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Archive for September, 2008

A Couple Quick Surprises

Monday, September 15th, 2008

A couple quick surprises – but first…

Was in Manhattan last week, meeting with my top MasterMind group – as well as getting recharged prior to my 4-Hour Workday Seminar – which starts this week.

By the way, if you’re still interested in attending, today is the very last possible day to enroll. Go here to grab a seat.

Alright, onto the surprises.

First, I have a magazine coming out this week. It’s called Matt Furey’s MasterMind -tm – and is currently 36-full color pages devoted to health, wealth and wisdom. It will expand considerably in the near future as more feature articles and columns are added.

In this first issue you’ll find articles by Michael Masterson, Todd Hester, Ed Baran, Vince Palko, Dr. Bill Stillwell, Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, Dr.Wu Dhi, Steve Hultquist, Jeff Ziegler, Nui Big Kahuna and “yours truly.”

I’ll be sending a free copy to all members of the Psycho-Cybernetics Super Human Success group as well as to Matt Furey Inner Circle members.

At the same time I will put an issue up on the web for the rest of you to download and read. I think you’ll find the broad spectrum of articles – all of which have “Success” as their core – to be incredible.

As this puppy grows, I’ll be looking for more writers, advertisers, and so on. So if you like what you read, keep MasterMind magazine in mind. And keep your eyes peeled and ears open for the announcement about when you can download a copy.

Second, I’m deeply grateful for all the testimonials that have come in about my new book, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money. Many of you have written to say you read a section of it each and every day. Others keep it in the bathroom or on their night stand so that you never miss a day of reading something that contributes to prosperity and abundance.

One reader told me my book is the new Think and Grow Rich. Another called it his “prosperity bible.”

And the results are flying in. One lady received an unexpected check in the mail shortly after entertaining the idea that m-oney can come to you from unexpected sources – if you’ll open yourself to the possibility of it happening.

Sadly, there are people who haven’t yet read the book who feel doomed to financial poverty. Some are losing their businesses, others their homes – and so on. And I feel for these people – that’s why I wrote the book, made the CDs and have made them available at a price that anyone can afford.

On the other hand, students and friends of mine who have been applying the tools in the book prior to its release are
reaping major rewards. One student, Kevin, had a baby in April. I told him what I thought about babies and money
in three words. He repeated these three words to himself daily – and still does.

Those three words have helped him have his first ever $100,000.00 months. The first was in July. The second in August. And last Thursday night he held a teleseminar and wrote to tell me he just had his first $100,000.00 DAY.

Yes, his first 100K DAY.

And get this, a few years back, Kevin was sobbing to me about being 55K in debt.

Not anymore.

Another student took a HUGE hit in real estate last year. This year, while others are doing their best to survive, he’s bringing in millyuns.

Am I saying YOU will do exactly as these students have. No.

What I’m saying is this: If you read 101 Ways to Magnetize Money and listen to the CDs and open yourself up to the expectation that things CAN and WILL get better… if you DARE to dream and DO – then life will improve for you.

How much it will improve is entirely up to you.

Get 101 Ways to Magnetize Money today and change your financial future forever.

Matt Furey

Your Greed Glands

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

You’d be amazed how many people limit themselves financially out of fear of being “too greedy.” The message received in childhood was simple: You don’t need anything more than the basics and so long as those are covered, that’s enough.

Sorry Ed, that’s not how it works.

Having enough to cover the basics means you are barely surviving. Oddly enough, those whose goal in life is to get by – barely and rarely do so.

You live in an abundant Universe, my friend. You are free to inhale and exhale as much air as you’d like – and if you take in more than anyone else, who would dare call you greedy.

Same goes with knowledge. If you have a favorite subject that you study more than almost anyone, is your quest for knowledge greed.

And what about martial arts or sports. No one ever called me greedy because I don’t want to stop learning about the
subject I’ve already won a world championship in.

No one can truly state what is and what isn’t greed in your situation, especially if they don’t know your goals.

There’s a Zen story that illustrates this truth:

There once lived a Zen master who was an incredible artist. Yet, he charged very high prices for his work – much more than anyone else. Many said he was greedy. He ignored such statements, continued to do his work while charging premium prices.

One day a geisha asked him to do a painting and said she would pay whatever price he asked. When he finished she paid the fee while disapproving of the job – yet hired him to do another.

He obliged – but charged even more to do the second job. When finished she nodded that it was good and paid him his fee.

For years people said he was greedy – but then, later in life when they found out he had saved the majority of the money to rebuild a city that was destroyed by a flood – their opinion changed.

Suppose you have goals to put your children through college, to travel the world, to study subjects of interest, to build schools, libraries, churches, hospitals and so on. Who then, can rightfully proclaim that you’ve been greedy when your goals are unknown.

Is there such a thing as greedy. Sure, there is. In my book you’re greedy when you have no interest in your fellow man – only in yourself. You hoard anything and everything for yourself. To me greed has nothing to do with how much you have; it has everything to do with your mindset.

Being afraid of greed when you’re not wealthy is like being afraid of scorpions when you don’t live in the desert. It’s like fearing gluttony when you’re starving; it’s like fearing lust when you have no partners.

In today’s society, making a mill-ion dollars a year is far from greed. Same goes for making multiple mill-ions per year. And based on the philanthropy of so many of this nation’s billionaires – can we even call them greedy.

I believe God gave us an abundant Universe to see how much we’re willing to ask for. Most ask for little… and receive less.

The wise man asks for what will help him achieve his personal and professional goals. The wise man realizes that it’s not the amount of money that matters – what matters is the self-image and character you must establish in order to become the person who is both comfortable and deserving of that amount.

Want the text-book that teaches you how to transform your self-image about money and the good it can bring into your life, then go here and order NOW.

Matt Furey

Why Money Matters

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Many years ago, my predominating thoughts about m-oney went like this:

“It’s not important. It won’t make you happy. Rich people can’t get into heaven. What does it matter if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul. Rich people are unhappy. Money gets you into trouble.”

And so on.

After being in business for a couple years with these thoughts, you can probably ascertain that I was no phenom.

The first good thing to change my course was going to a Tom Hopkins seminar on How to Master the Art of Selling. I’ll never forget the moment when Hopkins had the room of 1,000 people shout with enthusiasm: “Money is Good.”

From that day forward I began to read about prosperity, abundance and wealth attraction. I found every single one of my beliefs listed in paragraph two to be false or terribly misleading.
Another pivotal moment in my life was when I heard Earl Nightingale say that money was important. Seems like a no-brainer today – but years ago, I had that hymn playing in my head.

Yes, you will find people with an abundance of money who are unhappy. That doesn’t mean ALL or MOST are that way, In fact, the wealthy people I know are incredibly happy and are living extraordinary lives.

They have the time and freedom and power to do the things they want to do in life. They have the ability to truly go after ALL of their goals because the finances that fund all their goals are in place.

Here lieth the reason that m-oney matters: I think it was articulated best by Michael Masterson, author of 7 Years to 7 Figures – when he realized after looking at his list of goals, that all of them required m-oney. So if he made becoming wealthy a priority – all his other goals would be easier to achieve.


Think of all the things you’d like to do in life. The places you’d like to travel. The activities you’d like to be involved in. The courses you’d like to take.

All of them require the energy inherent in money.
Joseph Cossman once said that money is like lubrication. It helps you slide through life. When you don’t have it, you feel like you’re going through life with sand paper rubbing against you.

My book, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money is more than a good lubricant, though. It’s a program that shows you how to think about m-oney from the time you wake up til the time you go to bed. It even talks about getting to a higher rate of vibration so that you make m-oney while you sleep.

No other program covers the A to ZZZ’s like mine. Make sure you pick up a copy. And while you’re at it, grab the set of CDs as well. I easily cover another 100 more ways to magnetize money on them – and they’re recorded LIvE. Last week one of my top students said, “The CDs you made are without question the BEST product you’ve ever done.”

Get them and find out how right on she is. I put my heart and soul into them.

Go to here and order NOW.


Matt Furey

Here’s What 101 Ways Can Do for You

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Yesterday the following email was sent to me about my new book, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money. My comments will follow:

Mr. Furey:

Since last year, when I began opening my martial arts school, I have been a customer of yours.  I purchased Combat Conditioning, Combat Abs, the Fight Back Pack, and most recently 101 Ways to Magnetize Money.

Allow me to say…

Its incredible.  The effort you need to put out to make this happen is minimal, and it does work.  I recieved your book on the first of September, and have already read through it 3 times.  The fourth time I was starting to read it, I was reading, and truly believing in, section 5, which is to Expect Unexpected Income.

No sooner than I finished the page, then my boss came out of his office (I manage a hotel durng the day) and was handed a $500 bonus and offered 3% ownership.  Further, I was praised and told he could not run this place without me.

In my school, I began using some of the other tips.  Especially putting up stones and plants. I have a statue of an oriental general outside, and bamboo plants in the building.  No later than the night I did that, I had a gentleman in a collared shirt show up and ask to do some marketing.  When I asked how much, he said he formerly marketed for a large and corrupt school in the area, and they didn’t pay him properly.  He just wanted a chance to promote me.

That and a police officer came in and asked if I give discounts to the uniformed services.  When I said yes, he took a handful of flyers, and the next day I got several calls from the Sheriffs Department.

Let any naysayers say what they will, who cares?  The fact is that if you tweak your thinking a small amount, continue to put out effort, and keep your mind open to the fact that things can be different, then they will.

Matt, thank you/ Everything about what you have put out that I have read and used has been excellent.

Keep up the good work.


MJF: Hiya Steve. Thanks much for the results you’ve sent in. Yesterday I spoke with another man who followed my suggestions on a money magnetizing mantra. He needed to bring in $15,000 in order to take a trip to Asia this November. Within one week of doing what I advised, he has almost all the funds. I firmly believe he WILL have the rest within a couple days – as he has an important meeting with a woman tomorrow, whose husband is a billionaire, and he wants the “full course” of his services.

People often think that magnetizing m-oney is a physical ordeal – and yes, there is some labor involved. But you’d be surprised how often, as you’ve discovered, the labor is spiritual in nature. Start thinking the right thoughts, picturing the right mental movies, experiencing the right feelings and doing the right things – and voila – things start to change.

The key concept to understand is this: No blame, worry or resistance is allowed. Take care of the first one on the list: “blame” – and it’s amazing how the worrying and resistance disappear as well.

No more blaming your boss, your wife, your husband, your parents, the government, the economy, the system – and so on. If you want to magnetize money, YOU are the one who is going to do it. And like anything, it starts and ends with two magic words: Self-Image.

Show me the picture you have in your mind – and I’ll show you your future.

You can order 101 Ways to Magnetize Money NOW.

CDs are also available. If you’ve already purchased the book and NOW you want the CDs – then order once again and give the extra book away. It comes gratis with the CDs anyway.

And whatever you give away comes back to you multiplied.


Matt Furey

Shall I send a search party?

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

You may know who I’m talking about. And you may agree that it’s about high-time to send out the search party.

I’d rather not and both of us know why. It can be embarrassing.

But I will if I have to because both of us know this person is missing out on the biggest opportunity of his or her life.

So please help me round this person up.

I’ve sent out my $10.00 offer to attend my seminar – yet the one person I was counting on is still missing. And it makes me think something is very, very wrong.

Does he still have a pulse. Is he still among the living.

I certainly hope so. But I am very concerned.

So please do me a favor and see if you can help lasso and corral him for me. Put him in air-cargo if you have to. Just make sure you get him to my seminar on time.

Check-in is at 5:00 PM on Wednesday, September 17. Still plenty of time for you to get the job done and make sure he’s there.

Please hurry as this $10.00 offer cannot last much longer. And I’m not kidding.

That’s what happens when you remove resistance and create the state of mind to prosper from working only four hours a day. Make sure you register him here

Thanks much.

Matt Furey

P.S. Also, make sure you tell him that if he doesn’t think the first night was of any value, and not worth the fee for the whole seminar, then I’m willing to pay his coach airfare home. That oughta pound some sense into his brain, don’t you think. Again, bring him to me – but register him first here.

‘Gimme Ten Bucks’

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

When it comes to business, you can learn a lot of great one-liners from your kids. Like my son, Frank, who loves to approach me and say, “Gimme ten bucks.”

“For what,” I ask.

He then searches his mind and looks around the house for something to sell me.

A couple weeks ago I was sitting with him at the kitchen table – watching him eat his Cheerios. I picked up a copy of Entrepreneur Magazine. On the cover, the headline read: YOUNG MILLIONAIRES.

I showed it to Frank. While taking a spoonful of oats into his mouth he says, “Today at school the teacher asked us what we’re going to be when we grow up. I told everyone, ‘I’m going to be a millionaire.”

Forget being a fireman, a policeman, a mailman, an astronaut and all the typical things kids said when I was a kid. Nope – go straight for the result.

I smiled when he said this, letting him know he CAN and WILL accomplish this goal – (without my financial help by the way). Yet, all across America, I can just imagine how many parents would curse and condemn their child for saying such a thing.

Not me.

Yes, I will teach my son that it isn’t just the m-oney. It’s doing what you love. It’s doing what you are passionate about and combining it with a decision to prosper from doing it.

I’m teaching my son that the “something for nothing” mindset is destructive to society at large. So you can jokingly say, “Gimme ten bucks – but you better deliver something in exchange for it.”

By the way, I take great delight in telling you that my son also grabbed a copy of my new book, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money. He handed it to me with a pen in hand and said, “Daddy, can you autograph this book for me.” I stopped everything I was doing and said, “I sure CAN.” For the past two days I’ve seen him going through the book, reading various sections. Such a sight warms my heart.

It warms it so much that I’m writing you this email late at night. A much better idea than watching tee-vee, I think. And a reminder, perhaps, to invest in my new book and CD program by going to here.

Also, while I’m on the 10 Bucks Theme – I’m also going to allow a handful of people the opportunity to test the first night of my 4-Hour Workday Seminar for… 10 Bucks.

All for now.

Matt Furey

6,000,000 reasons – not a single excuse

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

My new book, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money is quickly becoming a best-seller. Testimonials are pouring in as well – so are the FAXes to attend a special LIVE seminar to be held later this year. It’s gratis for all who get a copy of the book.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of 101 Ways to Magnetize Money, you’re missing out on some major life-changing information.

No, this is NOT just another book on the Law of Attraction, written by an “expert” who has never really succeeded at a high level – but is willing to tell you what to do – for a fee.

In my book, I tell you, flat out, what works and what doesn’t – based on MY EXPERIENCES of winning a world kung fu title, operating a multi-millyun dollar business, writing an international best-seller, holding sold out seminars – and so on.

I’ve used the principles and LAWS in my book to succeed in many, many areas. So what I have recorded for you is not mere theory. Nor is it something I wrote to make people feel good – with no tangible or practical application or results.

YES, my book teaches a combination of mind and elbow grease. The key difference is that with MY approach – elbow grease does not mean struggle, resistance or unnecessary effort.

It means acquiring the ability to use your mind and body in harmony, in a spirit of relaxation. When you do it the way I teach, you are able to exert maximum power over your circumstances. You are able to change your life for the better.

Last week I was in California training with a kung fu master I greatly admire. Over and over I was encouraged to relax into each movement, each posture. The importance of relaxation is something I already know – yet in being reminded of it I drive the ability to a deeper level – and the power that comes forth is magnified.

You may find it ironic that LESS physical effort can bring you more mental and spiritual power. But think of it this way, your body is mighty small compared to the power of the wind. Yet, the same Universal Power that gives power to the wind also gives you power – and the more you choose to open yourself to it – the greater that power becomes.

There is a reason why kung fu and tai chi masters in their 70’s and 80’s can beat the tar out of their younger students. And it isn’t because their muscles are stronger. It’s because they know how to harness the power of imagination and combine it with breath and a dynamic, fluid structure.

Last week each of my training periods was three hours long.

I trained with great focus the entire time. Yet, the three hours was teaching me to let go and allow the mechanics of my physical structure – combined with the chi of the Universe – to deliver the power.

This is the same sort of thing I teach in 101 Ways to Magnetize Money. You have an imagination. You also have a body that can do things. The key is learning how to integrate the two for maximum effectiveness with minimal effort.

Pick up a copy of 101 Ways to Magnetize Money today.


Matt Furey

P.S. the subject line of today’s email comes from one of my favorite quotes. “There are 6,000,000 reasons for failure, but not a single excuse.” – Rudyard Kipling.

I Dare You

Monday, September 1st, 2008

People will do some pretty amazing as well as outrageous things – when someone dares them.

But has anyone ever dared you to become a success; has anyone ever dared you to make a fortune providing great products and services to others.

Probably not.

Last night I was out bowling – and one of the people in my group saw I was ahead of him on points. As I went up to the line to get ready, he said, “Come on, Matt. Throw a gutter ball. We need a gutter ball.”

I turned around, looked him in the eyes and pointed to the floor, “You must be talking to the little mat that is sitting right there. You can’t be talking to me.”

He smiled and shut up.

In a sense, the man was daring me to throw a gutter ball. He was hoping I’d pick up on his vibe and act it out. He wasn’t daring me to succeed. He was daring me to do something I didn’t want to do.

Not only did I block his comments overtly, as I stepped up to the line I formed a mental picture of what I wanted – a strike – and whammo – I got one.

My friend, I’m daring you to succeed. I’m daring you to overlook the negative ideas, comments and looks of those who don’t want you to rise above them.

I dare you to pick up a copy of my new book, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money – and apply the timeless principles, laws and wisdom contained within. You can order it now by going to


Matt Furey

P.S. You won’t be able to put this book down once you start. I dare you to try.

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