read by Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated:

“Google the phrase ‘Tyler Hansbrough sucks.’ You’ll get seven pages of results, including a YouTube clip with that very title. The ever-intuitive Google also will suggest you try ‘Tyler Hansbrough overrated,’ which nets 37 pages of results …”

“Though Hansbrough tried his best for four seasons to block them out, the ACC’s alltime leading scorer couldn’t help but hear his critics. Last night, as he scored 18 points and grabbed seven rebounds to help the Tar Heels to an 89-72 NCAA championship game win over Michigan State, he silenced them.

“A lot of people doubted me this year,” Hansbrough said. “But people can say whatever they want. I’m part of something special that some people never experience in their lives.”

Note the following key words: “tried his best for four seasons to block them out.”

This means that the big star was not able to silence the voices of his critics. He could still hear them as he practiced and as he played.

But guess what? He kept practicing and he kept playing, regardless.

He didn’t allow the voices of those critics to stand in his way.

Yes, the voices were there all right – but they held no power over him. So why fight with them? Why argue with them? Just let them be and go about your business.

What Hansbrough did was minimize the voices of his critics and amplify his own voice and the voices of those who
support him.

The pages on Google, the videos on YouTube – they aren’t going away. Neither are the critics. Even when you finally
do what they claim you cannot do – the critics are still there. Some will jump the fence – that’s true – but many will not – no matter what you do. So weaken their voices. You have the controls. And those controls exist inside your own mind.

Years ago I was stung by a hornet’s nest of criticism. I felt I must fight back – and believe me, I DID.

But the fighting only created more hornets.

I decided to put more effort into it. I fought back harder – and the angry forces grew stronger still.

Finally, a friend gave me a call. He gave one sentence of advice that changed my life. He said, “Never get into a p*ss fight with a skunk.”

One mental picture. One mental movie.

Me fighting a skunk with urine. The skunk fighting me with something far worse.

This one mental movie changed my thinking instantly – it totally rewired my desire to fight those anonymous and poor souls who will never achieve anything worthy of mention.

Yes, there are certain cases, legal ones, in which you have a right to defend yourself. But responding to every attack, back-stab or criticism isn’t worth your time.

Silence your critics in your own mind by amplifying your own voice, by changing your mental pictures to ones that are MORE POWERFUL than the criticism. Silence them by succeeding. Silence them by savoring the throng of cheers from those who really do admire and support you.

And if you dare, proceed as if the whole world loves you.

Matt Furey

P.S. Master the power of mental pictures and movies with Zero Resistance Living it’s the ultimate ammo for those who attack and condemn you for daring to dream BIG and reach for the stars.

Relaxed Mind – Relaxed Body

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

In order to get the absolute most out of the time you spend in your Theatre of the Mind™ it is imperative that you learn to relax, physically and mentally.

Why is this.

Because a mind that is filled with stress cannot easily transfer a new positive mental picture to your subconscious mind.

The good news is that regardless of how much stress you currently feel, you can learn to relax very quickly. Regardless of how much of yesterday you are carrying into today, you can get yourself to emotionally unwind and let go within seconds.

One of the fastest ways is to pay attention to your breathing. Watch yourself breathe. Inhale deeply. Pay attention to the air filling your lungs. Exhale deeply. Feel the old energy leaving your body.

After a few deep breaths you’ll wonder where all the mental stress went and once you get your muscles to simply ‘let go’ you’re ready to work on improving your self-image. You’re ready to begin building the NEW YOU – the person you instinctively know you can be – the person you really really want to be.

It’s a great idea to visualize for a few minutes just before lopping off to sleep. But be careful. Avoid the temptation to lie down for your ‘Theatre of the Mind’ session. Sit up in bed or sit on the side of your bed with your feet on the floor. This will help you avoid falling asleep before you get to the highlights.

If you visualize before sleep your subconscious mind will work on your goals while you’re in dream state. And that’s a wonderful thing to know.

If you tend to doubt the effect that what you think about before sleep has on your next day, then consider this.
Most people go to bed with a final thought of ‘I’m tired.’ Hence, they wake up tired.

The very first day you say to yourself, ‘Tomorrow I’m going to wake up feeling totally energized and refreshed.’ –
you will discover that you no longer wake up feeling tired.

Try it if you don’t believe me. I dare you.

Here’s another example of how you bring ideas into your dream state:

Yesterday I was practicing my kung fu form in the park. When I got halfway through my form I had a sudden, surprising revelation. I remembered how I was practicing some improvements I wanted to make in my form while in my dream state. And there I was, doing my form in the waking state with the improvements in place.

I didn’t consciously try to make these improvements. They happened subconsciously while dreaming and carried over to my waking state.

Made me wonder, in which state am I getting more accomplished?

Want to get more accomplished while you sleep as well as while you’re awake? Then latch onto the powerful, dynamic and magnetic self-image exercises in Zero Resistance Living. This course will change your life … FAST.

Go here and order NOW.


Matt Furey

What’s Your First Thought Each Day?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

The thoughts you think before lopping off to sleep at night – as well as the thoughts you think first thing in the morning, set the course for your life.

Yet, the average person is totally unconscious about what he thinks about during these important moments.

What you picture in your mind’s eye when you arise each morning sets the tone for how you will feel – and what results you will get – for the rest of the day.

What you picture before you go to bed at night has a major influence upon what you will dream about – and how you will feel when you awaken.

You can go to bed with the final thought, ‘I’m really tired.’ And guess what? You’ll wake up hours later still feeling tired. The mental movie of fatigue played all night long programming you to wake up almost as tired as when you went to bed.

But if you change your thought before bed to, ‘Mingtian, wo yao gan dao fei chang hao – that’s Mandarin Chinese for, ‘Tomorrow I will feel great’ – and if you picture yourself arising in the morning filled with energy and pizzazz – then I assure you – it will happen.

I’ve taught this technique to thousands of people – and when they try it – they’re simply blown away at how powerful and TRUE it is. Yet, it’s really a simple concept.

Now let’s think about how the above applies to other areas of your life. For example, let’s say you want to wake up leaner and healthier than when you went to bed. Don’t go to bed with a mental picture of being overweight and unhealthy because  that’s what you’ll wake up thinking.

Sure, physical reality for you right now may be the opposite of what I’m telling you to mentally imagine. But the only way out of the maze is to begin imagining different. Begin seeing yourself the way you want to be in the future, as if you are there right NOW. Then do whatever it takes to make your imagination become the reality you seek.

If you go to bed with the image of waking up richer, wealthier and more prosperous – then your subconscious will work on this image as you sleep. In turn you’ll begin each day with prosperous thoughts.

Carry prosperous thoughts with you during the day – and before you know it, you’ll be bumping into one opportunity after another – all designed to make you move up in this world.

Live your day with powerful movies playing in your imagination and before long your imagination will be what you’re living.

As I said in a recent seminar, “What’s the difference between imagination and reality?”

Long pause.

“TIME,” I said. “Time is the only difference between imagination and reality. There’s a fine line between the two – and no one knows where that fine line begins – or ends.”

P.T. Barnum once said, “Imagination is the elixir of life.”

When you use your creative imagination to build a brighter future – you feel the effervescent energy of an elixir bubbling up all around you. You come to understand that everything in the Universe vibrates – including YOU.

Put negative movies into your mind and you lower your vibration. No bubbling energy can be felt.

Play positive movies in your mind and you instantly stand up straighter, breathe more fully, get a gleam in your eye and power in your step. You immediately begin to vibrate with MORE life.

To change your results you must change how you feel – and how you feel is based on how you picture things in your mind. If you don’t feel a strong, pulsing vibration inside your mind and body right now, it is because you’re looking at low-level mental pictures and movies.

Upgrade, my friend. Play only the best. Think only of the best and the best will pursue you while you move toward it.

There are many tools and techniques you can use to improve the type of pictures and movies you play in your mind. But the very best are the 84 life-changing strategies taught in the world famous Zero Resistance Living course. Go ahead and order it now.

Change your mental movies – change your life.


Matt Furey

The Secret of Moving from Thing to Thing

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Whenever you need drop one task and move on to another that requires entirely different skills – there’s a process that makes it easy.

You simply go into your Theatre of the Mind and picture a calculator or computer screen. Then you hit the button
that clears the screen.

This technique is great to do before bed, especially if your mind is still spinning with what took place during the day. It’s great to do before your next appointment. And it’s great to do at the end of the day before entering your home to see your family.

There are many, many other great techniques just like this that you’ll get in the world famous Zero Resistance Living Program.


Matt Furey

P.S.: If you have a Theatre of the Mind story to tell, send it our way. We’d love to hear from you.

The Recession Proof Secret

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

Okay, today is a bit different. I’m going to tell you about a student of mine whose story blew me away.

I first met Timothy about 4 years ago and I was shocked when he told me he had Cystic Fibrosis. It’s a deadly genetic disease with a pretty short life expectancy.

Doctors told Tim’s parents that he wouldn’t live past the age of 7 or 8.

But Tim hung in there and is healthy and happy now thanks to great parents, doctors and his determination… and the man upstairs.

AND he makes some pretty decent coin, too. See, because Tim was never able to work full time without risking his health, he had to figure out a different way.

And boy has he ever.

He makes over six figures a year on eBay. And he only works a couple hours per day.

But here is the cool part: Timothy has agreed to share how he does it with my friends.

He has a brand new DVD out with all the latest info about eBay that you’ll need to know for 2009. This isn’t some old outdated material written in 2002 about how eBay works.

This is the underground, down and dirty info from a guy who is on eBay every single day and makes his living there.

Go grab your copy of Tim’s How To Conquer eBay Everyday DVD now. It is what you need to know to create an extra stream of income for 2009.

Regardless of the economy, regardless of the jobless rate, Ebay is still a hugely viable way to make ends meet (and then some) ….and if Tim can male $100K working just a couple hours a day, imagine what
you will be able to do.

Go here get in line for his DVD right now. There’s no obligation or charge.

Matt Furey

Your Ultimate Goal

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

The ultimate goal in life is not money, nor fame, nor friend, nor power.

The ultimate goal in life is something called ‘peace of mind.’

Many people think, erroneously, that they will attain peace of mind from the attainment of a goal. But the peace of
mind these people seek NEVER arrives with the completion of a goal.

Momentary happiness – YES. But not peace of mind.

Now, here’s the ironic twist:

You obtain peace of mind in the NOW – by being creatively alive in the moment; by pursuing a worthy goal that benefits yourself and others.

You obtain peace of mind by DOING with the mindset of happiness already being available to you.

You obtain peace of mind by pulling in the positive emotions you experienced in the past – and projecting them into the NOW – as well as into your FUTURE NOW.

You obtain peace of mind by improving your self-image and along with it, your confidence – to the level where you KNOW you can accomplish whatever you set your mind on; to the point where you believe you can bounce back from whatever happens in your life.

You use your imagination creatively and believe that this God-given ability is superior to anything else in the entire world.

Each day YOU and I are given 1440 minutes. What we do with those minutes determines our future as well as how we feel in the present.

When we’re creatively involved in stretching our minds to become MORE than we currently are, we feel good about ourselves.

Consider for a moment one thing you can do today to move yourself toward a worthy goal. Then do it.

I can assure you, in the doing of that thing, your attitude will be different. You’ll feel different and be different.


Because you’re creatively involved in doing something good.

Now, to make life flow even more smoothly, always take a few minutes to enter your Theatre of The Mind. Imagine the person you want to be. Remember that in order for you to make a positive change on the outside, the person you see on the inside must change first.

You have two sets of eyes. The ones you use to observe who you are on the outside. And the set of eyes you use
to observe who you are on the inside.

Picture the new you each day and you will become that person.

For help in doing this, be sure to gift yourself the world famous Zero Resistance Living program the only program that does FAR more than help you achieve your goals and dreams. It helps you create what you want with peace of mind.

Instead of hoping for peace of mind and happiness from the achievement of your goal – which never comes – you have the happiness WHILE achieving your goal.

Instead of 15 minutes of happiness – you have a lifetime of it.

Which do you want?


Matt Furey

How Angry Are You?

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

If you’re not angry about the state of the economy – you’re a rare exception in this world.

Even if you are not personally affected, you know those who are – and you can’t help but feel for them.

Those who thought things could not possibly be “worse” than W are finding out that it’s not wise to tempt “old man WORSE.”

Things can ALWAYS get worse – and FAST. Very, very fast.

But things can ALSO get better – and QUICKLY, if people change themselves first – then spread their newly found wisdom to others.

You may have lofty goals of changing the world – but it starts within. It starts with YOU.

It starts in your IMAGINATION – still the MOST powerful nation on earth.

If you’re not happy with how things are and you want to be a force for POSITIVE change, then the new reality you desire begins with a goal.

After the goal is formed, you make a plan – and if you’re not willing to do these first two things – then you can resign yourself to nothing but angst, fear, depression, worry and so on.

You form a new mental image in your own mind – then you plan how you’re going to make this new mental image become real.

Then you begin to put your plan into operation.

If you make a plan but aren’t willing to do anything, then you don’t have much faith in yourself.

And if you lack faith in yourself, you need to revisit the times in your life when you did have faith, when you did have confidence – and you’ve got to bring those moments of POWER into the present.

If you’re angry, don’t try to change your anger. Don’t try to get rid of it.

Instead, use the anger to create your goal and your plan. Use the anger as fuel to take action.

As you move you’ll feel the anger being transmuting into enthusiasm. You’ll be having a blast as you live fully in the moment, totally alive, moving toward what you believe in.

So take all your negative emotions that you may be feeling and use them in a positive way.

This is best accomplished by learning to use the Theatre of the Mind process – as taught in the world famous Zero Resistance Living program.

If you enter your Theatre of the Mind each and everyday, no matter what is going on around you or inside of you – YOU can turn it around. You can use it as the petro that drives you to success.

Within 21 days of using the Theatre of the Mind process you will no longer feel like the person you are today. You’ll be happy and effective in all you do – regardless of what is happening in the world.

Matt Furey

P.S. Still a few seats left in my Dynamic Power seminar on April 17 in Tampa, Florida. Enroll now.

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