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Archive for February, 2008

The Japanese Superman

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Last April I met “The Japanese Superman” – Sakai Yusai, considered a Living Buddha or saint in Japan.

Want to know why.

Then go read the story I’ve posted about him at GetTough.com.

He’ll be in Tampa in May, for my Get Tough Fitness Challenge – which will be a combination of Fitness and Mind Power the likes of which you will never forget.

Before you go visit GetTough.com – ask yourself this basic question: What could you accomplish if whenever you said ‘I can’t’ or simply thought ‘I can’t’ – a gun was pointed at your head and you either get the job done – or die.

Tis an important question.

And it’s a question The Japanese Superman has lived. The only difference being that the gun is a knife – or a noose.

Amazing story. Go read about it now.

Go to GetTough.com.

Matthew Furey

How to Spot a Breakfast Champion

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Let’s examine how you can spot a winner next time you’re eating breakfast in a restaurant.

Normally I don’t look around much when I eat breakfast because I’m going over my goals or reading a book related to one of my goals – or making notes in my journal. In case you want to know what I’m writing in my journal – it’s usually ideas related to whatever I’m working on. Or ideas that I’m considering for the future.

Anyway, today I decided to pay attention to the other people in the restaurant – in between doing what I normally do.

Most of the people who were eating had nothing to read. They did not have a journal, a pad of paper, a few 3×5 cards – or a pen. Nothing but food for their bellies.

To my left, however, was a man with two legal pads on his table. One yellow; one white. He had a pen out as he ate – and in between bites, he made notes on his pads.

I immediately assumed him to be a very successful business man. I could be wrong – but based on being a student of human moves – it was a bet I was willing to take.

Halfway through his meal, the man made a phone call. It was all business. He was making sure the other party received his check. He was keeping track of what was being done by whom – and so on.

He had a very pleasant voice and a calm demeanor. All was well in his world.

Two other people had books to read and a pen to take notes on what they were reading. Their books were not novels. They were instructional “how to” books.

Three people in the same restaurant, not including myself, who were taking notes or reading a “how to” book – now that must be quite a restaurant, eh.

Then there were those sitting around having idle conversation. Just yapping about anything that comes to mind.

And there were those reading the paper.

Everyone I saw looked good doing what he or she was doing. No one looked unhappy or miserable.

Yet – each person did send off a different vibration.

Some vibrations were “ho hum, another day.” Others were “ha ha – what an idiot.”

Then there were the vibes coming from the three who were taking notes and/or reading.

Powerful vibes they were.

Especially the man with two legal pads.

I’d like to pull up a chair, introduce myself and talk to him about who he is and what he does.

But you know, he’s got things to do – and so do I, so that conversation can wait. Especially when I can learn a lot just by watching him.

Next time you go out to eat, no matter where it is or with whom – at bare minimum, carry a small notepad and a pen.

And keep your goals close at hand. You cannot be reminded of your goals too often. Champions tend to be the people who look at their goals more than anyone else.

Matthew Furey

P.S. What’s your goal for today. Don’t have one. Or can’t remember. Then you better start changing your life pronto. Go here and form a new mental image of who you are and what you want to do.

You, An Idea Machine

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Every once in awhile someone asks me how I come up with so many ideas to write about.

The answer is simple: I take time to ask myself specific questions – then I let my subconscious mind fork over the answers.

And once I get the answers, I don’t second-guess myself for a month or two about whether the idea is good; I will only know for sure if I DO something. So the faster I begin DOING, the better off I’ll be.

In addition to asking good questions, I take time to read good books and newsletters. I subscribe to a boatload of newsletter and audio programs. I eat breakfast with the written word – and when I’m driving I listen to CDs that educate, enlighten and cause breakthrough after breakthrough in my thinking – followed by my reality.

Most importantly, I take time to breathe deeply, to exercise and to visualize. This alone frees my mind and gives me greater capacity to create what I want.

Regardless of whatever success I have achieved thus far in life, I don’t think I’m unusual in any way. I believe everyone has an idea creation machine working for him night and day. The differerence between mine and others is that I don’t spit and stomp on the ideas my brain kicks out.

I have great respect for my ideas – even those I change. Even those I reject for a better idea.

I understand the idea machine works best when you don’t condemn it. Let the ideas flow and choose the ones you like best. And once you find something that gets you excited, start doing whatever it takes to bring the idea into reality.

If you don’t, it’s almost guaranteed someone else will. And you’ll be the one standing around saying, “Hey, I had the same idea a few years ago.”

Yes, you did. But ideas that are not acted upon don’t belong to you. They belong to the Universe.

Have ideas you want to nurture. Or do you want to become an idea machine. Someone who acts upon what he wants and gets the job done.

Then the very best idea I can give you today is this: Become a member of my Super Human Success Group. Give it a trial run and I’ll send you a copy of the Trump Card and some other life-changing gifts.

Go to here and enroll now.

You’ll never regret doing so. You’ll only regret not doing so sooner.

The Snooze Button

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

Imagination and reality are separated by a fine line that pulls you from one level of experience into the other.

Take time to imagine what you want today. Run the movies in your mind and you may be surprised to see yourself acting out the very things you picture.

Before bed tonight, picture yourself getting up early to work on a specific goal, instead of seeing the old photo of yourself hitting the snooze button; or getting up tired.

See yourself excited to be getting up – instead of dreading doing so.

Don’t just tell yourself that you’re going to get up early tomorrow to do something positive – see yourself doing it.

If you’re willing – I believe you’ll understand how your imagination pulls you into reality.

Matthew Furey

P.S. Do you have your TRUMP CARD yet. If not, go to here.

The Real Power in NOW

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

You can try to live in the future – or in the past, yet it’s impossible. All you have is NOW.

But you can use your present moments to recall the past – as well as to visualize the future. You can also use your now to by aware of your thinking, breathing and doing – as they are taking place in this moment.

Whichever you choose, it’s still NOW. And there’s great power in knowing this. Really knowing this.

Why. Because once you understand the past and future can only be experienced NOW – you realize that everything you think or believe about what has already happened or will happen – is nothing but a mental movie. And if the past and
future are nothing but mental movies, you can write the script, direct the action, call the shots, decide on which frames to keep and which to throw out. You can even be the audience to all of what you’re doing.

In fact, you ARE the audience.

Whenever you remember the past or visualize the future, it’s not just YOU in the picture – it’s You and your other self – the one who is either praising you or condemning you.

Which are you doing to yourself today. If you’re looking at your past and finding the good moments, you’re giving yourself the praise you need to perform at your best in the NOW.

If, however, you’re condemning what you see in the past, you’re making it even harder for yourself to do well in this moment.

Whether you realize it or not, all the movies in your mind that make up your past – you already directed them, edited them and played them a certain way. The good news is that you can do a re-make of the old movies. You can reshoot them and package them to your liking. You can take a sad story and turn it into a happy one.

If you were to look at my ears, even from a distance of 10 feet, you’d probably notice that they are dis-figured. In wrestling and boxing, my ears are known as cauliflower ears. They look a bit like doorknobs made in Mongolia.

If the average person were to have ears like mine, he or she would think of it as awful. But not me – and not most wrestlers, grapplers and boxers who have them. We think they’re great. We consider them a badge of honor. We wear them with pride. They are our battle scars. Wrestlers who have them had to be tough. Wrestlers who don’t have them were most likely average, at best.

That’s the story we tell ourselves to justify the knobs we call ears.

Think of this. If I can look at my ears in a positive light, then I can take anything from my past and figure out a way to make it a good thing.

Granted, some of our memories are not easy to recall. When we watch them we may feel a sense of horror, or anger, or guilt.

But if we will take a step back; maybe even several steps back; and consider that the past and the future are mere movies in our minds, we can make a change in how we feel in the present. If we’ll consider that we have the ability to turn our horror flicks into something better – well then, we then know the REAL POWER in NOW.


Matthew Furey

Don’t Just Sit There

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

It’s not often discussed. Yet it’s a major key to developing your mental and spiritual strength.

Most students of success have trouble getting results because they are physically lazy. They want to just sit there and visualize. Or say positive affirmations. Or write their goals in a notebook. Or listen to peaceful music. Or do a series of chants or prayers.

All of the above are good.

But what about doing something physical.

The human being needs to blow off steam on a regular basis to feel good. Whether it’s punching a bag, going for a walk, swimming, cycling or practicing martial arts – a physical release does more than relax you physically.

It puts you back together.

It doesn’t just give you a balance of body, mind and spirit. It gives you all three – wrapped up in one – as one.

An elite martial artist doesn’t think body, mind, spirit. He may talk in these terms to make what he’s saying understandable to those who aren’t integrated. But to him, he’s talking about all three whenever he’s talking about one.

From time to time I like to shoot free throws to observe this process in action in an area where I’m no expert. I find it amazing when I sink one after another – as well as when I miss several in a row.

What’s the difference.

When I’m successful, I am fully connected to the ball and basket. When I’m not, mind, body and spirit are scattered throughout the gym.

Do something physical each day and your ability to breathe, visualize and manifest will go off the charts.

Matthew Furey

P.S. Want to sink more baskets in the game of life – then remove the resistance from within and it’ll happen.

7 Suggestions to Follow

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

This morning my son, Frank, walked into the bathroom when I was shaving. He noticed a stop watch next to the sink.

“Daddy, what are you timing yourself for,” he asked.

“So I get you to school on time,” I said. “I give myself four minutes to shave. If I don’t time myself I’ll take too much time and you’ll be late because of me. The timer keeps me honest.”

After shaving I walked into the living room and saw my daughter, waiting for me.

“Let’s go. Let’s go,” I said. “Get in the car now. We want to be on time. I’ll be out in a minute.”

My kids marched to the car, got in and I soon followed.

On the way to their respective schools I joked around with them and talked about the power of Imagination – and how they can imagine themselves getting smarter and smarter – learning faster and faster. I talked about SEEING the report card you want with the marks you’d like written all over it.

I can assure you this was not the first time I have told them this. Nor will it be the last.

In order to be successful, repetition is paramount. And you cannot repeat something valuable too often. First you plant the seed – then you water and fertilize it.

This is what you do when raising children; this is what you do when coaching yourself.

It’s not coincidental that many of our greatest thinkers can rattle off a string of their favorite quotes, from memory.

Ever wonder why. It’s because they continually reinforced the good things they needed to learn.

When John Wooden, the great coach at UCLA was in grade school, his father gave him a card entitled, 7 Suggestions to Follow.

They were:

1. Be true to yourself.

2. Help others.

3. Make each day your masterpiece.

4. Drink deeply from good books, especially the Good Book.

5. Make friendship a fine art.

6. Build a shelter for a rainy day.

7. Pray for guidance, and count and give thanks for your blessings each day.

Wooden, now 97, still keeps the card with him and recalls it often.

Such a simple thing, really.

Daily reinforcement of the basics can and will take you all the way to the top.

Why – because so much of being successful is remembering what to think and what to do. Most people forget far too soon.

The great ones don’t. They remember to remember.

Remember that.

Matthew Furey

P.S. The Zero Resistance Living program will help you remember to remember. It’s like a stop watch before you at all times. Keeping you aware of what your goals are; making sure you get where you want to go – on time.

Why Whining is Self-Destructive

Monday, February 18th, 2008

When I had my gym in California, I created a “No Whining Rule” so I wouldn’t have to listen to all the cry babies who weren’t willing to put 100% into what they were doing.

I printed it out, framed it and put it in the gym, where everyone could easily see it. Then I put it on a sheet of acceptable protocol and gave it to every member.

90% of the whining stopped, right then and there, simply because I let everyone know that you never succeed by whining, complaining or making excuses. Instead, you succeed by saying to yourself, if success is to be, it is UP to ME.

The result: Success rate went through the roof.

The reason I’m against whining is simple. Whenever you whine you’re giving power to circumstances and taking it away from yourself. You’re claiming that you can’t do anything because everything is outside of your control.

It isn’t. And it is amazing how your circumstances change when you stop whining and begin adopting the belief that if success is to be, it is up to me.

For every person whining about how pitiful his life and circumstances are, you can find plenty of examples of those who had it worse, yet rose to even higher levels of greatness because of the adversity.

How did the victors rise above the so-called victim status.

By focusing on a goal; by taking time to “be still.” By using their imagination creatively to plan a new way of being – and by rolling up their sleeves and doing whatever must be done to change things for the better.

Matthew Furey

P.S. An important change is in the works for the Psycho-Cyb website. I’ll be updating the products, the technology and a whole lot more very soon. It will take what I’m teaching and what Dr. Maltz taught into a Universe of Possibilities you’ve never experienced before. Stay tuned in.

In the interim, make sure you get a hold of Zero Resistance Living.

Forget Time Management

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

A lot of people use the term “time management” – but there’s really no such thing.

You cannot manage time – nor can you control it.

You can only choose to do or not do certain things. That’s it.

Sort of like the sun. You cannot manage or control the sun – or the moon. But you can choose to be outdoors in view of it – or indoors out of view.

You’ve probably become accustomed to hearing other people (and quite possibly yourself) saying, “There’s not enough time in the day” or “I don’t have any time.”

Since when are we the decider on how much time there should be in each day? And how can you not have any time?

Time and energy are all we have. You either use them to the full – for things that matter to you – or you use them for anything that grabs your attention at the moment.

Saying “there’s no time” is like saying “there’s no muney.”

There are always plenty of both. Depends on your view. And not your view on the outside. It depends upon how you see things on the inside.

The next time you think there’s a shortage of time – or think that you need to manage time – change your mental picture to the following:

“I have time to do what is most important to me.”

Now, you may be wondering if I have a “system” that helps me get everything that’s important to me done.

I sure do – and I can assure you it’s not one of those “planners” you see people lugging around.

If you’re interested in learning my system of “Time Useage” – drop a line and let me know.

Matthew Furey

P.S. Remove the blocks, the resistance, the friction keeping you from the life you want. Tune into the Zero Resistance Living System and make a quantum leap in your life.

My Wife Doesn’t Believe It

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Last night I received the following email from a reader in India. It’s got SUCCESS written all over it. Read and see why:

Dear Matthew,
I too would like to tell you my experience with my eight-year old son, Mehul, in far away India.

In India we have a ranking system in school. Mehul stood eighth rank in the first term exams. During that time i was reading Psycho-Cybernetics and I trusted that this book will surely make him leap to the first rank. So from the very next day i asked him to meditate for only 10 minutes.

He was to visualize that the principal of the school called out his name for the first rank and he was going ahead to pick the trophy. i asked him visualize in vivid details everything – the smile on his friends face, the standing ovation he got etc.

He too believed in this idea and never missed a single day of visualization. You won’t believe it the class teacher called and informed us just before the third term was to start that Mehul has stood first in his class.

I would like to add that he still continues his visualization without missing even a single day and his performance in all the spheres has been top class. He was a timid introverted boy and now people don’t believe whether he is the same guy.

He is developing into a talented dancer when before he was not able to stand in front of an audience.

i don’t understand when it is so easy to make a eight year old boy understand the power of visualization, the grown ups are so skeptical and doubtful when I suggest this technique. I feel they fear success more then anything else.

My wife has seen this transformation but when i suggest it to her turn to try this great method she does not seem enthusiastic. It will be many more times more effective for her but i am not able to convince her.

Matthew will you be able to help her?


MJF: Manoj, first off, I commend you for the positive influence you are having on your son. Now that he is in the top rank it is important to continually emphasize to him that the journey is, in truth, more important than the rank. If he continually puts forth his best effort, and does not need to be motivated by external awards, if he is inspired rather than motivated, I think you and he will both be all the better for it.

As for your wife, it is not your job to make sure she believes everything you believe or that your son believes. Continue to love her and support her even if she never opens to these teachings. YOU and you alone are under your control. Your son took to visualization because he wanted to. You’ve been the guide – yet he could have refused to be open, too, if he wanted.

If you always remember to ask yourself, when frustrated, what is and what isn’t under your control; what is and what isn’t your business – I believe you’ll enjoy even more moments of inner peace and happiness than you now experience.

Best to you and your family. And thank you for writing to let me know how everything is going with your son.

Matthew Furey

P.S. Get your TRUMP CARD – your ticket to success in all that is important to you.

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