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Archive for April, 2009

Give up resistance to living resistance free

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Imagine this: When I speak about giving up resistance and struggle – some people resist the idea. They add more resistance to their lives, not less. They struggle even harder than before.

Strange, but true.

I’m going to talk about this at length tonight on my 17 Seconds to Success coaching call – but I wanted to cover something about the topic now – because it is an intriguing thing to do to yourself.

If you tell some people to relax – they get tense. If you tell them to take a deep breath – they hold onto the one they have.

If you tell them to save money – they spend.

If you tell them to spend money – they save.

If you tell them to give up junk food – they eat more of it.

If you tell them to calm down – they get angry.

And when it comes to setting and achieving a goal – even a simple one, like cleaning your bedroom, they won’t do it. After all, if you clean your room – it’ll just get dirty again, so why bother.

If you have a pattern like the above, and you recognize it, congratulations.

Why congratulations?

Because the first step to change is being conscious of where you are. It is NOT having a goal, setting a goal or creating an action plan. First you need to open your eyes and see what you’re doing to yourself. And once you do, a lot of the silly things you think and do will stop – even if you’re not consciously trying to stop them.

So never despair. No matter how low you think your thoughts and feelings are – if you become aware of them – even for the first time – you’re already starting to give up resistance.

You’re already on the path to being resistance free by recognizing what your resistance patterns are. And once you recognize them, you can eliminate them.

Not only that, but you wouldn’t be observing them unless you were already on your way to a new you.

And that’s the truth….

Matt Furey

P.S. I’ve been working on a couple new products that will rake the scattered thoughts in your mind and toss them into the fire, never to be heard from again. Stay tuned.

Change is Coming

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Something is stirring in the wind.

Change is coming.

Some of what you’re seeing now won’t be around much longer. It’s going to be taken away and replaced with something else.

Some of these changes may be good; some of them may be bad.

But if you’re still here afterward, you’ve got to deal with them – and make a choice as to how you want to live – and continue to change – and continue to be effective.

Every breath you take represents change. So does every thought you think.

Every cell in your body is replaced within seven years. The physical YOU of today isn’t the same as yesterday – only the consciousness that you bring from day to day.

So who you going to be – right NOW – this very moment.

Make a choice.

You’re the actor on this stage called life. You’re also the screen writer, director, producer and audience.

You’re the one who is going to make the changes in who you are.

What changes do you want to make?

Who do you want to be?

Who are you right now?

What do you need to think and do to get where you want to go in life?

These are questions for YOU to ponder. After all, change is inevitable. You either consciously begin to choose the changes you want – or have them forced upon you by others.

Matt Furey

P.S. I have an all-new Theatre of the Mind™ coaching group starting in a couple weeks. More details coming soon. Those who jump will be richly rewarded. You’ll have a life that others will wish they had.

Try Easier

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Regardless of who you are, when you hear “try easier” you’ll stop and think. You’ll consider what it means.

It’s a favorite line of Tampa Bay Rays manager, Joe Maddon, who guided them to the World Series a year ago.

Right now the team is in a slump – and Maddon is quick to recognize why. They’re trying too hard. They’re uptight. They’re not relaxed.

Players are gripping the bat too hard instead of relaxing and letting the mechanics of their swing work the magic.

One thing I can guarantee you, if their bodies aren’t relaxed – neither is their breathing. The two go hand-in-hand. Stifle your breathing, tense your muscles – and choke the life out of your skills.

Yes, there are many people who don’t play the game of life with a high level of enthusiasm. At the same time there are plenty of others who’ve bought into the “try hard” notion – and they’re getting nowhere.

The secret of success in almost any endeavor is NOT to stop breathing, get tense and feel a sense of hurry, worry and stress.

Putting yourself into a state of panic isn’t the answer.

Anything in life can be improved if you’ll relax your body and breathe more deeply.

You’d think athletes know this better than anyone. But they don’t. One of the reasons for major injury is precisely because of the “try harder” mentality.

When an athlete tries harder, he locks his muscles rigidly into place, stops breathing, then wonders why he got pancaked yet again.

If you’ll recall the moments in your life in which you were in flow, you’ll quickly note how your body was relaxed and you were breathing naturally.

Even right now, as you read this, you can take note of what is going on in your mind and body.

If you’re opposed to what you’ve read, you’re probably not breathing very deeply. Your muscles are probably tight, too.

And if you agree, you’re breathing a sigh of “aaah.” You’re thinking, “Doggone it, that’s so true. I never thought of it that way. But it’s right.”

“Try easier” does not mean that you don’t give it all you’ve got. Quite the contrary. You give it MORE than you ever have before because your mind, body and spirit are aligned.

When you breathe deeply you’ve let spirit into your body. When you relax, you let nature move through you. And when you’re able to effectively react to whatever comes your way – you’re way ahead in the game.

Try easier.

Breathe deeply and relax your body.

Remove self-imposed struggle and resistance from your actions – and watch your results soar.

Matt Furey

P.S. Right now we have 8 Zero Resistance Living Courses left – and once they are gone, they will no longer be available. Claim this collector’s item while supplies last.

Your Biggest Competition

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Competition is a good thing. A great thing. It brings out the best in a person. It shows a person where his true weaknesses are.

Yet, after a competition, there is an enormous danger. The person who loses may consider himself a failure and the winner may get a big head and think he no longer needs to practice as much as before.

It is one thing to say to yourself, ‘I didn’t do well today, but I’ll do better next time. I wasn’t myself today, but I’ll improve on this. I didn’t win today, but I’m still a winner inside.’

I realize it’s hard to do sometimes, especially if you really wanted to win – but it must be done for you to move to the next level.

The best athletes, salespeople, entrepreneurs and so on, don’t compete with others as much as they compete with themselves. Afterall, once you’re better than all your competitors, how can you continue to improve if your focus is simply about ‘beating the others.’

When I was in college my father told me to ‘make yourself your greatest opponent.’ He was right.

In order to do this you must go back in time and picture your best moments, your greatest successes. You must relive the feelings of confidence you once experienced.

Doing so is the same as a good friend reminding you of your value; that you’re someone special. Only difference is that NOW you are being a friend to yourself. You’re going within and finding the BIG SELF who inherently knows that you came into this world to succeed.

I once knew a businessman who was very successful for more than ten years. Then the demand for his product died off and he had to close up shop. He thought of himself as a failure; that he was a loser.

I talked to the man and said, ‘My goodness, you had 10 years of success. I wouldn’t call that a failure. Close this shop and move on. Figure out a way to tap into another current trend and you’ll be off to the races again.’

He listened. And he succeeded once again.

There are great athletes who go undefeated until the ‘BIG SHOW.’ Then, if they lose the big show, they feel like total failures. But they’re not. They simply lost one game.

So long as these athletes gave it everything they had in that game, they can hold their heads high. And if they didn’t give it everything they had, they can declare that ‘next time will be different.’

Instead of trying to keep up with the Joneses and feeling badly when you’re not at their level – ‘keep up with yourself.’

Make yourself your greatest competition.

Want to get the most out of yourself. Then dig into Dr. Maltz Zero Resistance Living program. This 12-week course will change your life for the better. Loaded with exercises and drills that make your imagination mega powerful – build your confidence and create the life you’ve always wanted. Go NOW to find out how to improve upon your best days of your life.


Matt Furey

P.S. Also, be sure to look into the Psycho-Cybernetics Success Group.

Be Quick, But Don’t Hurry

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Replies continue to come in about the subject of speed.

One of the best is a John Wooden quote, “Be quick, but don’t hurry.”

Another one from Bob Proctor, “Don’t slow down. Calm down.”

When it comes to the question of overwhelm, it’s amazing how many people feel confused or out of balance after attending a seminar wherein a ton of new ideas got tossed around.

A few years back I told a group, “If you’re feeling overwhelmed, there’s a simple reason. All you’re doing is taking in information. But you’re not DOING anything with the information. You need to strike a balance. Study – then do. Study some more – then do. You haven’t learned anything until you do something with it.”

The concept was totally foreign to many of the people I spoke to. They thought that learning and doing were the same thing.

Not in the world of the creative.

Creators understand that you don’t know anything until you can use it and apply it. Reciting what you supposedly know is not demonstrating that you can apply it. Big difference.

In school you learn to memorize and recite. That’s not learning. Nor is it real thinking.

Thinking involves asking yourself questions – and coming up with answers. It also involves doing something with what you learn.

I’ll never forget how shocked the audience I spoke to was when I explained how I read a “how to” book – or go through a “how to” course.

I read the first chapter or lesson – then I stop reading and start doing.

Then I read the next lesson. Then I stop reading and start doing.

Such a simple formula. It’s not hurried. But boy is it quick.

Meanwhile, those who read the whole book or course and do nothing – get nothing but overwhelm.

They hurried through the book – and got nothing out of it.

Now, does this mean I’m against speed reading. Not at all.

I believe learning how to read fast is one of the most important skills you can have. But even when you read fast, the key lies in being relaxed and focused. You breathe deeply as you read.

This is yet another example of being able to go fast – even when you’re not hurrying.

Frantically rushing is the enemy. Going slower can often be quicker. Being relaxed increases speed.

You can make haste slowly and get there faster, if you’ll relax and breathe.

And if this message is overwhelming, get up and move. Be quick – but don’t hurry.

Matt Furey

P.S. When you study the world famous Zero Resistance Living Program don’t just read the lessons. Do them. It’ll make all the difference in the world to you.

Life Without Honor

Monday, April 20th, 2009

This morning I had a lunch appointment with a local karate master at 11:30. I told him I’d meet him at his place.

At exactly 11:30, I pulled into his parking lot. He opened his door, got in my car and off we went. We spent a couple hours together and will probably meet again in the near future.

Now, this might not sound like a big deal – and it isn’t – except for the fact that both of us kept our word. Both of us said we would do something – and we did it.

Sadly, a lot of people don’t operate this way. They say one thing and do another. They promise but don’t deliver. And when you let them know – they don’t even apologize.

They think it’s perfectly acceptable to promise to meet you, to promise to have a job finished by a certain time – and not fulfill the promise.

How can you go through life with no honor? How can you say you’re going to meet someone, or deliver something on time, and not do it?

Worst of all, why is it that you think other people should put up with it?

Now, have I always been perfect about managing every detail of my schedule? No.

But if I make a mistake, if I’m late for an appointment, if I have a conflict come up that causes me to miss or be late, I’m the first guy on the horn apologizing and doing what it takes to make good on my promise.

Instead of promising and under-delivering – or not delivering at all, I believe in under-promise with over-delivery. Give people more than they expected.

Last Friday night I held a 4-hour seminar. There was no charge.

I showed up early, started on time and when it was supposed to end, I continued until every question was asked and answered. I ended up giving 40 minutes more than was expected – at a free event.

That’s what I call honor. I also call it respect. For oneself and for the others who’ve traveled to hear and see you.

I’d absolutely hate myself and my life if I was any other way.

Matt Furey

Does Slow Mean Lazy?

Friday, April 17th, 2009

I received a lot of feedback from yesterday’s “Too Much to Do – Too Much Time.”

Thanks so much for your replies. I’m thrilled to know so many people found the advice helpful.

If you missed the email, you can catch up by here, where all emails are posted on the blog.

Now, I’d like to comment on one reply I received. This one coming from Steve, who wrote:

“Good thought to alleviate stress/pressure/anxiety –  but I think the other side of the coin (yang!) is also true; it could lead to  procrastination, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ – i.e. self-justification for laziness.

Is ‘Do it Now!’ so bad? Isn’t it precisely China’s adoption of ‘hurried worried western man’s’ furious belief in progress that’s responsible for it’s growing success?”

MJF: Hi Steve, I’m a big believer in “Do it Now” – and so are the people in China who give me a massage or who wait on me. They just don’t do it now in a hurried, stressful way. They don’t do it now with anxiety. They simply do it.

In certain situations, someone who is slow is definitely lazy. But the real meaning of “man” is not just slowly.

It also means to go in a relaxed way.

I do some things quickly. But I also do my best to  stay relaxed regardless of the speed.

Many people have often asked me, “How do you get so much accomplished each day?”

My reply is to say, “I get very little accomplished. Just a number of things I focused on.”

Somedays it’s five or six things. Other days it’s seven or more.

But I don’t only judge my day based upon what got done. I judge it based upon how I felt while I did it. If at the end of the day I am stressed out, burnt out and so on – I know I was out of balance.

I’m happy to say that the days in which I feel stressed or out of balance are few.

No, I don’t think China’s progress is due to being “hurried and worried.” I think it’s due to the fact that the government finally gave the people the freedom to make money – something that Chairman Mao wouldn’t allow. And the speed of growth is a natural out-pouring of desire and enthusiasm to make one’s life better.

Is everyone in China calm, relaxed and in the flow?

No. Many are not.

Are there lazy people. Of course.

Same is true in the U.S.

Likewise, in the U.S. there are very accomplished people who go through their day in a calm, relaxed manner.

My point was that, culturally speaking, the Chinese concept of time is very different than our perception of it in the western world.

Breathe deeply, relax and MOVE. If you will do this, not only will you get more done in less time, you’ll have a blast while doing it.

Matt Furey

P.S. This is turning into a great subject. Can’t wait to release my Make it Fun program.

So Much to Do – So Much Time

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

May I stretch your mind a bit? Not too far. Just a bit.

Okay, good.

Let’s start with the concept of time and the saying you here so much: “There’s so much to do and so little time.”

Well, I’m now going to tweak this statement to read, “So much to do, so MUCH time.”

Gives you a very different feeling, doesn’t it?

Now, let’s consider something more than simply changing words or self-talk. Let’s think about changing your mental picture about time itself.

For example, many people think of time as something that there’s not enough of. They view it as a scarce resource. They see it in a very limited way. And so, with this notion in mind they set about to organize their day so they can cram as much into as possible.

Hurry, hurry, hurry. Faster, faster, faster.

The quicker, faster, hurry-up mode is one way to live your life. But is it better?

Well, I can argue both sides of the equation. On the one hand, customers in a business tend to like speed. The same can be said about most sports. You’re often measured by how fast you can get from A to B. The faster you are, the more points you can score.

Yet, there’s a yin and a yang to this issue. In China, for example, the most important word in their culture is “man” – pronounced almost like the Jamaican’s say it – “maaahn.” If you can open your mouth and say “aaah” – then add an ‘m’ and an ‘n’ – you’ve got the right sound.

Anyway, what does “man” mean in Chinese?

It means “slowly.” And you must understand this word if you want to understand Chinese culture.


Because when it’s time to eat, people say, “Man, man chi.” Eat slowly.

When you’re done eating and you’re leaving the restaurant, the hosts say, “Man, man zou.” Walk slowly.

When you’re studying a new subject, the Chinese say, “Man, man xue.” Study slowly.”

Culturally, China is a Taoist (or Daoist) country. Typically, there is no racing to get anything done – unless of course it IS a race.

Yet, last time I checked, China has made phenomenal economic strides in the last 20 years. Far more than what we can say about the U.S.

In China, the media shook their heads in disgust as the U.S. politicians rammed 1,100 page bills down our throats; wherein speed was supposedly so important that the mere reading of the bill wasn’t important.

A meal in China is often a couple hours long. No hurry. No haste. No concept of “wasting time.” No concept of “So much to do – so little time.”

When I go for a massage in China, a typical session is 2.5 hours – and if I want more time, the therapist will GLADLY go longer.

Oftentimes after a good workout, I’ll sit on a park bench just staring ahead, relaxing and breathing. No concept of time.

I’ll do this after a good meal, too.

In China you have internal martial arts like Tai chi, Xingyi and Bagua. What do all of them have in common? They’re usually practiced very, very slowly.

One of the problems with time management and goal setting in the western world is that people are incredibly impatient today. When you hurry, hurry, hurry – you often do more harm than good.

Haste harms the heart.

Now think of this: In China today, with cell phones, tee-vee, radio, jets, cars and so on – the people still think, “man man zou.”  Go slowly.

Just think what the term meant a couple thousand years ago or more. Believe me, there was no way the people, as a culture, could even conceive of the idea, “”So much to do, so little time.”

All you’ve got is time. You can organize it and categorize it all you want – but it’s still there. Time is here before you show up – and it’ll be here after you leave.

Instead of rushing and hurrying to get things done – think about how to breathe deeply, relax and still be effective.

In fact, if you do this, you may get MORE done – not less. By going slowly, oftentimes you’ll get more done faster.

What a concept.

So much to do – so much time.

Matt Furey

P.S. Stay on the lookout for my Make it Fun Creative Time Management System. It’ll be available soon – and it’ll reorganize your mind about time in a whole new way.

Make it Fun

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

One of the reasons some people don’t like goal setting and time management is because they perceive it as “no fun.”

Well, I’ve got an answer to that one. And I’ll be filling you in about it within a couple weeks.

You’ll be amazed when you see how much more productive my creative system of time management can make you.

Way beyond what you’re doing now.

I promise.

Matt Furey

Words that Make Moulah

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

The economy is whacking a lot of people in unprecedented ways… and most of it is not your fault.

It’s not your fault that the idiots gave mortgages to people who couldn’t pay them.

It’s not your fault that the politicians vote for whatever they choose – regardless of how you feel about it.

And it’s not your fault that all the horrible decisions being made affect you, your family and your future.

Even so, you may find yourself in a jam – or fear you may get into one – and you need alternatives. But not just ANY alternative. One that works would be far better than 1000 that don’t.

The bottom line is we can’t trust our employers, our banks, our politicians or the media. The only person we can truly trust is ourselves and those whom we feel in our heart and head are in harmony with our desires.

How about a WAY to increase income in which YOU have complete control.

Face it, each day you are writing friends, family and others over the Internet. You’re sending emails, replying to blogs, sending tweets on Twitter and replying to others on Facebook.

Yet, you may not have given this a second thought. You might not have thought to yourself, “Hey, I’m writing. I could be a writer and create a nest egg doing this.”

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can do precisely that.

I know for a fact that the Internet is ideal for creating substantial income – including passive income.

Picture this truth: A website never sleeps.

A website, which is not much more than words – has the ability to put money in your wallet or bank account, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And that’s why putting words on a screen to make your very own website is such a powerful and proven way to generate a passive income stream in your spare time….

*    You don’t need to break the bank to get started.

*    You don’t need a lot of specialized knowledge.

*    You simply need to be able to write about a  subject that ALREADY interests you.

3-5 hours a week is all it takes to write your own website and you can add $500-$5,000 to your monthly income – after doing so.

This opportunity is something that isn’t going away when there is a downturn in the economy. Plus, it’s relatively “low-tech” …  something that anyone can do as long as he or she likes to write.

And let’s face it … these days, unless you’re extremely wealthy, if you want to maintain your standard of living plus ensure you have enough money stashed away for retirement … creating a secondary income stream is a very, very smart idea.  And the sooner you jump on this truth, the better.

Learn more about this incredible opportunity NOW by going here.


Matt Furey

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