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Archive for March, 2008

Where Are You Now?

Friday, March 21st, 2008

We’re nearly three months into the New Year. How far along are you with your health and fitness goals?

How consistent are you with your routine?

Are you hit and miss – or hit, hit, hit?

I can tell you right now, at least 95% of the people reading this are NOT on target. Most are dilly-dallying around.

Very little focus. Very little guts, determination and resolve.

Easily distracted by every whim and caprice.

No will. No imagination.

Just a bundle of frustration.

And 5% is a generous estimate.

Those who are kicking butt as well as those who really WANT to march or shoot to the next level of success in their training – all have one thing in common.

They are going to my fitness seminar this May.

They’re not satisfied with what they’ve attained thus far and they know one good kick in the ass from me will do them a lot of good. They also know that multiple kicks will do even more good.

The worst thing in a person’s life is self-delusion or fear of looking at the truth about yourself.

Thing is, as soon as you shine the light of truth on yourself – you are set loose so that you can stretch, grow, and become all you deeply desire.

Never be satisfied with yourself. Never think you’ve made it, that you’ve succeeded. That you know enough. That you know a lot. That you know it all.

Never listen to those who brag about all they’ve read, all they supposedly know or how there’s nothing new to them under the sun.

These people are fearful and weak, puffed with false pride and egotism.

Great men and women know that they never know enough – that there are secrets on top of secrets on top of secrets.

Great men and women know that anyone who thinks he knows a lot – knows nothing.

The wise man or woman is focused on WHAT he still has to learn. In spite of his wisdom and knowledge, he still possesses a fascination, wonder and inquisitive attitude toward all he sees. Those who are WISE understand the exponential value of learning just one new thing – and how one thing, when properly used, can apply massive leverage to their life.

There is no such thing as a destination called success. Success is a journey from one target to the next. Success is the feeling you experience NOW when you are on that journey.

It begins from within.

If you think you’ve failed over and over – or if you’re afraid you are going to fail some more – you are right – if you continue on the same course you’ve been traveling.

But if you jump up even one inch, you can build a new set of tracks, a new road to travel – a road that will
give you the results you want. If you take one step in the direction of what I have to offer you – the journey toward success will begin for you.

The worst thing in the world is failure to seize an opportunity to improve yourself. And, my friend, there is no greater opportunity on this planet at this time than what I have for store for you in May.

Don’t make excuses – make progress.

Don’t whine – WIN.

Don’t cry – TRY.

Don’t hesitate – ACCELERATE.

Don’t shrink – THINK.

Get yourself into motion. Move. Do something GREAT to make yourself better.

Enroll NOW by going to GetTough.com

Matt Furey

P.S. Something miraculous is going to happen to you at this event. I feel it. I know it to be true. Be there and watch it happen.

Ever Notice How…

Friday, March 14th, 2008

Ever notice how young children think the world and everything in it is okay for them to have, hold and use.

There is no toy they are not deserving of. There is no clothing or food or car or house or person who is too good for them.

There is nothing wrong with muney.

There is no such thing as wanting too much or having too much.

There’s nothing wrong with laughing and having a good time – or crying because you feel sad.

There’s nothing the child feels he should not think about or imagine.

There’s nothing too big, too far off or too hard.

The child is free to be who he or she is.

Good news: No matter your age, the child is still there, ready to explore the impossible and to achieve the incredible.

Are you ready to free your imagination for a few minutes each day to Psycho-Cyb yourself.

If so, it won’t be long before you become a new person with a new life.

Matt Furey

P.S. Great things are coming your way at my May fitness and mind power seminar are you ready to let it be okay for you to have them.

When In Doubt, Attack

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Last night I was watching a kids’ wrestling practice. About 50 kids were in the room, from age four to 13.

After a few minutes a couple of the parents recognized me and introduced themselves.

One had just bought a copy of the Gladiator magazine featuring me on the cover – and he asked if I was the same person.

I nodded.

Then another guy approached who went to a camp I worked in 1986. Each parent had two kids on the mat, practicing.

They pointed them out to me.

I watched and noted how one parent had kids who were aggressive. The other parent’s kids were much more passive.

All four of the boys have talent and skill. Even so, I explained to the two men that the one thing you must have to be successful is a willingness to attack, to be aggressive.

“The rewards in life go to those who attack,” I said. “Aggression rules. Show me a kid who is aggressive and he can be turned into a champion. The reason is simple. Someone who is aggressive makes lots of mistakes. And if you’re making mistakes – you learn faster because you know what to correct.”

“Never thought of it that way,” said one father. “But you’re right. All the great champions are aggressive.”

I added: “Think of it in terms of repetition. You know that the more you practice something the better your skills will be. Well, who gets more reps in. The passive kid or the one who’s aggressive.”

“The aggressive one,” said both parents.

“Right. So make sure you have plenty of conversations with your kids about being on the attack, about being aggressive.”

What I have just described is a true conversation – and it applies to all facets of life. Whenever you see someone succeeding, you can count on one thing: He asked more, tried more, took more chances, faced more rejections, got told ‘no’ more often and made more mistakes than anyone else.

Many people call this taking action.

I never liked those two words for some reason.

ATTACK is so much simpler. So much easier to understand.

Don’t pout about your problems – ATTACK.

Don’t cry about your chances – ATTACK.

Don’t tell me it can’t be done – ATTACK.

If you’ll remember this and do it – you can rise to the top – in anything.

Matt Furey

P.S. For the ultimate opportunity to learn this mindset and way of being – make sure you attend my Get Tough Seminar this May. Each day more and more people are enrolling because they know the lineup I have is unbeatable. Everyone teaching is a master. Learn what they know and use it in your own life.

199 More Go Out This Month

Monday, March 10th, 2008

We’re sending out 199 more Trump Cards this month – gratis.

If you don’t have one already, make sure you don’t get left behind.

Race on over to here and make sure you’re one of the 199 accepted registrations.

The race is ON.

Don’t walk or trot. High-tail it.


Matt Furey

P.S. The package I am going to send you contains far more than the TRUMP CARD. Far more. Go here to get the details.

Super Human Success

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Something happened in January that shocked me in a big way.

At the very end of the Psycho-Cyb coaching group, each person in the room had to stand and read a goal he or she would have completed by the next live meeting in May.

Included in the statement were the words: “by the next Psycho-Cybernetics meeting … ”

Well, guess what. Two-thirds of the room could not say “Psycho-Cybernetics” without stammering or stuttering.

It was so bad it was comical. As you can imagine, I immediately began to look for the good in all these mistakes, and the next day it came to me.

First, what I am teaching, in the coaching group as well as in my monthly newsletter and visualization program – is super-charged, super human material. It takes what Dr. Maltz taught in Psycho-Cybernetics and makes it so brain-dead simple you’d have to be in a coma to not benefit from it.

Second, while continuing to stick to the basics that Dr. Maltz taught, I have discovered a significant amount of material, that to my knowledge, has never been covered by anyone before. And I’ve made this material part of what is being taught.

Third, when two-thirds of a group of very highly educated men and women, many of whom are therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, have trouble pronouncing a term – then maybe there is a much better way to communicate the value of what is being taught.

That’s when I came up with “Super Human Success.”

I immediately changed the name of the monthly program to reflect this term, and am doing likewise with the coaching program. And so, when you psycho-cyb.com you’ll see this change is already in the works.

BTW, I’m looking at conducting a series of interviews with successful people in a variety of industries: sports, martial arts, business, selling, marketing, medical, legal, entrepreneurial, academic and so on who have achieved success using the power of visualization and such. I already have a sizable list of people compiled. If you’d like to be considered for this project and the publicity it can bring you, send a note to my office and let me know.

Too Much Enthusiasm

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Years ago, while living in California, a saying came out: “Curb your enthusiasm.”

Tis an important saying to know when doing business. Sometimes you can get so excited about what you’re doing or offering that in the midst of great enthusiasm you make foolish decisions.

Happens all the time.

Years ago, my friend Kim Wood, an NFL strength coach for 27 years, said: “An animal on the attack is cautious almost to the point of cowardice.”

A fascinating quote, eh.

Picture a cheetah running 70 mph after a deer or antelope. He doesn’t appear cowardly at all. Yet, prior to the 70 mph burst, the cheetah very carefully stalked his prey and scoped out the terrain. He does not simply take off on a sprint as soon as he’s hungry.

So the key to enthusiasm is balance. Just like confidence.

There’s confidence and over-confidence. There’s enthusiasm and over-enthusiasm.

Conversely, there is under-enthusiasm and under-confidence. I think most people who are struggling fall into the “under” category. They don’t need to curb their enthusiasm. It’s time for them to unleash it.

Enthusiasm for what you do and what you’re attempting to do is a cornerstone of success. Without it you cannot accomplish much. As Emerson wrote, “Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.”

At the same time, being too enthusiastic, too confident and too positive can be a sign that danger is lurking. The key is the line of balance between a quality that brings you success – and a quality that harms you.

Years ago in my study of shuai jiao kung fu, which I won a world title in, Dr. Daniel Weng told me, “A strength over-extended becomes a weakness.”

Oh, how true.

And lest you think this saying only applies to martial arts – think again. It applies to everything in life. It also applies to every virtue.

Even love.

After all, even love has blind spots.

Matt Furey

P.S. If you want to strike the delicate balance that leads to success, there’s no finer way than challenging yourself to do something hard. Come see what I mean at my Get Tough Ultimate Mind-Body Fitness Challenge.

Today’s the BIG DAY

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Each day is as big as we choose to make it. And yes, we do MAKE our own way each and every day.

There’s nothing special about any date in time other than the focus and meaning and concentration you ascribe to it.

Today is a BIG day for Texas and Ohio because of the political primaries. But it’s a BIG day elsewhere for some one else for an entirely different reason.

Perhaps it’s the day you go for a raise and get it. Or it’s the day you score the winning basket in a game – or the day you set a record in sales.

Maybe it’s the day you make a big decision or achieve a goal you’ve worked on for a long time.

Whatever it is, think of the mindset you went to bed with the night before the BIG DAY.

You breathed different. You pictured things in your mind in a different way. You talked to yourself and carried your self with a very different energy.


Because of the meaning you gave to the day.

Imagine if you lived every day as if it was the BIG DAY.

Imagine how life would be if every night before bed you thought to yourself, “Aaah, tomorrow is BIG because ….”

It’s not too hard to do.

Sakai Yusai, the Tendai monk called the Japanese Superman and considered a Living Buddha in Japan – ran 1,000 marathons in seven years. Then he did it again. The second time in six years.

One of his sayings: “Live each day as if it were your whole life.”

Think about that one for a moment.

It’s a powerful way to think of each day as the BIG DAY, don’t you think.

We’re familiar with the saying, “Live each day as if it were your last.” Tis a great thought, too. But I think living each day as if it’s your whole life forces you to go DEEPER – to really pay attention to everything in a more powerful way.

I hope you’ll come meet Sakai Yusai this May, when he participates in my Get Tough Ultimate Fitness Challenge. For details go to www.gettough.com

Matt Furey

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