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Omens and Earthquakes in China

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Earlier today I received a DVD in the mail. It contained all my Psycho-Cyb talks – in Chinese – to the students at the second Matt Furey Hope School my wife and I opened in China.

I popped it in the computer to watch. While doing so I didn’t just think about these children. I also thought about the 900 kids who are trapped inside the rubble after a 7.9 earthquake shook China so hard it could be felt all the way to Thailand, Vietnam and Pakistan.

Now that’s some earthquake.

I’ve made a few calls and sent several emails to friends and family to make sure everyone is alright – and if not – have pledged my support to help in any way I can.

Steve, a friend living with his family in Xian – had planned a trip to Holland this weekend but is staying home as his two children need a little reassurance. Steve said events like this help him to re-examine his priorities. How true.

Historically, China is not a country that suffers very many deadly earthquakes – but when they come – if they are BIG – it is customary to look for the meaning.

And so the question: Is today’s earthquake an omen – or a meaningless random event.

Well, let’s look at some Chinese history.

On July 28, 1976 – 240,000 people died in the Tangshan earthquake. Many viewed this as a harbinger for Chairman Mao – who died 44 days later – on 9.9.1976.

When it comes to numbers, there are two that Chinese are leery of – and for good reason. Those numbers are ‘4’ and ‘9.’

4 is often thought of as the number of death. 9 is seen as a number of life (picture an unborn baby – almost looks like a 9). On the other hand, 9 is also thought of as a number that completes a cycle. Hence, Mao’s death on 9.9.1976 completed a MAJOR cycle. Moreover, isn’t it odd that he died 44 days later (if you count the day of the earthquake and the day he died).

Here’s something else that is interesting:

If the numbers 4 and 9 repeat – it may spell double doom. If you’re 44 years old, for example, astute Chinese would advise you to leap a year ahead and say you’re 45.

After childhood, it is customary to never have an age that ends in ‘9.’ You’re never 49 – you’re 50.

You’re never 59 – you’re 60 – and so on.

If this sounds a bit odd – let me give you some “twilight zone” stuff to consider.

1. Martin Luther King, Jr. – assassinated on 4.4.1968.

2. Henry Aaron – number 44 – received more death threats en route to breaking Babe Ruth’s record than all other baseball players in history combined. Hit number 715 on 4.8.1974 in the 4th inning. Thank God he survived.

3. Chairman Mao – died on 9.9.1976 – in this instance view ‘9’ as the number of completion.

4. Uh-oh – this year in the U.S. we’re electing our 44th president. Wouldn’t want to be THAT person – let me tell you. Visualize the very best. Pray for the best. But don’t be surprised if all hell breaks loose.

5. In China – April 4 is a day to remember the dearly departed

6. The 2008 Olympics open this year on 08.08.08 at 8:08:08 PM. In China an ‘8’ is the most fortunate number of all. So it is not mere coincidence that they are starting the opening ceremonies with a string of 8’s.

Okay, what does all this mean. And does today’s earthquake in China contain a message for us.

I believe everything in life has a meaning – if you take the time to look. At the same time, I also believe what you picture in your mind has MORE to do with the results you and others experience in life than any other factor – and so, that is where the majority of your focus must go.

Begin and end with the elements you can control – and you may be amazed with the wonders you work in this world.

That’s the meaning of today’s earthquake. Don’t sit around and endlessly speculate on fate. Some of that is fine – but the real key to making the world a better place will be found in thinking the best and DOING the best.

That’s how all of us can truly make a difference.

Matt Furey

2 Kinds of Pride

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

“History is bunk.” – Henry Ford

Aside from a pride of lions – there are two types of pride. One is essential to your success; the other a harbinger of doom.

In the positive sense of the word – pride means self-respect or dignity. You have a healthy and helpful attitude about who you are or what you’ve accomplished.

By healthy and helpful I do NOT mean a smug or gloating expression. Healthy and helpful pride is gratitude for what you’ve accomplished while realizing you are still human and therefore still prone to mistakes and failure. You realize that a very fine line separates a winning state of mind from that of the loser.

Therefore, when you succeed, you do not celebrate insanely – nor do you cop an attitude of superiority to others. This is a tough thing to do, especially if you are inundated with praise after an accomplishment of great magnitude. It is also difficult if you perform before a crowd in anyway.

If you succeed before a good number of people and praises are being sung to you from high and low – it is at that very moment that you are most vulnerable to the wrong kind of pride.

It takes exceptional character to allow praise to come your way as you smile, take it in – then, most importantly, redirect the energy. Failure to recirculate the praise dooms many whom otherwise would have gone on to succeed again and again.

One of the greatest lessons I learned from Dan Gable can be seen in the quote below:

“There is no mat space for malcontents or dissenters. One must neither celebrate insanely when he wins, nor sulk when he loses. He accepts victory professionally and humbly; he hates defeat, but makes no poor display of it.”

Yes, it’s great to let yourself feel good after a victory. It’s also important that you immediately set another goal that keeps your mind focused on the journey.

Use your previous successes as stepping stones to a brighter future. View your previous victories and the energy they contain in your mental movie theatre – but don’t for one moment think that your winning moments are YOU. They are not YOU. They are nothing but experience to be used for the positive.

The same goes with your mistakes, failures and losses. They are not YOU either. Like your victories, mistakes are lessons to help you learn and grow.

Keep in mind the three magical words uttered by Henry Ford at the beginning of today’s message: “History is bunk.”

These words will help keep you honest with your true self.

Matt Furey

The Finished Line

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

“You need to finish something.”

The five words you see in quotes were said to me by my wife in the summer of 1995.

She got tired of watching me start something – get an idea for something else – drop what I was doing – start the new thing – get a new idea – start on yet another new path – then get yet another idea – and so on.

A few weeks after she said this I finished my first book.

But I didn’t stop there. Soon after I wrote my first book I created a set of three videos, then another book with a video – then another book and a set of audio tapes to go with it.

A couple months later – two more videos.

I was finishing things.

In fact, over the next eight years I finished so many things that I became prosperous in every sense of the word.

Then I backed off a bit on creating products and started doing seminars and coaching … helping others create.

Now, let me define the words “backed off.”

They mean: While coaching everyone in the creation process I started to create fewer books and course than I used to, or at the speed I once did.

Yes, I did write three newsletters each month, as well articles for magazines, as well as my daily emails, as well as my monthly CDs and DVDs.

Yet, even with the seminars, the coaching, the newsletters, emails, DVDs and CDs being cranked out each month – something was still stirring within my soul.

I felt I had done so little compared to what I’m capable of. There was so much more I wanted to write, to say, to record.

While this desire for more stirred within me – I also had to deal with the reality that I could retire if I wanted to and live a life of comfort.

I must tell you – the words “comfort” and “comfortable” are dangerous. You want to learn the art of mental, physical and spiritual relaxation – but you don’t want to learn the art of comfort. As soon as you get comfortable with what you have or what you’ve done – something inside you dies.

I can tell you, there are a lot of people who would love to write a book or create a product – but their lives are too comfortable – so they can’t get themselves to do it.

The word “maintain” is another dangerous word. Success is not about maintaining anything. It’s about continually looking for ways to make yourself better – no matter what.

And there is no better way to capture the feeling of success than finishing things you set out to do – then going back and recharging yourself by reliving those circumstances in order to program yourself for more of the same.

Finishing things takes desire, imagination and goals that get you moving.

Later this month I’ll be releasing a couple new books that I showed to members of my MasterMind last weekend. I think you’ll be in awe when you read what I’ve written. It most certainly is NOT a rehash of everything else out there.

So stay tuned.

In the interim, take a look at the Zero Resistance Living Course

Matt Furey

P.S. 10 days remain before I put on my annual fitness seminar. This one will be a total mind/body approach that you MUST go to. Only 48 hours left before enrollment is closed. Sign on NOW.

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