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Archive for June, 2008

Herd Work – Hard Work

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Unless you’ve been living on Pluto, you’ve probably heard the adage, “Success is nothing but hard, hard work.”

I call this the “herd work” mentality because it reflects a deep cultural trance that most people are imbedded in – and never get out of, unless they learn a new way of thinking, doing and being.

“Herd” work.

It’s not just hard work people buy into. They buy into whatever the “herd” is doing.

If the herd works 40-60 hours a week – then in order to fit in – I better do so, too.

Not me.

I have a better way. I work (if you choose to call it that) four hours a day instead of eight or twelve. And I get more done in those four hours than others do in their eight or twelve.

On top of that, because of the way I think and do things, I figured out a way to do better financially, in just four hours, than others do all month. And I can teach you the Furey Way to double your income, year after year, working only four hours a day.

Now, you might think this is due to me having some special gifts or talents. But I’m not more gifted or talented than the average human being.

I am, however, more focused. I am also much more willing to question the status quo and do things in an unusual way.

For example, I am not interested in building a business with a bunch of employees. Don’t want them. Cannot envision it.

So I’m not impressed when I hear about Internet or information marketers who make 10 or 20 millyun a year – but have 25, 50 or 100 employees. I wouldn’t trade places with any of them – even if they’re better looking :).


First of all, lots of employees is waaaay too much baby sitting. Employees are like fish – after three days they start to stink. And this smell leads to migraines.

Second, when you look at businesses with a ton of employees, what this means is that the owner rarely, if ever, gets a vacation. I live on a tropical island in China much of the year. Coming here is like being on vacation – yet, I’m always sort of on a mini-vacation. Afterall, I only work four hours a day – if you’ll call what I do “work.”

Third, if you work more than four hours a day, chances are excellent that your body is turning to mush. You’re losing your health instead of strengthening it. And in the event that you ever have a health breakdown, you cannot afford to take time to heal.

Last year when I suffered a detached retina and needed emergency surgery – I took two months off to recover and my business didn’t suffer a lick. How many people can miss two months of work and
still feed themselves and their families. It’s tough if you’ve bought into the 40-hour, praycheck-to-praycheck jerk week.

Fourth, if you work more than four hours a day, chances are great that you have little if any time for family or friends. You get up tired and go to bed tired. That’s not a good way to live.

Fifth, if you work more than four hours a day, you have next to no time to pursue other interests or hobbies.

Sixth, if you work more than four hours a day, you aren’t using your Creative Imagination the way it was intended. As a result you miss the obvious ways in which you could double or triple your income by doing LESS – not more.

Seventh, if you work more than four hours a day, you’re stressed out most of the time and have little if any time left for spiritual matters. Maybe this point doesn’t matter to you – but it does to ME.

Anyway, it is now 3:30 PM here on Hainan Island in China.

I’ve been working for two full hours so far today. I have two more hours to go. Then I’m going to go take a sauna, followed by a salt bath, followed by a massage and a shave.

Then I’m going to grab some food.

After that I’m going to sit on a recliner and finish reading a book.

When the book is finished I’m going to make some notes in my journal. Then, before bed, I’m going to program my mind – so that even when I’m sleeping, my mind is searching for and attracting new ideas, new information and new ways of doing so that I can eventually get my typical workday down to three, two or even one hour.

And you know what, at my September “4-Hour Workday Seminar” I’m going to be teaching you how I got myself to the point where I am today; the point where I was able to double my income by only working four hours a day – with lots of vacation time.

Yes, I’m going to reveal ALL at my seminar this September.

Get Ready.

Enrollment opportunities coming your way soon. And you better be prepared to jump at the irresistible offer I have for you.

Matt Furey

The 40-Hour Jerk Week

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Many moons ago I was taught something about work. It took me a long time to figure out what it meant.

For many, many years I worked from early in the morning til late at night. I thought there was no
other way. I thought this was the way it IS – or the way it’s supposed to be.

Several years ago I discovered a way out of this belief system – and in turn I found a new life, a new reality, and a freedom I never had before.

Part of what I figured out is that it is not a good idea to do anything “normal.”

If the average person works 40 hours a week – and that is normal – then why not figure out a way to do far less and be more productive.

Truth is that a great many people are working far more than 40 hours a week – and they have next to nothing to show for it – other than age spots, gray hair and a tired and dilapidated body.

If you’re like me and you have a family and interests galore – then it doesn’t make sense to feed a system that deprives you and denies you at the same time. Why not reach for a new way a living – one that allows you the time, freedom and income that will give you the space to live your dreams.

It comes as a surprise to many – but in my world, if my typical workday is more than four hours long, I’m doing something wrong.

The other day I crafted a little ditty that illustrates my belief about this subject:

If your workday is more than four hours long – You’re definitely doing something wrong! It’s time to take a look in the mirror. It’s time to ask what you hold so dear.

Is it time or is it money. Or the freedom to do what’s funny. If your whole life is nothing but work,
On your deathbed you’ll feel like a jerk.

Now, if you work 40 hours or more a week and want to continue doing so for the rest of your life – then support you 100%.

But if you want to run along with me and do things the Furey Way – the way that gives you time for family, friends, your health, hobbies and interests – the way that allows for greater income in less time – then stay tuned. In a day or three I’ll have information posted online about my 4-Hour Workday Seminar – coming this September.

It’s going to be awesome – and the offer I have for you is simply irresistible.

Get ready.

The Buzz

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Today I’d like to talk about visualization a bit – but mostly about how you will FEEL (as well as look) when you’re doing it the Psycho-Cyb way.

Quite often, those who leave my seminars and coaching write to tell me that even after several days – they’re still “BUZZING.”

Yes, they’ve got the right word.

When you visualize the right way, it’s like you’ve entered the Promised Land – the Land of Milk and Honey. Only difference is when you drink cosmic milk and honey – you don’t just feel more energized – you BUZZ with energy.

You vibrate at a whole new level.

This BUZZ can be detected by others, even if you’re sitting by yourself, calmly reading a book – eating a meal or having a conversation.

It can be felt by others when you enter a room. Tis why people respond to you differently when you’re regularly Psycho-Cyb’ing yourself – or getting Psycho-Cyb’d by me.

When you’ve been Psycho-Cyb’d – your face takes on a whole new look. Pain and frustration are replaced with a Cheshire cat grin. The cat has been let out of the bag – unconditional happiness abounds.

You realize you can be happy anytime. Not just when you achieve a goal – but on the path to the goal.

As you progress into more advanced studies in Psycho-Cyb, you will discover that others begin to BUZZ when they listen to you talk, when they read your written words – or when they simply hang around you.

I was first made aware of this in 1988, a year after picking up, reading and LIVING the principles I teach today.

I was in Ashland, Oregon, working a wrestling camp. Upon being introduced to another coach, we shook hands. He then turned to the man who introduced us and said, “Wow, what’s going on with this guy. He’s got some energy, eh.”

I had no idea what the man experienced – no idea what he was even talking about. But I do today.

He was not referring to the strength of my grip – as I never shake hands with a finger-breaking grip. In fact, my handshake is surprisingly soft.

What he was referring to was the BUZZ coming from inside. The electricity inside the handshake. An electricity that makes people feel welcome and energized when they meet you.

How’d you like to have some of this electrical BUZZ, too.

You can develop it when you study what I am teaching.

Matt Furey

P.S. Due to limited Internet access I am a bit behind schedule with the information about my September seminar. It will be coming soon and when people see the irresistible offer being made – the room may fill very, very fast. Get ready.

What a Prosperity Consciousness Looks Like

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Someone with a prosperity consciousness thinks about money the same way a farmer thinks about planting his crops. He looks at  money as a “seed” that will yield a harvest. He plants with total faith that each “seed” will bring wealth his way. He thinks about each seed bringing abundance. And he understands that a certain percentage of all that is harvested must be saved, replanted or provided to others to keep the GAME going.

Like Father – Like Son

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

This morning is Father’s Day here in China. I celebrated it early with my son, Frank. Our celebration wasn’t a party, though – or the giving of gifts. It was a workout wherein we practiced a variety of exercises that strengthen the connection between mind and body. At the end of the workout I spoke to Frank about how the mind works – how we get the most out of ourselves when we have a goal. I talked to him about the awesome power of our creative imagination – how we accomplish great works when we combine imagination with action. At the end of the session I whispered a positive phrase that I want him to remember forever. I gave him a formula to make this phrase part of every cell in his mind and body.

Do you have a positive phrase running your life? Do you have a formula to put this phrase into every cell in your mind and body – so it attract to you what you want in life? If not, I can guarantee that, by default, a negative phrase is running the show. And that’s not a good thing.

Rome CAN Be Built

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Remember, Rome cannot be built overnight, but it CAN be built. The blueprint, as well as the eventual structure and completed project ALWAYS takes place in your IMAGINATION FIRST, FOREMOST AND FOREVER. THIS PROCESS CANNOT BECHANGED OR AVOIDED. THOUGHT PRECEDES ALL ACTION. So get your thoughts directed toward the pursuit of what matters to you and you’re on your way. AT THE SAME TIME… keep track of where you are in relation to where you want to be – and keep building until your ‘Rome’ becomes what you envision.

The Truth About Guilt

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Guilt about sex and money are located in the same energy center of the body. It’s virtually impossible to be negative about one without having a connection to the other.

Praise vs. Criticism

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Remain emotionally neutral about praise and criticism – yet wise enough to know when each can be used to your advantage. Sometimes criticism is the catalyst that helps you focus on an objective and prove your case. On the other hand, praise can be the very thing that derails you and takes you off course. Wisdom is knowing who you are and what you’re capable of – with or without praise or criticism.

Blaming Yourself

Friday, June 6th, 2008

You are not 100% responsible for everything that has ever happened to you. But you are 100% responsible for every mental picture you have about everything that has ever happened to you. Don’t blame yourself for the things that happened to you that you could not control and did not want. In spite of what others may say, you didn’t create every situation and circumstance in your life. For some this will be a welcome relief.

Background Music in Your Brain

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

You may not realize it but everything you think about doing is always preceded by two words. I CAN or I Can’t. If you’re struggling with something, ask yourself which of these two phrases is running your show. Changing I can’t to I CAN will change your life.

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