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Archive for April, 2008

Something About My Mother

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

I just had lunch with my mom. She turned 81 today. Afterward we took her to Baskin-Robbins to pick up a chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.

This is the one day each year that she will eat sweets. Not kidding. From the time I was a lad she refrained from eating chocolate and other sugary snacks – until her birthday. Then it was open season.

You might wonder how someone could be so disciplined year in and year out. Part of the answer can be found in her ability to block things out of her mind that are not in alignment with her purpose. Yes, she might open the door one day per year – but that door was sealed tight before midnight the same day.

My mother began teaching me how to block distracting thoughts when I was in grade school. And when I did as she advised, I would coast through the day without a single worry.

Later on, when I struggled to become a champion wrestler, my mother’s wisdom often came in handy. She always seemed to know how to tell a story that would change the way I thought about a situation.

In another 11 days we’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day. Start thinking now about something you can do to show your love and appreciation for the woman who helped bring you into the world.

By the way, in another 16 days, the first day of my Get Tough Fitness Seminar will begin – a seminar in which I teach the mental and physical keys to health and fitness.

My mom and dad will be there – along with Dan Gable, my college wrestling coach – and another 81-year old, Sakai Yusai – aka the Japanese Superman.

Hope you can make it. Only a couple seats remain.

Go here and enroll NOW.

Matt Furey

Be Positive Without Thinking Positive

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Last week I was talking to a friend about positive thinking – which he is a big believer in. Each day he gets up and repeats a number of positive affirmations to himself.

He says that doing these affirmations helps him a lot. He says when he affirms what he wants he gets into a positive state of mind.

I asked him for some specifics. He told me that when he gets up each day he’s in a grumpy mood – but after saying, “I feel terrific” six times with a ton of enthusiasm, that his mental state begins to go from crummy to the cream-of-the-crop.

“That’s great,” I said. “But let me ask, other than feeling good, what results are you manifesting. What are you able to accomplish when you feel good.”

This stumped the man – who then began to tell me that desire was a bad thing, the cause of all human suffering, and so on. He told me that this is something I “should know” being I’m a Zen Master.

I said: “Desire is as natural as breathing. You cannot rid yourself of desire anymore than you can rid the Universe of chi or vital energy. Anyone who tells you desire causes suffering is an idiot. Desire doesn’t and cannot cause suffering. And any attempt to rid yourself of it is yet another desire.”

“Okay,” he says, “so tell me why I feel pain and suffering when I don’t get what I want.”

“Because you’re attached to what you want. You think you MUST have it in order to be happy. You think muney makes you happy. It doesn’t and can’t. You think a new car makes you happy, it doesn’t. But if you are happy for no particular reason, then you can have all of these success trinkets and remain happy. You can desire something, bring it into being, and not be attached to it. ”

“So are you saying that my affirmations are a waste of time, that they’re wrong.”

“No, I’m not. Quite the contrary. I would, however, encourage you to learn how to put yourself into a powerful emotional state without affirmations – then when you feel terrific and tell yourself this truth – you’ll feel even better.”

And that is exactly what I reveal in the April CD going out to members of the Super Human Success Group. How to feel and be positive without trying to think or be positive.

What I reveal on this CD is so powerful you’ll feel like you received a triple dose B-12 shot.

Make sure you’re a member so you don’t miss out on this powerful message. Knowing this secret technique will amplify whatever else you’re currently doing, giving you more results much faster.

Go here and enroll now.

Packages going out this weekend. Make sure you don’t miss the deadline on this.

Matt Furey

90 Days of Non-stop Walking

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

The Marathon Monks in Japan are famous for proving their mental and spiritual power by accomplishing daunting physical tasks.

All members of this Tendai sect of Buddhist monks must do 100-straight marathons as part of their training. And from the entire group of monks, a select number are given the task of doing 1,000 marathons in seven years. Whoever finishes this feat is considered a living saint. I guess that means these marathons are no cake walk.

Since 1885, only 46 have made it. One of them, my friend, Sakai Yusai, will be speaking at my fitness seminar next month.

Recently a man wrote me and compared the running feats of a friend to Sakai Yusai. Although impressive, what the man doesn’t know is that 1,000 marathons was only PART of what this monk did.

Not only is he the only monk to do the 1,000 marathons twice – the second time finishing in six years – but he performed the incredible feat of walking for 90 days straight.

No – I did not say that he went for a walk each day for 90 Days.

What I’m saying is that he walked, without sleep, for 90 straight days. Never allowed to sit. Never allowed to lie down. The only rest was the two meals he got per day, which he had to eat while STANDING.

In addition to this, after doing 700 marathons, he did a 9-day fast with no food, no water and no sleep.

After the 1,000th marathon he did a seven-day fast before a large pit of fire. Again, no food, no water and no sleep as he placed peoples’ prayer petitions into the fire and chanted blessings. Many spontaneous healings take place when a monk like Sakai Yusai does this.

In the Western world, people tend to think of mental and spiritual power as separate from the physical. The very notion is ludicrous. I don’t believe you can rich the highest levels of mental and spiritual power without being physically active.

Martial arts masters are wonderful examples of mental and spiritual power. They do things that defy logic. They do things that the average and ordinary cannot fathom.

They also understand that what they have done can be duplicated – if the mind is willing and the flesh is strong.

If your spirit is willing but your flesh is weak – then you have no power. True power comes when your spirit is willing and your flesh is strong enough to get behind your desires and fuel them to fruition.

I put the accomplishments of Sakai Yusai head and shoulders above anything I have ever read about or witnessed before. You try walking without sleep for one day – much less 90 – and I think you’ll understand why.

This is just one of many reasons I encourage you to attend my seminar. It will change your life in a MAJOR WAY.

Matt Furey

The Champion’s Mindset

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Listen to what great athletes say when they make it to the big one and you’ll become almost psychic about who will and won’t win the championship.

This past Sunday I watched the Stanford women’s basketball team whoop Connecticut. Then I watched Tennessee eke by LSU.

Afterward I figured Stanford would win their first NCAA women’s basketball title. Afterall, they had averaged 90 points in their last two games, while Tennessee didn’t even break 50 points against LSU. Not only that, Stanford was red hot in the semi-finals while the Lady Vols looked like they came out of a freezer.

Stanford was going to win it all, I thought. No doubt about it.

But then I heard the post game interviews with Candice Wiggins of Stanford and Candace Parker of Tennessee. As soon as I heard what each player said, I changed my mind.

Pay close attention and you’ll immediately know why I reversed my thinking.

When Stanford star Candice Wiggins was interviewed after winning the semi-final round, she was thrilled to make it to the finals. That alone was a dream fulfilled. She did not speak a single word about winning the NCAA title.

Tennessee’s Candace Parker, however, said that “anything short of an NCAA championship would constitute a failure.”

Very different goals. And the specifics of your goals play a major role in how you perform.

Two nights ago I did an “energy read” of the teams in the men’s finals when Memphis was up by nine points. Even with two minutes left, upon gazing at the emotion coming off the players, I believed Kansas would pull it out. They did.

Last night I did the same sort of reading when Stanford was down by a couple points and had the rest of the game to turn it around. “They haven’t got a prayer,” I said to my wife. “Tennessee is on a mission.”

Tennessee’s defense took the high-powered eight-cylinder Stanford offense and reduced it to two cylinders.

Wiggins, normally smiling and cheerful in the midst of a big game, didn’t look too happy. Parker, on the other hand, had a Cheshire cat grin most of the night.

This “look” by the way, is one of the hallmarks of the truly great “Super Human” performers. Even in the midst of battle, elite athletes often look like they’re having a blast. When they’re in the zone, all physical and mental resistance is gone. Often you’ll be in awe of how cool, calm and collected they are.

Those who do not perform at the highest level rarely look truly comfortable in their own skin. They don’t know the peace of mind that comes with being on the journey toward a pre-determined objective. Instead, they’re hoping that the attainment of the goal will bring them happiness. It won’t. It can’t. It never does.

People wonder why champions tend to win over and over again. This is the 8th NCAA women’s basketball title for Tennessee coach Pat Summit, who is the all-time winningest coach in NCAA hoops history – and that includes both men and women coaches.

The answer lies in how you define your goals. You’d think this would be a no-brainer – but the truth is you see this mistake being made all the time, even at the highest levels of competition. All you need to do to pick a winner, most of the time, is listen to the interviews of players right after they make it into the Super Bowl, World Series or NCAA finals.

The eventual losing team has players who say their goal was to get to the finals. The winning team shows their excitement about making it to the big one – but they make it known that WINNING the championship is the main goal. Getting there is simply a stepping stone.

The greatest battles in sports take place when both teams in the finals have the same goal.

Keep this in mind as you travel through your day.

What do you want to create today. Focus on it and make it happen.

Matt Furey

P.S. May 16-18, I’ll be showing how to program “the look” into your mind and body, even while you exercise in an intense way. You’ll be in awe when you see how quickly this changes your emotional state for the entire day. A quick 5-minute workout when you feel blah can turn into 24-hours of uninterrupted bliss. Want to know more. Then go to GetTough.com and register NOW.

Don’t Give Up

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Two minutes are left on the clock. You’re down by nine points. And momentum is not on your side. What do you do.

Give up, give in or RISE UP.

Sports are a great metaphor for how we live our lives. They show us how we can and do make choices that lead us to a victory or a loss – and all of it is on public display in a microcosmic way.

Last night I watched the men’s NCAA championship game between Kansas and Memphis. No matter what the score, I had a strong feeling that Kansas was going to win. There was a calm aura surrounding them. No matter what, they kept their composure and focus.

Even when they were down by nine points with two minutes to go.

Memphis, on the other hand, showed a number of weaknesses in their mental game. When a play didn’t go their way, one or two players would start to whine. And whenever you see whining, you are seeing a weakness.

It didn’t surprise me then, when the Jayhawks tied the score with a 3-point shot with time almost out, forcing the game into overtime.

When the players walked to their benches to regroup, you could see Kansas was excited to have another whack at the crown while Memphis was deflated.

Kansas dominated in overtime, going on to win by seven points, 75-68.

In a post-game interview with Kansas head coach Bill Self, he was asked about his pre-game remarks to the team. Before leaving the locker room, Self thanked the team in advance for what they were about to accomplish.

Once again, this is powerful self-image psychology. He gave the team a mental picture of himself being thankful to them for making history, for accomplishing something great.

He began with the end in mind.

And the end was not victory. It was GRATITUDE for victory.

Big difference.

There is a key to making this type of gratitude work – especially with a team. If you do it wrong, you create resistance – not momentum.

I’ve seen salespeople who will send an offer and at the end write something like, “Thanking you in Advance.”

This shows the salesperson’s focus is only upon himself.

Coach Self’s remarks were the opposite. He was thankful to the TEAM – not for himself alone. He was grateful for what THEY accomplished. He was glad to be part of the victory.

I think Bill Self and the Kansas Jayhawks most deserving of the BIG SELF award.

Truth is all of us have a BIG SELF within who is guiding us to victory – if we will only listen.

Matt Furey

P.S. This May, at my Get Tough Fitness Challenge I’m going to teach a secret way to catapult yourself to success, in anything, that is so powerful you’ll feel like you quickly tied the score and won the game in overtime.

Expect a Celebration

Monday, April 7th, 2008

It’s Spring Break here in Florida, so I took the weekend off and watched a couple Final Four games with my son. I think the last time I watched the Final Four was when Iowa was in it – and that was about 30 years ago – so this was a definite deviation from the norm.

It turned out to be a wise choice – mostly because of what I watched on Saturday night when Kansas tore #1 ranked North Carolina apart.

Yet, it wasn’t the the athletes performance that I will remember the most. It was what Bill Self, the Kansas coach, said to his players before they took the court.

He told them they were playing a very good team – but they were also a very good team.

He told them it would be a long game, so they needed to go out there and have fun, stay relaxed and keep their focus.

Yes, in the heat of battle, he told them to remove the resistance by being relaxed. Oh, if the average person could understand the value of this. Far too many people think the key to overcoming difficulties and surmounting obstacles is to frown, complain and flex.

Not so.

It’s to keep moving forward – but in a spirit of calm and relaxation – expecting all will go well.

Coach Self ended his pre-game talk with a quote from Vince Lombardi -on expectations. He told the team that they would get what they expected.

Then he paused before delivering a line I will never forget:

“I expect a BIG CELEBRATION in this locker room in about two and a half hours.”

Coach Self did not talk about winning. He did not talk about beating the other team. ALL he talked about was “expecting a big celebration.”

He began with the end in mind.

And the end was NOT winning – it was the joy and excitement to be felt AFTER winning.

Coach Self gave the team a vision that aroused their emotions and focused them on what they really wanted – the FEELING of victory – the FEELING of having given their best.

Kansas led 38-10 at one point in the first half. A 28-point lead on the nation’s number one team.

In the second half their lead was chopped considerably as the Tar Heels fought valiantly. But after North Carolina fought so hard to catch up, they had nothing left and Kansas flew past them again – winning by 18 points.

As you go through your day, ask yourself this question, “What do you expect to be celebrating about at the end of today.”

Begin with the end in mind and watch the end come to you in record time.

Matt Furey

P.S. To learn the deeper mysteries about HOW to visualize the celebration and make it happen, make sure you’re part of the Super Human Success Group. Give it a one-month test along with the Trump Card.

P.P.S. And to really, really learn the art of celebration – come to the most incredible mind-fitness seminar ever held – right here in Tampa.

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