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Archive for February, 2009

What’s Most Important?

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Several months ago one of my students came up to me and asked, “Can I ask you a personal question sometime later on?”

I replied: “You can ask me NOW.”

“Okay,” he said. “What’s the most most valuable thing you know?”

I looked deep into his eyes, paused and inhaled deeply. As I inhaled my body filled with electricity. I began to smile uncontrollably and almost started laughing.

He stared back at me, wondering when I was going to answer his question.

Then, at the peak of my inhale I said, “There’s your answer.”

Huh? He looked at me a bit stunned.

“There’s your answer,” I repeated.

“What is?”



“Yes, BREATHING. If you stop breathing, you’re dead. What do I know that is more important than that?”

Was I joking? Not at all.

Breathing is how you connect to the source of all Power.

This is why I teach breathing before I teach thinking.

When you breathe deeply you add fuel to your thoughts. You also give them greater clarity.

Yet, most people seldom take a single deep breath during an entire day – and this is precisely why they feel so much stress, unease, fear, depression – and so on. All negativity is released through the exhale. Everything positive is brought to you via the inhale.

Take charge of your breathing – first and foremost. Then mix it with your mental pictures, feelings, self-talk and movement.

I’ll show you how in my Dao Zou program – now available at half-price.

This incredible program teaches you how to “Rewind Your Mind” and develop the sensitivity of a sniper who must sit for hours in total seclusion and private, waiting for that one fleeting nano-second in which you must make an instantaneous decision to go ahead.

It takes the benefits people seek through tai chi, qi gong and yoga and makes them easily and readily accessible, without years and years of training and practice.

Watch the sample clip I have up here and pay special attention to the segment when I begin to walk backward while combining it with powerful deep breathing and imagination exercise.

If you’re even remotely sensitive, you may feel something.

And if you want to have this type of feeling as well – then make sure you grab this program while it’s still being offered at half-off.

Simply type ‘2009’ into the coupon code when you place your order and you’ll be ready to make a quantum leap forward in your daily

Matt Furey

Socialism and Self-Image

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

I have a number of CDs of Dr. Maxwell Maltz that I have never released. They’re of him speaking LIVE at seminars

At each event he would speak for about an hour – then field questions from the audience.

It was open season, too, in regard to the questions.

People asked him about everything that was weighing heavily on their minds. The environmental crisis, the Soviet Union, Socialism, the communists treatment of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn  – and so on.

Maltz didn’t have nice things to say about some of the things going on in the world back in the 1970’s – and based on his words and actions, I believe I can accurately predict what he would think about what is going on in our country today.

For example, he was against socialism because of what it did to a person’s, as well as a country’s self-respect. He was not in favor of programs that didn’t teach you how to fish – but instead, simply handed you a fish. He believed the United Nations was expert in the art of double-talk.

Here’s a direct quote from the seminar in which he spoke about the environment:

Psycho-Cybernetics is also the tale of two environments.

Not too far back I spoke with former Secretary of Interior, in Washington, and about 6,000 people in the insurance industry and he spoke about the environmental crisis without. A wonderful, wonderful talk. But tell me, WHAT’s the good of it? What’s MORE important?

Controlling the environmental crisis within. In here.

You must learn to get rid of the garbage of negative feelings, inside here. You must learn to get rid of the violence, the hatred, the bigotry ..  inside here. There’s not enough police to police this world. There are not enough U.N.’s with its double-talk to police this world. YOU – must learn to police yourself, to get rid of the environmental crisis inside of you. The pollution, the garbage of hurt feelings and despair.

When? Now. This very minute.”

As bad as so many things were in the 1960’s-1970;s – and as bad as many things are right NOW – Maltz always stressed two things:

1. Negative situations, stressful times, personal hurts and sorrows were there for you to stand up, to rise up, to ACT… and in so doing, tap into the BIG SELF lying dormant within.

2. Even if you don’t like what is going on outside of you – it shrinks in comparison to what is going on within you. He always said that the ‘inner world’ was more important than the outer world, that success is an inside job.

The benefits of Psycho-Cybernetics and the much more advanced Zero Resistance Living System are many – and they will always be just as applicable tomorrow as they are today… and were years ago.

At the present I’m considering releasing the complete audio from Maltz’ LIVE seminar to member of the Psycho-Cyb Family – aka the Super Human Success Group.

If you’re not already part of the Psycho-Cybernetics ‘family’ – then make sure you order the world famous Zero Resistance Living System right away.

Not only do you receive 12 advanced lessons along with audio recordings, but each month you’ll also receive a Super Human Success package. containing the most powerful mind power tools ever created along with a riveting newsletter and Success Scroll.

In this time of economic crisis for so many, I have gone risen to the occasion to give you a new opportunity to get involved. I’ve gone a couple extra miles for you – reducing the amount for this course by 50% so virtually anyone can benefit from it.

All you need do to receive your discount is type ‘2009’ into the coupon code as you place your order. Go here to grab yours NOW.

Matt Furey

Worst of Times – Best of Times

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

150 years ago, Charles Dickens wrote the classic, A Tale of Two Cities.

One line from this novel is etched into our collective memory bank like the sound of a newborn baby crying.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

If you’ve been watching the news lately, or if you’ve lost your job, your business and so on – you may be feeling like TODAY is the worst moment in the history of our country. If not the entire world.

If your finances have slipped, if you go to bed worried, fearful or depressed about the future, if you wonder how you’re going to make it – keep in mind that every day we are faced with a ‘best of times and worst of time’ scenario. And it is up to each and every one of us to figure out a way to make a heaven out of hell or a hell out of heaven.

When times were so much better for so many, there were still a lot of miserable people crying the blues, thinking it was the worst of times, thinking life was somehow unfair.

Yesterday I received a note from a man who lost his job in the oil business. He used to travel over 300 days per year – throughout the world. Now he’s back home in his native country – in a position where many people would be saying, ‘I have nothing to do.’

Yet, that is NOT his response to losing his job. Instead, he said that he now has the time to do the things he wanted to do – which includes making a few products and putting them on the market.

Last year two of my students quadrupled their yearly incomes – hitting seven figures for the first time. Nothing that happens to either of these men discourages them in any way.

Why? Because each day when they look in the mirror, they’re living in the NOW. They’re not 60% focused on what happened yesterday – and 40% focused on tomorrow. They’re 60% focused on the hear and now – and what they need to do. They’re 20% focused on what they did in the past that worked – and 20% focused on the targets they want to hit in the future.

Most people look in the mirror and relive yesterday’s horrors and tomorrow’s fears. Don’t do that. Tune into today and what you can do NOW. Figure out a way to WIN.

Success is a matter of remembering previous successes – this gives you confidence for today. Then it’s fusing the energy from the past into the future so you feel peace of mind and happiness right NOW. Not when you get what you want. Not when you achieve your goal. Peace of mind and happiness… NOW.

Even in the best or worst of times.

You may be saying to yourself, “Easier said than done.”

Not true.

It’s easy to train your mind to be confident – on command. And the world famous Zero Resistance Living Course will guide you toward the achievement of what matters most to you.

I certainly hope it’s happiness and peace of mind – because if you think it’s money – you’re sadly mistaken. Happiness and peace of mind come first – while you’re on your way to the destination of your choosing.

Sound impossible? It’s not.

In fact, it’s far easier than you may currently imagine – especially if you’re willing to cut the word ‘impossible’ out of your vocabulary.

Get the Zero Resistance Living Course NOW and find out how the  ‘best of times’ are coming your way.

This spectacular course is currently half-off – so make sure you grab your discount by typing ‘2009’ into the coupon code field when you place your order.

Go here and order NOW.

To the best of times,

Matt Furey

How to Stimulate the Economy

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Earlier today I sent a message to those who follow me on Facebook and Twitter. It reads as follows:

“How to stimulate the economy? I say eliminate taxes for 2 years, except for Hollywood, Congress and the Billionaires who profit from the slide.”

A bit tongue-in-cheek to spawn a discussion – but a lot of people are agreeing with me.

Now, just so you know, I’ve paid A TON in taxes over the years – and have never complained. In fact, in my book, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money one of the chapters is “Don’t Be Afraid of More Taxes.”

Here’s what that chapter REALLY means:

Back in the olden days, when I hung out in California, a LOT of people I met were afraid to increase their income because they felt that doing so would mean they’d have to pay more taxes.

Well, duh. Of course that’s how it works. You make more – you pay more tax. But you also have more spare change lying around to do the things in life that you want to do. So there’s a trade-off

The above, however, does NOT mean that I believe a government stimulates the economy by raising taxes. In fact, the opposite is true. The economy is stimulated via lower taxes.

My point is that you cannot open your mind to greater success (assuming you are not doing well financially) if you refuse to earn more due to a fear of having to pay more tax.

Yet, by no means do I believe that the current tax rate should go up. In fact, I’d like to see it go down. I’d like to see a flat tax of 15% – but to really kick-start the economy, why not have a two-year hiatus on all tax – except for those in Hollywood and Congress who think it’s okay to raise taxes – when they either don’t pay them – or cheat like hell in order to avoid them.

Here’s another idea: What if there was a governmental reward system in place, for every single person in America who becomes a millionaire? What if every NEW millionaire received a Congressional Medal of Honor?

What if you got to have a picture taken with the president or your favorite member of Congress?

What if you got called to Washington for a private dinner in which you were honored by the elected officials for your accomplishment?

Napoleon once wrote, “I could conquer the world if only I had enough ribbons.”

Want to conquer the so-called “world economy?” Then start giving out medals to those who succeed instead of doing all you can to punish them.

Next, have a Lincoln Trophy presented to the entrepreneur who creates the most millionaires each year. Yes, a trophy to the man or woman who helps the most people rise from poverty to success.

Imagine the possibilities.

That’s right. IMAGINE.

If you’ll take the time to IMAGINE – you’ll be amazed at what you can do to stimulate your own life – as well as those around you.

Chances are, however, that you’ve had your imagination smothered with blind folds and strait jackets. You might not even remember how to imagine; to free your mind from the social engineering traps of modern day civilization.

But there is a WAY to recover your imagination and begin creating the very world you’d like to live in. It begins with remembering. Remembering WHO you are and what you’re capable of. Remembering what you’ve already been able to accomplish when your mind was free of garbage-dump thinking.

How to recover this innate capacity and amplify it is simple. But you’ll need guidance – and that’s why I’m recommending the world famous Zero Resistance Living Program.

You can nab a copy of this beefy system at half-price right now – just go here and place your order with ‘2009’ typed into the coupon code.

I’m also going to do something else to stimulate your mind and the economy. I’m going to do a free 4-week teleseminar on the Power of Imagination for everyone who gets the course – or whoever got the course in the past.

This 4-week series of teleseminars may easily exceed the value of the system by several figures. Why? Because I’ll be giving you details that make the program even easier to use – as well as answering your questions in great detail.

Jump on this offer NOW, my friend, by going here.


Matt Furey

How to Survive Tough Times

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Everywhere you look or listen, you may be hearing stories of people who got laid off or went out of business. And it’s not just the major corporations who are cutting jobs.

Yesterday a friend told me that one of his suppliers went out of business after 50 successful years in the trade. And along with him: 60 employees.

Adding insult to injury, if you turn on the shnews you get to hear about Washingtonians refusing to pay their taxes … UNTIL being nominated for a cabinet position.

And all they need to do to get away with it is make an arrogant confession with the key words, “innocent mistake” – and Congress will look the other way.

Over in China, where I live part of the year, things are not so good either.

75,000 factories have closed – and that was the figure I got in December of 2008.

Yet, as bleak as things appear – right NOW is the time when we need a positive vision more than ever before. NOW is the time when we must use our imagination to come up with ways to not only survive – but to thrive during tough times. Now is the time to focus like never before – to jump into action like never before – to make up your mind that you will fight, you will never give up – you will succeed.

Last month I told my students that those who had ignored my advice in the past out of fear – better jump on my advice NOW.


Because there’s no slack. There’s no time to waste thinking about it.

And there’s NO ONE who is coming to your rescue.


Except .. YOU.

You’ve got to take the goat by the horns. You’ve got to step out – venture into new territory – do things you were unwilling to do before.

You might not feel like you’re capable of doing great things – but you are. Each and every one of us has greatness inside – even in the worst of times.

Go back in your memory and recall a time in your life when you had to survive – or else.

It may have been an accident, an operation, an injury – or worse.

Yet, you made up your mind that there was a reason to keep going; there was a reason to live, to survive.

Go back and relive this memory. This alone will get your creative power flowing.

Then use the juice from this memory. Inject it into what you want for the future. Imagine what you want – then get up and start moving.

A saying I recently coined goes as follows: “Do in NOW … and make them say WOW.”

Don’t just do it now. Do it now with the mental picture of others standing around saying, “WOW, how’d you get that done so fast?”

Each and every day we are confronted with ideas, plans and opportunities. How many do we put off with, “I’ll get to that later.”

Why later?

Do it NOW … and make them say WOW.

Let me end today’s lesson five easy pieces of advice.

1. Associate with idea-oriented, forward-thinking people who never give up – no matter what. Avoid the people who never succeed. Your survival depends upon it.

2. Put a vision in writing and commit to reading it and mentally picturing it each and every day.

3. Each day surround yourself with a force field of protection so that you are not disturbed or distracted by what is going on “out there.”

4. Let off steam each day with physical exercises and deep breathing. As you take care of your health you increase your ability to survive anything.

5. Spend time each day in the Theatre of Your Mind – picturing your triumphs and pushing your automatic success mechanism. Imagine what you want with FEELING and passion. Keep track of where you are in relation to where you want to be. And absolutely refuse to give up or succumb to the negative forces. Achieve your objectives.

To accomplish what you want in this economic climate you are going to need to focus like you did when you were at your best, when you felt that winning feeling in your bones.

If you recapture that winning feeling on a daily basis, I have no doubt that you’ll survive as well as thrive during these days. Especially if you’re wise enough to grab hold of the world famous Zero Resistance Living program. This course has changed people all over the world – and NOW it’s time for YOU to join in the fun.

At present you can latch onto this extraordinary course for half-off. Go here and CHANGE your life for the better. Simply type ‘2009’ into the coupon box when you place your order and you’ll be all set.

Together let’s join the parade of positive people who are making a real difference in this world.

Matt Furey

Steelers Win, Phelps Falters

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Last night I was at the Super Bowl with my son – having a grand time – until the Cards lost. He didn’t take this too well – and this gave me an opportunity to teach
him about sportsmanship.

Truth be told, I woke up yesterday morning feeling “in my bones” that the Steelers would win. But because I merely wanted to SEE a good game and like both teams, when I got to the game with my neutral Super Bowl jersey on – and saw the Cards fans out-numbered 10-1, I decided to add some cardinal red to the stadium

I ended up buying a #11 Larry Fitzgerald jersey so I could add a little color to the game.

And man, was it EVER a great game. Best I’ve ever seen, as well as my first one LIVE.

The lessons in this game were huge.

1. Never give up – even if all appears lost.

2. Don’t celebrate too early – or too long.

3. Use your best talent as much as you can.

4. When you make a mistake – don’t pout about it. Make up for it.

5. Love your fans, respect them greatly – then get to work.

After the game I found out from some of my friends on Facebook and Twitter that Olympic great Michael Phelps got nailed for smoking pot.

A British tabloid broke the story, showing Phelps with his mouth on a marijuana bong. Makes me think this ain’t the first time he’s used such a device. If I were to use one I’d need some lessons.

Fact is, I’ve praised Phelps left, right and in all directions for months. I’ve recommended his book, “No Limits” to coaching members and subscribers.

NOW… what do I say?

Well, if you take another look at the five principles listed above, you’ll have my answer.

Take an especially long look at #5.

“Love your fans, respect them greatly – then get back to work.”

Why? Because your fans, as wonderful as they are, don’t have the same mission in life that you do. And they WON’T stay fans if you lose the drive and focus that made them fans in the first place.

Moreover, from a mental and spiritual point of view, if you exchange too much time and energy with fans, or with people who are NOT like you, you better have a psychic self-defense system in place. If you don’t have one, you run the danger of giving away your power and energy.

When you party with “anyone” who comes along – and you don’t have a psychic shield of protection in place – you are no longer exchanging energy with success-minded people. Instead, you’re swimming in an energy field of the masses, most of whom don’t have 1/10,000th of the discipline, desire, dedication and willingness to succeed that you have.

AND… if you continually hang around people who are not success-minded, you won’t pick THEM up. Instead, they will drag YOU down.

Moreover, when you have the high-powered energy of a Michael Phelps, many people will be sinking energetic straws into your field and sucking the life right out of you.

Everywhere you go you are being vampired, whether you realize it or not – UNLESS you have a psychic shield in place that will protect you. And I can assure you, there are many elements of other peoples’ energy that you don’t want to pick up.

Think of it this way, only 3% of the people in this country have any idea what they want in life. Only 3% have taken the time to put in writing what they intend to create. Yet this small minority is HUGE in terms of results. They accomplish more than the other 97% combined. This means that 97% of everyone you see is going nowhere fast.

Making a choice to be in the 3% gives you an offensive line, running backs, receivers and a quarterback who can drive the ball down the field. But it doesn’t give you a defense – and perhaps this is why so many people who rise to great heights suddenly fall.

Not having a psychic self-defense system is like going without a bullet-proof vest, body guards, secret service and so on when you’re President. It’s not a risk anyone would advise.

Learning Psychic Self-Defense is like having a team of energetic bodyguards protecting you from those who don’t have the best of intentions for you.

Michael Phelps knows how to transmute negative thoughts like, “You’ll never win eight gold medals” into their positive equivalent.

But what he may not have realized is there are many more negatives in the world other than the people who hope you fail to win gold medals in the pool.

There are many people who want to see you fail for no other reason than that they have never succeeded, and your loss makes them feel better about their uneventful lives.

If you hang out with go nowhere people – you’ll fulfill the nightmare they are leading you toward.

And now more than ever, when people are laughing, mocking and jeering Phelps, when people are draining him of the will to go on – he needs psychic self-protection.

I am one who would be happy to teach Michael Phelps the psychic self-protections I have learned.

Unlike so many others, I realize he’s human, just like you and me. I realize everything he does is amplified to the extreme because of his fame, but that’s even MORE reason to get a defense system in place.

Not only would I consider it an honor to teach Michael Phelps, I’d consider it an honor to teach YOU as well. Afterall, if you aren’t giving it all you have to create what you want, there is a reason.

You came into this world as pure positive energy and a creative imagination.

Then what happened.

If you’re not using what you came into this world with, then someone and something got in the way.

Order my Psychic Self-Defense DVD NOW and protect yourself from the conscious and unconscious attacks others send your way.

Matt Furey

P.S. A few people have made “cute” remarks about this program like, “I have pepper spray and a Magnum 357 for the negative people who come my way.”

So you’re going to shoot anyone who offers you dope? Or anyone who attacks your goals and dreams?

What about your television, radio and computer? Going to use them for target practice, too?

Get serious. There are both human and energetic sources of negativity. My system protects you against both.

Get Psychic Self-Defense NOW and experience the difference it makes in your life. Go order NOW.

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