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Archive for February, 2009

Positive Paranoia

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Two days ago I met with a man who’s been through it all. A ton of recessions, business failings and huge business successes.

The son of a Greek immigrant, he started in business decades ago with $88 total, serving chocolate and fudge. He had nothing other than his eighty eight bucks and the willingness to find a way to win.

He imagined what he wanted, came up with an idea, then immediately acted upon what came to mind.

He negotiated for the building his business was housed in. He negotiated for the equipment he needed – that was sitting in a warehouse, not being used by anyone.

He learned to use these same negotiation skills to pay off any and all debts. Later still, he used these skills to buy virtually anything he wanted – at wholesale prices.

As of this moment, he’s been involved in the sale of over $5 Billion worth of products and services.

And unlike those who steal from the rich and give to themselves – he’s the most generous person I’ve ever met. Generous with his time, with his knowledge, with his money.

In fact, last weekend he held a seminar and gave ALL the proceeds to a cancer foundation for children.

Why? Because he knows what it’s like to have cancer as an adult – and survive. He wants to see children with the disease survive as well.

Anyway, I met with him at his island condo on Wednesday and recorded our conversation. The hour passed by in mere seconds, it seemed. He held nothing back. He gave and gave and gave. Saying everything he could in the time we had to help people survive the tough economic times.

But not just to ‘survive’ – to thrive. To liberate yourself from fear, frustration and sub-par finances.

I’ll let you know more about our conversation in the days to come – as well as how you can grab your copy of what we spoke about.

In the interim, I’ll tell you this: This man is NOT someone who thinks that success is all about action. He believes, as I do, in the power of your mind, your imagination and how you talk to yourself.

And he never engages in any creative endeavor without putting himself into a peak state. He does what I’ve been telling you about day in and day out.

He pictures what he wants, then he builds up his energy and his focus – and then he goes for what he wants.

If you were to ask him, “How much of success is mental?” – what do you think he’d say? He’d tell you the same thing I will.

“Most of it.”

But he will also tell you that you cannot be so positive that you ignore danger. He calls it “positive paranoia.”

You focus on what you want, you imagine what you want – but you don’t ignore the fact that everyone is not your friend, that everyone does not have your best interests at heart.

He agrees with my statement, “Look forward and listen back,” – a saying I learned in my kung fu training.

I must say, I can’t wait to launch the program we did together. Look for more information on it next week.

In the meantime, make sure you start catapulting yourself out of the realm of fear, frustration and resistance to success.

Learn to harness the magic power of your imagination with the world famous Zero Resistance Living program – now available at 33% off.

Matt Furey

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“Don’t Work Too Hard”

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Before my wife, Zhannie, emigrated to the United States from China, she always ended her messages the same way, “Bu yao tai nu li gong zuo.”

Translation: Don’t work too hard.

This statement always bothered me. I didn’t like it because I honestly believed that ‘hard work’ was the key to success in anything. Today, I have a different way of looking at the ‘hard work’ principle, and I’ll explain how in a moment – but first, what did Zhannie mean when she said, “Don’t work too hard.”

One day, while taking it easy at the aluminum factory in her hometown, Zhannie’s good friend was working hard in the assembly line.

Suddenly, an explosion.

The lady’s face caught on fire. She suffered third-degree burns. And never left the house again, other than to see a doctor, for more than ten years.

The woman’s beautiful face instantly scarred for life. And with the communist system of income, you can imagine the health care she received for her wounds.

Shabby at best. Until the doors opened to capitalism and doctors arrived who could perform the complicated operation she needed.

Under a non-capitalistic system, very few high-level doctors – or the money to pay a specialist if there was one.

Why no high-level doctors?

No incentive. Everyone got paid the same, no matter what.

Another worker lost his arm while working hard. Others lost their lives. In fact, my wife saw so much death when she lived in China she was numb to it. Life was not precious. Everyone was the same. Just an egg shell to be discarded.

So my wife’s refrain: “Don’t work too hard” – meant the same as the Chinese saying, “Yi lu ping an.” Travel safely.

Safety was valued far more than hard work. Don’t take a risk. Don’t do anything in which you could get hurt or injured.

When Zhannie came to the U.S. she no longer believed in the “Don’t work too hard,” slogan. She believed in taking risks, in doing whatever she could to make life better for herself.

At one time she held three jobs. She worked part-time in three different restaurants. She went to school at an Adult school to learn English. Later on she attended a junior college to learn more.

And she encouraged me to take risks, to write books, to give seminars, to increase my income and so on. She never said, “Don’t work too hard” to me AFTER she moved to the U.S.

Years later, when I began teaching Psycho-Cybernetics and Zero Resistance Living on this website, in my products and at LIVE coaching programs, Zhannie dived into the subject with enthusiasm.

From me she learned that the key to success is proper use of your imagination and something I call the Law of Practice.

Dr. Maltz called it “practice, practice, practice.”

But not hollow practice.

Enthusiastic practice. Putting your body, mind and soul into what you’re doing – but doing so in a relaxed way.

All great achievers do what they do in a spirit of calm and relaxation. They may pay lip service to the slogan, “It’s ALL HARD WORK” – but the reality is that when you work hard and are not relaxed – you’re not very effective.

The best of the best understand this. So next time you hear “it’s all hard work” coming from the mouth of the champion athlete or successful businessman – ask for video footage of him in action.

While watching him, you’ll discover an amazing fact: Even in the heat of battle, even when time is of the essence, even when your life may be on the line – the winners are those who make what they’re doing look easy.

Two summers ago I watched a man in Xinjiang Province in China walk a tight rope. I also watched him run on the tight rope. And I watched in awe as he stood upon a chair. He made the seemingly impossible look easy.


First, he imagined being the tight rope walker he became.

Second, he practiced more than anyone else until he became that person (see pic below).

Relaxed, enthusiastic practice is the key to greatness.Are you relaxed? Are you enthusiastic? Are you willing to practice more than anyone else?

Then nothing can or will stop you from becoming a successful human being.

Matt Furey

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Can China Survive Without US

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

After yesterday’s email I received the following comment from an American woman who lives and works in China. My comments to follow:

Hi Matt,
Your emails are superb / I’m passing them along and also saving every one of them. I can see that you’re tapping into your Zone….starting several months ago – pre-election.

HOWEVER: your message today “Money & Self-Image” should be printed in newspapers, magazines for all to see. But then, only a few will ‘get it’. Pls. write more on this subject.

What you’re saying about China is spot-on.

We (my husband and I) started working here in 1991 and are proud to have been part of the Chinese Renaissance. It’s been a wonderful experience to see the people grow and accept their potential.

I’m sick about what I hear from the USA.

But reading your emails surely makes me nod and put a knowing smile on my face.

I just wanted to tell you how much your words mean to me. And I wish you, your associates and your family the very best.

Rebecca Eisele

MJF: Thank you, Rebecca. I still remember meeting you in Delray Beach in 2005, then again in 2007. I’m happy to hear from you.

Today my wife gave me the latest news from China. Guess what they’re doing? LOWERING TAXES.


Lower taxes when purchasing a home. Lower taxes for automobile purchases.

Yes, despite what most of the world has been led to believe, those Chinese Capitalists have money – and pay taxes. But unlike our country, they’re not trying to improve the economy by increasing taxes.

Go figure.

Look for the self-image of China to grow stronger – with or without the U.S.

Again, they’re not perfect and I don’t agree with everything the government in China does – but I believe they’re moving toward more freedom.

AND – the Chinese people, more than anywhere I’ve ever been, know the Power of Imagination.

In fact, in the Water Cube – where Michael Phelps won his 8 gold medals, I took a photo of a banner that spelled out how the concept, design and use of the Water Cube before and AFTER the Olympic Games was all part of that dynamic word I champion again and again: IMAGINATION.

Use your Imagination like never before. Use it with gusto and enthusiasm and watch your life change for the better. The world famous Zero Resistance Living program will show you how – and it’s now available at half-off to help stimulate YOU and the economy, world-wide.

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Matt Furey

Money and Self-Image

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

The latest laugher in the news.

Secretary of State Clinton begs the Chinese to keep the American economy going.

Don’t know if you catch the irony. For years we’ve been told that China is nothing but a bunch of thugs who do NOTHING but abuse human rights – and yes, there are abuses I don’t agree with.

But to be fair, very little is reported on the Chinese love of capitalism. Very  little on how they love the sound of the cash register going ‘ka-ching.’ Very little on the number of rich now living there.

Funny, isn’t it?

China changed it’s direction when they stopped redistributing the wealth and did as Deng Xiao P ing advised.

What did he advise?

Two things:

1. To Grow Rich is Glorious

2. Yi bu fen ren, qian fu qi lai.

Translation for #2: If you want the country to prosper, you must let a few people get rich at a time. You CANNOT make everyone rich or prosperous at the same time..

Deng realized that prosperity and riches ‘trickle down.’ Some people get wealthy. They in turn inspire more to do likewise. And the next batch inspires more. And so on.

But if you punish the rich, if you punish the prosperous, if you spread the wealth – the country loses and no one wins.

Now, let me be even clearer about something. I am NOT saying we should leave Bernie Madoff alone. I am also NOT thinking of him when I think of capitalism. Nor am I am thinking of anyone else who is corrupt.

Some people have the misquided notion that capitalism and corruption go hand-in-hand. No they don’t. That’s why we have laws.

Yes, there are those who will use capitalism in illegal ways. But their crimes are nothing compared to the crimes of those who steal your dignity and humanity in favor of everything being ‘fair.’

The other day my wife, Zhannie, told me something I didn’t know about her early days in China – before we married:

“When I worked in the factory in China, before the government opened the door and let people make money,” she said, “everyone got the same pay no matter what.”

“It was 35 dollars a month.”

“So we took our knitting needles to work. And everyone knitted when they were supposed to be working. Everyone in my family can knit. Blankets, sweaters, clothes, you name it.”

“And we’d go home for lunch and stay late. Or we’d sneak outside and play around. We did as little as possible. Everyone was this way. NO ONE worked hard. Everyone told you NOT to do your best because it didn’t matter anyway. You got paid the same no matter what.”

When it came to money – China used to have no self-image. But when it changed – look what happened.

And now the U.S. government is begging these “thugs” to help us with our economy.

Very, very interesting.

Now let’s look at money on a personal level.

Truth is that although most people will tell you they’d like to have more – if you had a barometer that measured how they feel inside about the idea of having more – you’d find that their feelings about having don’t match what they say they want.

What this means is quite simple: If you have a goal but your emotional state is incongruent with that goal – then you’ll never attain it

It’s easy to say you WANT something. But how do you FEEL inside when you say you want it?

How do you feel inside when you picture yourself having it? If the answer is anything less than absolutely fantastic, then you aren’t going to get what you want.

Your ability to achieve goals is directly proportional to the level of passion you have inside about them. When the commies didn’t let anyone make money above and beyond anyone else – no passion – and no prosperity.

Success and positive FEELING go hand in hand.

This is why it’s so important to imagine what you want. But before you do so, you’ve go to put yourself into the right FEELING state.

If you imagine what you want when you’re in a negative feeling state, you begin attracting the opposite of what you want.

Right now most of the U.S. is in a negative feeling state about the economy. And this situation isn’t going to change until our leadership and their lap-dog media begins to change the way they’re communicating on
the subject. Right now they’re imagining nothing but crisis and catastrophe – and they’re creating more of it with each passing day.

But I wonder what would happen if they changed what they’re imagining, what they’re communicating and gave people optimism and hope instead of fear and despair.

What would happen if they began to follow the principles in the world famous freedom-loving Zero Resistance Living course.

What would happen if they stopped blaming and started changing?

It boggles the mind to imagine such a thing because I know how much a changed imagination will change YOU.

I also know how fast your life will change when you open the gates and allow the good to enter.

Discover it all with the Zero Resistance Living program – now available at an economy stimulating amount: 50% off.

Grab your course today.


Matt Furey

P.S. Change your imagination, change your life.

How to Create Power

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Think about this for a moment. There are two kinds of power: Organized Power and Scattered Power.

Let’s start with the latter. Scattered power isn’t really power at all. It’s energy scattered here, there and everywhere. A bit of this. A bit of that. But nothing that can be turned on and tapped into.

Sadly, this is the way of most people. They have all the tools, physically, mentally and technically to become the person they want to be – but none of their energy is organized, so they get nowhere.

And if a person lacks the tools, he or she has an imagination … and with proper use of it, he can acquire the knowledge, talents and abilities needed to accomplish his aim.

Organized Power is nothing more than taking your talents, knowledge, skills and MIND – and packing them together like a snowball. Or putting them together like a sand castle at the beach. Or building a house. Or writing a book.

Now, here’s the interesting thing: The key ingredient in Organized Power is YOUR MIND.

You can look out your window at two feet of snow on the ground. Or a beach filled with white sand. But if you don’t get the IMAGE in your mind about what your want – and hold that image – you’ll never bother to organize the raw material before you into snowballs, sand castles or a new home.

So the first thing to organize isn’t ‘things.’ The first thing to organize is your mind.

How do you organize your mind.

By setting concrete, specific goals that you review often.

By thinking about those goals everyday in the theatre of your own mind.

By using your imagination more often than your will power.

By being open to answers that come your way.

By understanding that success doesn’t go in a straight line; success comes in a zig-zag fashion.

By seeing and FEELING what you want out of life.

And by seeing yourself with kind eyes; by seeing yourself as deserving of everything good in life.

Organize your mind and your life will follow.

And that’s a fact.

Discover the extraordinary program that will help you organize your mind into a powerhouse of creativity. The raw material lays before you here and is now being offered at 50% off for a very short time.

Jump in now and begin Creating POWER on the inside – then see it come into being on the outside.


Matt Furey

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Tough Times Never Last

Friday, February 20th, 2009

One of the best books I ever read was “Tough Times Never Last – Tough People Do.”

It was written by Dr. Robert Schuller, a fellow Iowan who moved to California and started a church he called The Crystal Cathedral.

Throughout the book Dr. Schuller told stories of those who ‘rise up’ during times of tragedy, those who survive the toughest of times. And as you can imagine, Dr. Schuller was no stranger to the subject he wrote about.

I thoroughly identified with the book because I had just started my own business as a personal fitness trainer – and I only had a couple clients. Not enough to make rent, buy groceries and so on.

And when I read this book it gave me courage to continue onward. To keep fighting for what I wanted.

Shortly after reading “Tough Times Never Last, Tough People Do,” I was advised by Jack, a 57-year old client, to read “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Dr. Maxwell Maltz. Taking the man’s advice, I drove to the bookstore after his workout and bought a copy.

When I returned to my gym later that night I began to devour and dog-ear the book. I bought it to help me get more clients – but what it gave me went WAY beyond that.

I learned how to survive tough times by using my memory and my imagination in ways I had never had explained before. And when I did so, it was as if ‘magic’ was taking place in my life on a daily basis. The phone began to ring with customers – and within six weeks I had a packed house.

Not only that, but when I went someplace to eat – or dropped by vendors who supplied me with bottled water, they would comment on the ‘glow’ I supposedly had – or the energy that vibrated from me when we shook hands.

Honestly, I had NO IDEA what they were talking about. All I knew was that I felt tremendous and somehow or other this picked others up as well.

Years later, when I combined what I learned from Psycho-Cybernetics and the much more advanced course, Zero Resistance Living – with my study of Chinese martial arts, I came to understand what the ‘flow and glow’ were. I came to know what increased energy vibration meant.

Earlier this week, when I took a break during a 3.5 hour talk I gave in Austin, Texas, I went to the back of the room and sat quietly on the floor, stretching my lower back.

As I sat and deeply breathed, I marveled at what I was seeing as well as what I felt. Not just students deep in thought, writing away as fast as they could – but the vibration of thought dancing before me.

I turned to a woman seated to my left, who’s also a long-time student of Psycho-Cybernetics. I smiled to her and said, “Kind of cool when you see energy moving around like this, huh?”

She smiled and say, “Yep.”

At the end of my talk this same lady was standing to my left as I shook hands with people who were thanking me for what they learned from me. One of the last people to shake my hand was a man with short black hair. As soon as we shook I smiled and said, “Ah, you broke your wrist.”

He stopped in his tracks, paused and began to scan his memory banks. After several seconds he found the event in his files.

He nodded and said, “You know, you’re right. How the heck did you know? I had completely forgotten about it.”

The answer to HOW goes as follows: Everyday I practice doing things in my imagination. I practice to the point in which I can feel things happening as if they’re real right NOW.

“What’s the difference between imagination and reality?” I asked the group I spoke to.

Then I answered my own question.


“Imagination something often enough and it will show up. Use your imagination often enough, and you’ll feel things that happened long ago – or see things in the future.” I believe imagination is the God-like power all of us were given at birth. We either use it consciously – or abuse it unconsciously.

When used consciously, you eliminate from your mind all the resistance, the struggle – as well as the feeling of living in tough times. Removing the struggle and feeling of oppression is key to navigating through life faster and with far greater ease.

And the more often you do this – the faster what you imagine will come into being.

Imagination is prayer mixed with emotion, it is, as P.T. Barnum once said, “the elixir of life.”

Use your imagination productively, with intent – or be controlled by others who are.

Want to know how to get in the flow and have the glow? Want to know how to vibrate at a higher level, a level that not only lifts you up, but those around you as well?

Well, the world famous Zero Resistance Living Course will teach you how to do so. It’ll teach you how to harness the God-like power of your imagination, create greater confidence and blaze through life with peace
of mind and happiness.

And right now this program is available for half the normal amount – but not for long.

Grab your program NOW and create some positive change in your life.

Do it NOW – and make everyone say WOW.

Matt Furey

The Comfort Zone Myth

Friday, February 13th, 2009

We’ve been told a lie about what it takes to succeed. We’ve been told we must break out of our comfort zones and make ourselves do what is ‘uncomfortable.’

I don’t agree and that’s why I call this idea The Comfort Zone Myth.

Let me explain. This morning I plopped my rumpus on the couch with a couple books by my side. Books I really want to finish.

I picked one of them up and began to read. While doing so I realized I hadn’t done my internal exercise routine yet.

“That’s okay,” I thought. “Just stay here on the sofa and relax. Do it some other time.”

As I heard this alluring voice I checked how I was feeling. Twas strange. I felt uncomfortable – instinctively realizing that I needed to move my body. Yet, concurrently my self-talk was saying that I should just plop my butt and read.

Recognizing that this self-talk was deceptive, I got up, walked into my garage dojo and began to practice my kung fu form.

I began with a head-and-face massage that brings greater blood flow to the brain and begins to open the meridians. I checked my breathing, my posture and my root. I sensed where my muscles were tense and gave them the command to relax.

Then I began to move. As I moved I went deep inside – paying attention to my center. I began slowly, as if doing tai chi – then all of a sudden, from out of nowhere, WHAM, I let out explosive force.

After doing so I began to move slowly again – then another BAM, another WHAP, another KA-POOM.

My breathing deepened. Energy began to circulate and move. A spirit of calm came over me as I finished the form.

Then I began again. Went through the form another time, looking to correct any mistake I could find.

And then I began again.

By the time I finished I was sweating profusely and feeling fantastic. I was in the zone. The comfort zone.

Before training I was in the discomfort zone, masqueraded by a couch that made it look like I was ‘comfortable.’ Far from it. My body needed to move so that I could move through the rest of the day, getting more done in less time, in a spirit of comfort and ease.

Success in anything is not so much about breaking out of ‘comfort zones.’ It’s more a matter of breaking out of your DIScomfort zones; the zones where you feel uncomfortable because you haven’t taken care of the most important things n life first. Things like deep breathing, focus and movement.

Mark my words. When you don’t exercise, you do not feel comfortable. You might think you do, but you’re kidding yourself. You’re deceiving yourself.

When you first begin to exercise, you may initially feel uncomfortable – but that’s only because your mind and body are totally misaligned. It’s only because you’re too weak, too flabby, too inflexible or too tired – none of which are comfortable states of being.

Yes, in traditional martial arts training there is an ‘eat bitter’ aspect. But the only reason you eat bitter is so you can feel more comfortable doing everything you’re training yourself to do.

I train everyday, not because I need to break out of my comfort zone – but because I want to enter it.

If I don’t train, I’m not comfortable. The same goes if I don’t breathe deeply, use my power of concentration, maintain good posture, eat healthy foods and so on.

Do the most important things in life first thing in the morning, and you’ll feel the power.

Matt Furey

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P.P.S. And make no mistake about it, doing Psycho-Cyb exercises each day is part of everything I do, including the Dao Zou program. Make sure you spend time each day in the Theatre of Your Mind – clearing the cobwebs and focusing like never before on how you want your life and this world to be. Snag your copy of the Zero Resistance Living Program – also available NOW at half-price –

Plan A – Plan B

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

I’m willing to place a bet.

I’m betting that inside your home you have a medicine cabinet filled with medicines that you currently do NOT need.

I’m also willing to bet that you have an assortment of other gadgets designed to eliminate unwanted ‘stuff’ from your life.

If you’re a man, you have razors, nose and ear hair trimmers, dental floss and so on.

If you’re a woman, you probably have even more gadgets to remove ‘stuff’ than most men.

Ever wonder whether having the medicines or gadgets is a form of ‘negative thinking?’ After all, wouldn’t it be better to ONLY visualize what you want?

Aren’t you saying to yourself, by having medicine and nose hair removers that something may go wrong? And if you’re setting up such an environment, aren’t you activating the Law of Attraction and causing it to happen?

Truth: There is a Law of Attraction. But there is also a Law of Polar Opposites – and if there is a Law of Polar Opposites, by law there must also be a Law of Dis-traction.

Law of Attraction – that which you focus on expands or contracts based upon how you focus on it (my definition)

Law of Distraction – that which you ignore may also expand or contract depending on how you don’t focus on it (also my definition)

For example, you can increase your health by focusing on doing the things you need to do to improve it.

Yet, you can also increase illness, overweight, etc. by being distracted by anything and everything but health.

And what happens if you get sick? Yes, you focus on seeing yourself getting better. But you also take immediate action to correct the illness. In short, you simultaneously implement Plan A and an ever-changing Plan B.

You move toward what you want and you move away from what you don’t want. At the same time.

Today, I think most people will agree that our nation is in great peril. Yet, it’s amazing to me how many people are playing ‘see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.’

It’s amazing how many people are closing the blinds and ignoring what is going on. It’s amazing how many people think that if they ‘believe’ nothing bad will ever happen – that nothing ever will.

It’s amazing how many people think that you don’t need a medicine cabinet in the environment of your mind. They think that those who cry foul are negative, fearful, angry, resentful and so on.

They’re acting like the golfer who is totally unaware of the rough, the sand traps, the ponds and the pits – so he is continually in them.

They’re like the football receiver who doesn’t understand he must land with both feet in bounds for the catch to count. Don’t be negative and tell him that he was out of bounds. They’re like the musician who’ll never make it because she doesn’t want to be told that the notes she’s playing don’t sound good.

In Psycho-Cybernetics you learn that success is not a mistake-proof process. Success comes about as a result of making and correcting mistakes. You see the mistakes – and you change course to correct them while also continuing to move toward what you want.

Psycho-Cybernetics is also about building upon previous success experiences. It’s going back into your mind and excavating the BEST times, the times in which everything was better than it is now. It’s determining which courses of action led you toward positive results – which lead you toward negative – then choosing to move toward the best of both worlds.

When you set a goal and create Plan A, the truth is that it will NOT work out exactly the way you think it will. You will need to make adjustments along the way.


Whether you realize it or not, Plan A turns into a Plan B – and a Plan C. But only if you’re wise enough to understand the reality of this process – and go with it.

Going with it, however, means you must open your eyes, ears, and mouth. You must be willing to see, hear, feel and speak in order to hit your target.

Choosing to be blind, deaf, dumb and numb is not going to work. Nor is feeling that all is hopeless – or that there is no other way.

If you want to succeed at a level above and beyond where you are today, it’s essential that you learn all you can about how to mix your memory and your imagination together in such a way that you create a brighter future for yourself.

Remember your mistakes so you don’t repeat them. Remember your successes so you can create more of them. And let your imagination soar into the future as if you’re already there right NOW.

Create a Plan A – but make allowances for the plan to change.

Spend time each day in the Theatre of Your Mind – playing out the way you will respond to your successes – as well as to any emergency landings you may have to make along the way.

How to do this?

There’s no better way to learn than the world famous Zero Resistance Leaving Program – now available for half-off the standard fee.

Order NOW – and be sure to type ‘2009’ into the coupon on the order form to make sure you receive your discount.

Matt Furey

How’s Your Gong Fu?

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Just received the following reply to my email about Life is Like a Rasslin’ Match:

Hi Matt

I’ve been engoying your emails for a while now and they have been inspiritional as well as comforting at times, that I’m not alone in how I’m feeling and how I feel about the world.

The reason I’m emailing is just maybe to add to your current thread about breathing and life being like Martial Arts. While I’m not a martial artist, I am a choir member, of two choirs in fact because of the benefits of singing.

Like martial arts, singing is also about breathing and controlled breathing, and also very good for grounding as you need to have a solid or firm stance to support the body as some of the peices can be quite vigorous. And again like martial arts, singing is a very physical activity depending (obviously) on the effort one wishes to put into it.  It can also be very emotional, again, depending on what you’re singing, and then there’s the tea-break, which provides a vital social connection need.

So I guess what I’m trying to get at here is that anyone who “can’t see” the connection with martial arts and life, should, if they open themselves to their own activities, be able to equate your lessons and words into their own experiences. One’s quality of Life is equal to the emotion and effort one is will to put into it. No more and no less.

Keep up the great work. Many thanks


MJF: Thank YOU, Elaine. And to add to what you wrote, let me agree further by saying the words “kung fu” – which are “gong fu” in China – don’t mean fighting. They mean “discipline of” or “practice of” something. So if you sing very well, people might say that you have very good singing gong fu. Same goes for writing, speaking, cooking, even making love.

So once again, it boils down to practice, practice, practice. But not does ‘going through the motions’ practice. No. It means practice with awareness, with consciousness, with intent – and YES, with your breath.

Are you even aware of your breathing right now? Or did you need a reminder?

Is your breathing deep and full? Are you sitting up straight or slouched? Are your shoulders hunched or relaxed?

If you’re lacking on any of these questions, then my Dao Zou program will help correct these issues for you. Not just when you train, though – but all day long.

Grab onto the ultimate psycho-physical exercise program on the planet and
change the way you feel forever.

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Matt Furey

Life Is Like a Rasslin Match

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Several years ago I thought about writing a book that compared life to a giant wrestling match.

Thing is, because most people think wrestling is pro rasslin’ – I canned the idea. But maybe I ought to rethink that one. After all, pro rasslin’ is, for the most part, totally phony and fake – and so is much of society at large.

Even so, what I had in mind years ago was jarred back into consciousness yesterday when a lady wrote me to say, “Life is not a martial art.”


My answer: YES, life IS like a martial art – and anyone who’s studied martial arts KNOWS the deep connection your training has with every aspect of your life.

Yesterday I covered breathing – and how it ranks numero uno in terms of importance to staying alive.

Guess what you learn when you study a traditional martial art (not the strip mall dojo variety)? How to breathe correctly – from your center – deep and full.

Guess what else you learn?

How to focus; how to concentrate on a goal; how to overcome obstacles; how to conquer stress; how to turn negative thoughts, emotions and self-doubts into confidence; how to turn an opponent’s jabs into opportunities; and how to fight for what you believe in – even if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

You also learn that the sky is not the limit in terms of the development of your skills. Physically, psychologically and spiritually.

You learn when to relax and do nothing as well as when to stand up and fight.

So YES, life is like a martial art – it’s like a wrestling match (a real one).

And if you want to rise to the top in life, if you want to be like a high-level martial artist, you’ll also want to follow one of the most important laws of success ever created – which most people don’t know anything about.

What’s that law? It’s called PRACTICE.

Yesterday I read a correction to the Perlander quote, “Practice makes perfect.”

The real quote is “Practice is everything.”

Ah, yes. Practice. That’s how you get good at something. It’s how you get good at everything. Including how you use your mind.

Each and every day you have a choice as to how you are going to use your mind – but if you never train it – don’t be surprised if you feel helpless under stress.

Want to know what to do under stress? Want to develop the focus of a martial artist? Or would you rather just keep ‘winging it?’

If your answer is to get MORE out of yourself – then latch onto the world famous Zero Resistance Living System – now available at half-price.

Matt Furey

P.S. You don’t need to be a martial artist to use the program or benefit from it. But don’t be surprised if you start feeling like one as soon as you begin tapping into the creative power of your imagination.

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