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Archive for October, 2008

Steal and Grow Rich

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Yesterday I received an email that told me, “Because we are the richest nation on earth, it is therefore inexcusable to have people living on the streets, people without health care and people who cannot afford to go to college.”

This is an amazing statement to read. Believe me, I am ALL for everyone having health care, a college education, a home – and so on.

I am also for everyone being able to run the 100-meters in 9.69 seconds and winning a gold medal, like Usain Bolt did this summer in the Beijing Olympics.

The truth is it is unlikely that this dream of everyone being able to run that fast is ever going to happen. But everyone who is able can run faster than ever before if he’ll take the time to train.

Some people will always have more money, more speed, more power and more confidence than others. That’s called LIFE.

But the key to improving the lives of others is NOT cutting the hamstrings of those who are faster than the rest of the pack. You would never look at a Usain Bolt and say, “That’s not fair. No one should be able to run so much faster than everyone else. Everyone should be equally fast.”

Yet, that is how some people think about m-oney. They look at those who have more than the rest and figure out ways to cut their hamstrings.

If you take a look at the history of China under Chairman Mao – when it was at its worst – and where it is today – an incredible lesson can be learned.

Chairman Mao tapped into peoples’ hatred of the rich. He made people so angry that a war broke out. The promises he made for the regular man were simple.

Everyone would be equal – everyone would have three square meals per day – everyone would have a home – and so on.

Here’s what happened: The rich who survived moved to Taiwan and continued to prosper. They found a way to win – even though they lost their country.

Those who stuck with Mao – well, many of them died – and by many I mean MILLIONS of people. During the so-called Great Leap Forward – it’s been estimated that 40 million people died of starvation.

In two years time.

And if you add up all the other untimely deaths during Mao’s reign – you’ll see that his casualties made other other dictators combined look meek and mild.

In the name of fairness and equality – creativity was destroyed. So was initiative. So was the desire to rise up. Factories were filled with the sick, lame and lazy. No one wanted to work unless forced to. There was no reward for doing so.

Then Mao died and a new leader, Deng Xiao Ping, said something that went against Mao’s class warfare. Everyone-is-equal ideal.

Deng made a statement, “Rang yi bu fen re, qian fu qi lai.”

This has been translated in various ways. Most popular being “To grow rich is glorious.”

But the real meaning is as follows: “IF some people grow rich, this is a good thing.”

Deng realized that if everyone is poor – no one succeeds. The key was to allow people to get rich – and when this happened – the rest of China could learn from them.

What a novel idea.

And guess how well it’s worked.

Incredibly well.

In China you’ll find rich, super rich, middle class and poor.

You’ll see people driving sports cars as well as cheap trucks or motorcycles. You’ll see people dressed like royalty – and others not looking so nice.

No, I’m not saying China is perfect. There’s still much to do – but at least they understand that capitalism is king.

When people are allowed to think, to be creative, to grow rich without punishment, without having your hamstrings cut, without being mocked, jeered or killed – the country as a whole gets better and better.

Very few people will ever rise to the level of a Gates or Buffett. Yet everyone can take notes and learn from them.

The same goes with those who reach millionaire, multi-millionaire or 100-millionaire status.

Why not learn from them. Most are very willing to tell you how they accomplished their goals – in part because they’re thrilled to see someone else who wants to know.

Class warfare never works. Opening the doors of creativity and initiative does.

And that’s exactly what I teach in my book and CD program 101 Ways to Magnetize Money. Be sure to pick up a copy.

One thing is for certain – it will teach you what it takes to double, triple, quadruple or 100x your current income.

It will teach you how to think and what to do.

And if you follow my suggestions, you WILL begin rising to a higher level of achievement.

Be someone that others can learn from. Be someone who realizes that when everyone is at the same level – no one benefits. Be someone who can show the poor how to go from rags to riches – because YOU did it yourself.

Go here and order NOW.

Matt Furey

The Dumbing Down of America

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

After going to see Game One of the World Series with my son last week – I got a couple hours of sleep – then boarded a plain for Beijing, China.

Upon my arrival I turned on my iPhone and found amongst the many emails forwarded to me – one in which a reader advised me AGAINST telling anyone that I am enjoying myself while so many others are in pain due to the depressing economic news.

At first I saw the man’s point. Not saying I agreed with it – but I did SEE IT.

Then I looked at reality.

I was one of TENS of thousands of fans at the World Series. And as much as I could see, hear and feel – no one at the game was crying about the economy or the political con game going on in Washington, with the help of the media.

Nope. The focus was on baseball, hot dogs and many other things – like t-shirts, caps, jackets, pennants and a host of other totally unnecessary purchases.

It’s funny, but in a ten-day span I attended two pro football games – each with sold-out crowds of more than 60,000 fans – and one World Series game – also sold out.

I did not do a “luxury” check of everyone sitting near me  or anywhere else in the stands – but I am sure of one thing: I was neither the poorest or the wealthiest person in the stands – financially speaking. I also believe that many of the fans tapped into their non-luxury pocketbook to attend the game – regardless of whether or not they had a job to earn more dinner or dinero the following day.

As for my trip to China – I was almost as snobby as Sarah Palin is being accused of. How dare she have a $150,000 wardrobe in these times – as if it would be A-OK with the media if it were good times – forgetting of course that many of them ALSO wear clothes they don’t pay for – and none of them are donated to charity after being used.

Lucky for Sarah that her clothes are donated to charity after she wears them – otherwise it would be a sin of the highest order – that every POPE commits.

Ah, how dare the Pope wear Gucci and Prada shoes made from crocodile skin – as well as name brand sun glasses as he rides around in his bullet proof mobile.

Doesn’t he understand that everyone on this earth is supposed to be the SAME.

We’re all supposed to be at the same level – especially when it comes to trinkets and toys. Everyone should have a house – even if no money to pay for it.


Not only that, no one – and I mean absolutely NO ONE should be happier than anyone else -or healthier. And if you are, shame on you. Don’t you know you’re supposed to dumb yourself down in order to be liked by people who don’t love you and never will.

Don’t you know your mission in life is to be everyone’s friend. To never stand out. To make sure that no one ever has hurt feelings because of your success.

Dumb yourself down, mate. Be the same as everyone else – then you and everyone on this planet will be happy.


Something is wrong with this picture.

Visualize it for a moment.

Imagine over 6 billion people on this planet all looking the same and having the same amount of money, the same clothes and the same level of fitness and education.

Go read Dr. Seuss’ book on the Sneetches and you’ll quickly see that SAME is not equal. It’s a disaster. And trying to create it is evil.

Karl Marx was wrong. And being I was born on the same day of the year that he was – I feel it’s high time I put together the Fureyist Manifesto.

Here is a slice of it:

If there is a mission for you in this lifetime  – it cannot take place unless, first and foremost, you are true to yourself. If you are addicted to other peoples’ approval MORE than fulfilling your goals – then you are NOT true to yourself and you cannot ever be truly happy.

Happiness does not come from friends, or from making sure you dumb yourself down to be liked. Happiness doesn’t come from m-oney, either. It doesn’t come from good or bad economic times. It doesn’t come from going to the World Series or flying first class to China. And it doesn’t come from what you wear or have decorating your home.

Happiness comes from being willing to live life with gusto and enthusiasm while pursuing goals that matter to you; goals that also benefit your fellow man.

You don’t make yourself or anyone else happy when you dumb yourself down. All you do is pay homage to the adage, “Misery LOVES company.”

Be ONE of US and all will be okay, the masses say.

No it won’t.

What is the world without examples of people rising to great heights despite all the cat-calls and attempts to stifle you to a life of mediocrity. What would the 2008 Olympics be without a Michael Phelps winning 8 gold medals. Imagine no medals at all for achievement – and there won’t be anything worth cheering about – in any endeavor.

Being sad or depressed because someone else is doing well is no way to go through life. A far better choice is to celebrate others’ success and to set a goal and create a plan that will help you do likewise.

That’s what I did long, long ago – when I had nothing but an imagination to steer me toward where I am today.

I never sulked when I was broker than broke – nor have I ever treated anyone with disrespect because he happens to be where I once was – or worse. Instead, I’ve made it a mission to do my best to help lift others UP. That’s what I try to do with every book I write; with every email I send.

And if talking about being at the World Series – or flying to China is the ticket to expressing what I have to say on the subject of success, I’m going to say it.

When my children come home from school and show me their report cards – I want to know where they stand. I want to know how to make them better. And if they ever have a teacher or coach who wants them to be average – to dumb themselves down so that no one else feels bad – then that teacher or coach will be fired – immediately – and I will not care if this hurts the teacher’s feelings.

Never pride yourself on poverty. Never melt toward mediocrity.

Rise UP – in every sense of the word.

Rise up personally. Rise up professionally. Rise up spiritually.

Be MORE than you think you can be. Stretch yourself to new limits.

Regardless of what is going on before you – you can still choose to be BIGGER than your circumstances.

That’s what I teach in 101 Ways to Magnetize Money – and if you follow what I have written for you – your life will get better. That’s all anyone with an imagination and a pulse ever wants. Constant improvement – in good times and in bad.

Make a choice to prosper in the best of times and the worst of times.

Can this be done.

Of course. And history proves it.

Rewrite your future NOW. Get a copy of 101 Ways to Magnetize Money and prove to yourself and every one else that you CAN prosper will everyone else is complaining.

Matt Furey

Don’t Watch The Depression Channel

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Turn on the news and begin channel surfing.

Chances are you’ll find yourself watching the Depression Channel. Based on the slant of what is being said, you’d think the news casters had a secret pact with pharmaceutical drug companies.

Getting you into a negative mental state appears to be their mission. The more that people feel powerless – the easier to seize control.

Years ago I learned that depression is the feeling you get when you feel powerless over your circumstances.

But what would happen if we didn’t have the word depression in our vocabulary. Could you feel this negative emotion if we didn’t have a word to describe it; a word that paints a mental picture of this negative mental state.

I’ve heard there are places on this planet where people don’t see certain colors because those colors aren’t in their vocabulary. Same goes with words like depression. If no word to describe it – you cannot have it.

Don’t you think it would be “fair” if the news programs reported on people who are prospering in these economic times. Wouldn’t it be fair if they did specials each day on the people who are doing better than ever – despite the so-called recession/depression.

Fact is that during the Great Depression – many people became millyunairs. We’re not hearing about them now, are we.

I coach several people who are doing better than ever before in these “times.”

I’ve also watched many people do poorly during the best economic times. When so many were prospering, they were floundering.

So it all comes down to this: Which channel are you tuned into. The “Depression Channel” – or the “Prosperity in Tough Economic Times” channel.

Can you guess which one I CHOOSE to tune into.

Yes, I realize you’re not going to find the Prosperity Channel on your tee-vee set – but you can create the channel in your own mind. Your own mind is not limited to 500, 1,000 or 10,000 channels. It can tune into or create tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of channels. And then some.

After all, who do you think created the ones we have now. They didn’t just show up. People created them in their own minds first.

You have the ability to do likewise. In private. Make a choice to relive your greatest financial successes – to create more of them. Make a choice to read about and study the lives of those who did well when times were toughest. Doing so will plant the seed that YOU can do likewise.

In my book, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money – I give you an entire arsenal of prosperity seeds to plant in your mind. Each of these seeds will help you begin prospering regardless of the economy. But only if you plant them and fertilize them on a daily basis.

It’s easy to think that your future depends upon the channel you’re watching now – or the current source of your income. Yet we live in an unlimited Universe, and you can tune into other sources of income in a moment’s notice. In 101 Ways to Magnetize Money I feel your mind with the seeds that will reap a bountiful harvest regardless of what the news programs are saying.

Go here and tune into the channel that will help you rise above the current. It’s not difficult if you’re willing to give yourself a fighting chance.

Matt Furey

My Psychic Forecast on the Economy

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Today, my psychic forecast on our nation’s future. But first, a recap of what is supposedly going on with the economy.

The media is at it harder and heavier than EVER before. The politicians are talking tough – and the pundits are telling us how frightened, scared and depressed EVERYONE is. You can even feel the nation’s dour, melancholy energy in the air – two weeks before a full moon.

It’s nuts ‘out there.’ People are freaked out and don’t know what to do.

Can you blame them when you hear things like this:

“The greed and corruption on Wall Street must never happen again.”

Do the politicians really believe what they’re saying.

If so many are corrupt on Wall Street – then why aren’t any of the accused going to jail. And since when do you give “greedy” marauders another $700 billion bucks to “punish” them for their sins.

Could it be that the politicians have their hand in the till, too.

Personally I’m tired of Obama, McCain and company and how they’re going to make us happy, healthy and secure.

Neither will do anything of the sort.

If elected, Obama will most likely get crucified by the very people who elected him. When people find out he cannot part the seas, walk on water, multiple the loaves and fishes, heal the sick or do it for you – it’ll be lights out.

Even Jesus didn’t work enough miracles to satisfy the masses – and he basically wrote his own death sentence when he messed with a few peoples’ m-oney. The m-oney changers didn’t take kindly to being whipped either. Imagine being the guy who raises taxes in a depression. Yee-ouch.

As for McCain, if he gets elected, he’ll get replaced by Palin in short order. And the media and private-citizen-hate-crew will do everything they can to destroy her – as fast as sub-humanly possible.

Wooooo – what are you saying Furey? Is this doom and gloom or what.

Not at all.

My message is simple: Don’t place your hope in politicians. Or the media. Or in all the people out there who are more fearful than faithful.

Place it in YOURSELF and the Universal Power that runs through everything in nature. If you’ll do this – I absolutely guarantee you’ll begin feeling a lot better about what is going on. And you’ll be in a far more powerful position to FIX your own life – to create what you want – than you will by hoping and dreaming that Prince or Princess Charming is coming to save the day.
Look back through history and see that even during the Great Depression – many, many people made a decision to prosper, to grow wealthy – to magnetize m-oney – and DID SO.

All who prospered had one thing in common. A belief in oneself. A belief that transcended tough economic times. A belief that showed the world:

“I CAN Grow Rich During Tough Economic Times.”

Regardless of where you are right now, you can raise yourself UP. You can be bigger than the circumstances you find yourself in.

Go on a “No News Diet.”

Shed the unwanted and unnecessary negativity perpetrated by the media elite.

Be an idea man… or woman. Never say ‘can’t’ or think in terms of impossibility.

THINK – then DO.

And no matter how tough it is – no matter how many others are falling by the wayside – no matter how much you’ve already lost – make up your mind that you will NEVER GIVE UP.

THINK and ACT as if there is no depression – and the one you think you’ve been having will leave you. Or the one other people are having won’t affect you.

In case you think this is a pipe dream, look at the following email I received earlier today from one of my Psycho-Cybernetics coaching members:


My Sales Period 7 ends on Friday. I am expecting another 60 to 150K in sales over the next two days but couldn’t wait to share this:

P7 – Best Sales Period in Company History

Last 30 days – Best Month in Company History

2008 – Just hit $2,010,000 in sales (Best year ever was 2007 @ 1.9M) – Up 30% over 2007

Had a message from a young woman I know in Michigan which is really hit hard by the economy. She asked me if I knew how LUCKY I was. I sent a message back that it wasn’t luck. I decided to do things that few other people would do; study (several mentors). Visualize every day. Spend an hour each night studying and reading. Nothing that anyone else couldn’t do, just that they won’t. She told me that I must think that I’m better than everyone else. At that point I gave up and decided to terminate the conversation. She doesn’t get it and won’t get it.



MJF: John, major congrats to you. You’re not alone with the success you’re having. You’ll see a few other record breakers on Sunday.

My friend, discard the junk being tossed at you each day and sink your eyes and teeth into 101 Ways to Magnetize Money. It’s the book that prospering people are reading right NOW to make sure they continue to grow while others are giving up.

Go here and order NOW.

Matt Furey

Am I Slamming ‘The Secret’

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Earlier today I got the following email:

“You can do what you want and I realize you have had success, however would it make sense to acknowledge the benefits of the LOA understanding and work along side it as opposed to challenging it altogether? Just curious, hope all is well.

Patrick M.

MJF: Hi Patrick. I thought I’ve been very clear that the Law of Attraction works – but not unless you follow another LAW, which comes first. And this LAW, which I cover in 101 Ways to Magnetize Money, is NOT mentioned in The Secret. Nor do most people even think of it as a LAW.

In my book I acknowledge at least two people who appeared in The Secret: Bob Proctor and Joe Vitale.

Yet, as a martial artist who won a world championship, as well as a successful entrepreneur who has earned multiples of seven figures, year after year, I have a knack for pointing out the missing pieces of the success puzzle.

Let me give you a strong hint about what this missing LAW is.

Although I am a world champion martial artist and successful entrepreneur – I did not just land in this position from visualization alone – although it WAS a major factor.

Not only that, but in spite of my accomplishments, I continue to train. Each night, when the stars are in the sky, I’m outdoors doing various exercises for an hour or more.


Because I know the LAW that no one is talking about. And I understand that when you combine both LAWS – you don’t just have a rocket – you have fuel in your rocket. Not only that, you have a guidance system that will direct you when you are off course.

Being off course is part of the success process. Mistakes lead you to the goal. Success is failure turned inside out.

But even the above are mere platitudes without a daily regimen to follow.

In 101 Ways to Magnetize Money, I don’t just talk about other peoples’ success – I give you the regimen that will lead you there.

To grab hold of this regimen and use it – go here.

Matt Furey

P.S. Here’s an eye-opening testimonial I received today:

Matt, I have the book and absolutely love it. A couple of  great things have happened including a check for $916 that came within HOURS of when I needed it. You have no idea how important it was in getting me somewhere that is leading to several thousands of dollars a month.
Thanks – Ted

How 9=8

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Was up late watching the Rays v. Red Sox in Game 2 of the ALCS. Unlike Game 1 – this was a slug fest.

9 innings of ball normally are all that’s needed in baseball – but last night it went 11. The Rays came out on top 9-8.

Now, think of this about the following score. The Rays Manager, Joe Maddon, gave the team a 9=8 slogan to ponder.

When I first saw it on t-shirts I thought, “Huh. What does that mean.”

I tried to figure it out without using Google. After an hour I was able to see that it had some relevance to nine players and nine innings.

But what did the ‘8’ mean.

It meant 9 players playing nine innings at 100% – leading to them being one of only 8 teams in the playoffs.

There’s even more to Maddon’s mathematics – his crazy math – than the above – but you get the idea. By using math is a different way – he opened the imagination of  the WORST team in baseball – and thus far has guided them to the final four teams that remain.  He led them from “worst to first.”

Think of this as you read through 101 Ways to Magnetize Money. The entire book is about getting you to Imagine Different – to see things in a new way – to do things you’ve never done before.

If Maddon’s Math can take the Rays from worst to first – what can 101 Ways to Magnetize Money do for you.

Make sure you have the book with you as a daily reminder of what CAN and WILL be accomplished – if you’ll take the DARE and DO test.

Go to here and order now.

Matt Furey

P.S. By the way, to read more on Maddon’s Math – use Google. It’s far too complicated for me to explain here.

The Secret No One Talks About

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

Okay, okay, okay. Today it’s time for the blunt end of the swift sword; it’s time for a bit of roughness around the edges. Perhaps even some sarcasm.

Feeling good, in and of itself, will NOT – and I repeat… WILL NOT help you magnetize money.

So take all your Law of Attraction books and toss ’em – unless, of course, you’re willing to implement another LAW first.

This other LAW is something you don’t see discussed in “The Secret” or other movies, books or programs of this genre. Yet, in my book, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money, the entire program is laced and threaded and stitched together with this LAW.

In fact, your entire day will become The LAW – if you follow the instructions I outline.

Yes, I cover the importance of capturing that “winning feeling.” Yes, I cover the significance of getting your emotional state right when you go through your day.

Yet, that winning feeling, in and of itself is NOT enough UNLESS you have already laid a deep and solid foundation with… something more.

In 101 Ways to Magnetize Money, I tell you what this “something more” is.

Hint: Every single person who starred in “The Secret” had this something more. Straight down the line. Whether man or woman – each and every person did FAR MORE than feel good to attract greater riches.

Now, to make myself even clearer – I am NOT saying that how you think and feel has nothing to do with magnetizing m-oney. I believe it most certainly does. I will go on record stating that 90% or more of the success process is MENTAL.

Even so, the mental must be combined with “something more” – otherwise nothing much will happen.

There’s an old saying, “You cannot fish without bait.”

This is both true and false.

When you go fishing you can use a lure, a night crawler or a minnow.

That’s bait, right.

But you can also fish with a net, a harpoon, a trap – and in some cases, your bare hands.

And if you’re an Alaskan grizzly all you need is your nose, eyes and teeth.

In today’s society, you can also snag your fish by ordering one at a supermarket or restaurant.

Whichever method you choose – there will be no fish for you unless you are willing to observe the REAL SECRETS – the REAL LAWS that guide you toward success.

What I am saying here is not mere fluff. It is not something I say because I hope it will make me a ton of dough.

I am recording these words because I have applied the 101 Ways in numerous arenas.

I applied these WAYS on the road to winning a world championship in kung fu – beating the Chinese at their own game after being retired from competition for 11 years.

I applied these WAYS on the way to writing my first martial arts book in 1996, as well as the creation of many other products and services.

I applied it on the road to becoming a best-selling author and Internet entrepreneur who has made many multiples of seven figures per year, long BEFORE writing about how to do it.

I have also applied it with my family and in my personal relationships.

And in each and every case – the 101 Ways WORKED.

Why do these ways work. Because all the mental and spiritual strategies I teach are grounded in “something more.” If you already have this “something more” – then the mental and spiritual laws I teach will guide you to your targets at quantum speed. If you don’t, then you have one more piece of the puzzle to fit into place before you start hitting homeruns.

Ed, if you want MORE out of LIFE – then you’ve got to be willing to learn and practice what I teach in 101 Ways to Magnetize Money. If you’re willing to put the pieces of the puzzle together, your life will take on an effortless glow.

Find out what the pieces are TO-DAY by grabbing a copy of 101 Ways to Magnetize Money.

Matt Furey

P.S. Many readers of 101 Ways to Magnetize Money were so thrilled that they bought 20, 30, 50 – even 100 copies of it. What an endorsement. Thank you very much.

P.P.S. Next week I plan to launch a new coaching program that will amplify your success to altitudes and heights you never dreamed of scaling before. Stay tuned.

Success Rituals – Failure Rituals

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

If you watched Michael Phelps throughout the Beijing Olympics, you probably noted that he followed a precise ritual EVERY time he got ready to compete.

He sat in the stands with his ipod earphones plugged in. When his race was called he came to the starting block, removed one of the plugs, unzipped his jacket … and so on.

Once he got on the starting blocks – just before the race began he put his hands behind his back and stretched. After this he leaned forward, swung his arms back and forth three times – then he was ready.

In an interview Phelps admitted that he does this same ritual before EVERY race.

Athletes and martial artists at the highest levels understand what Phelps is doing. Outsiders often think of this sort of ritual as superstition. Yet, it’s not.

What Phelps is doing is recapturing that “winning feeling” – and making sure his mind and his body are fully tuned in to what he wants to accomplish.

People who struggle in life don’t have a success ritual that they follow on a consistent basis. They’ve never taken the time to think about what they did and what they were thinking when they were at their BEST.

I take rituals very seriously because I know how they help you stay on the success path – or get back on if you’ve fallen astray.

Each day I do many, many things as part of my success programming ritual. I’ve outlined 101 of the various things I do in my new book, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money.

Even so, sometimes I do things that run contrary to my success ritual. The good news is I instantly feel that some thing is wrong – and i jump back on the path.

Last night, for example, I decided to watch the nightly political news just before bed. Instead of doing my closing success ritual – I let myself get bombarded with mega doses of “what if?”

This morning, upon arising, I noticed that I was a bit off. I assessed how I was feeling and immediately changed my emotional state.

How did I do this. I did it by opening my own book to re-read the things I wrote about. I flipped the book open to see what message I needed to re-learn for today.

The book opened to page 41.

I read the page – retired to my private chambers and began to follow the instructions.

There’s a saying in Chinese martial arts:

“Miss one day of practice and you know it. Miss two days and your teacher knows it. Miss three days and everyone knows it.”

I missed one day of evening practice and I knew it. I won’t let it go two or three – or more.

Why. Because I know the value of a success ritual. I also know the pain and frustration of a failure ritual.

Which one are you following.

If you don’t have one – or if you want one that is so high-powered that I, myself, don’t just write about it – I LIVE IT – then grab yourself a copy of 101 Ways to Magnetize Money NOW.

Matt Furey

P.S. This email, like all my others, is written stream-of-consciousness – usually without correction. If you’d like to learn how I do it – and how this unique method of writing simple emails can make you a master of money magnetism, then check out my course, The Furey Method for Making a Fortune with Email. This course may double or triple your daily income within record time.

The Unfair Advantage

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Just read a quote taken from actor Marlon Brando, playing Stanley Kowalski in” A Streetcar Named Desire.”

Goes like this:

“You know what luck is? Luck is believing you are lucky, that’s all.”

Waaaah, how true.

Yesterday I received an email from a student who has written three books in the last three weeks.


And gotten a column in a magazine – and an article published in another.

Before he saw me less than one month ago – he was “down on his luck.”

Now he’s booming.

What changed.

Well, he got a copy of 101 Ways to Magnetize Money. And in the book – as well as at the LIVE event he attended, I taught two simple sentences that will get anyone off his duff – wherein greater luck is attracted.

The power phrases I taught this man are five words each. And when repeated they feel almost like you are reciting a poem.

If you recite these two sentences aloud – and picture what you’d like to be doing while saying them – I guarantee your life will change.

And as it changes, other people will think you’re lucky. Indeed you are.

Naturally, those who think you’re lucky won’t think any practice time was involved in your success. They’ll just think you’re more talented than they are. They may even think life is unfair.

They most certainly will not see what gave you the unfair advantage. Ten words … two magic phrases – and your luck changes.

It’s just not fair.

For those of you who already own 101 Ways to Magnetize Money – read page 7 again today. Read it at least three times. Then do as advised.

A month from today, write me and tell me how your luck has changed.

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Matt Furey

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Early Riser v. Late Riser

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

My father is an early-to-bed, early-to-rise person. So was his father. And his mother.

My mother is also an early-to-bed, early-to-rise person. So was her mother. And her father.

With the exception of my father’s dad, none of the above were entrepreneurial; nor were any of the above wealthy. Straight across the board, the O’Furey’s and McGrath’s were middle class America.

Why am I telling you this. I’m telling you this because I broke the mold.

I am, for the most part, a late-to-bed, late-to-rise person. This truth varies from time to time – but 80% of the time, I go to bed after midnight and arise after 8 a.m.

In spite of this “sin” – I AM very entrepreneurial – and I have done well financially.

Yes, I have attempted to impose early-to-bed, early-to-rise standards upon myself. Yet, the truth is the only time these standards worked was when I was a school boy with an early morning paper route; when I was in college; and when I was making chump change as a personal fitness trainer.

Burning the midnight oil has ALWAYS been a far better way for me to live, to prosper and grow.

I am far more productive at night, when everyone else is sleeping, than I am in the morning, when most people are either getting up – or already are.

Last night, for example, I was outdoors training between midnight and 1 a.m. Not a car on the street. Not a light on in any home on my block. Just me – alone with my thoughts as I trained. Ah, how exhilarating.

After training I picked up a book and read for awhile, then I did some visualizing, then I went to bed. And while sleeping I dreamt the entire night. In some of my dreams I worked on my business; in others I sought advice and learned new things.

My son, daughter and wife were up early and off to school. I continued to sleep until 8:30. Then I got up and began my day with a review of my goals.

No guilt. No sense of shame. No feeling that I MUST fit in with the rest of society who gets up early.

Many people are very successful on an early rising routine. I never was.

Yet, I’ve done better than ever on a late-to-bed routine. It works for me. It fits my unique style.

If you’re a late-to-riser and not doing well, consider adopting the early-to-riser lifestyle. If you’re an early-to-riser and doing poorly, give late-to-bed and late-to-rise a try.

You may discover that there is no “one size fits all” approach to life. Yes, there is black and white in some matters, but success and when you get up or go to bed is not one of them.

Regardless of what time you get up or go to bed, the most important thing will always be WHAT you are feeding your mind.

What’s the first thought you think when you get up. What’s the last thought before you go to bed.

Moreover, what are the very best things you can think before doing so.

Well, if greater wealth and prosperity is one of your goals – then you owe it to yourself to discover what thoughts I advise thinking first thing in the a.m. and last thing before sleeping.

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Matt Furey

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