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Da Vinci and Disney did it

Monday, January 7th, 2008

One of my MasterMind members, Kevin Thompson, swears that there is one thing he began doing – and it turned the corner for him.

Prior to doing this Kevin frequently set goals – yet still struggled to reach them. Then one day he decided to put up pictures of what he wanted.

He put up a picture of a HUMMER – sort of like mine. And got one. He put up a picture of a luxurious home. And got that, too.

“Well, that’s easy to explain – afterall, all you have to do is go to a dealership and buy one, right.”

Yes, you are right – AFTER you eliminate the fear or doubt that you’ve let stand in your way of having what you want.

But there’s one more thing you’re missing. When Kevin put the photo for the HUMMER up he didn’t have the funds to get one and he didn’t qualify for a major loan.

As for the house, he most definitely didn’t have the bux set aside for it. Not only that, but on the day he moved into the very house he pinned a picture of on the wall – he didn’t even realize it. It wasn’t until his son showed him the photo of the family’s NEW house that he realized – “Oh my God.”

At this point tears flowed.

Not an uncommon occurrence, even for big, tough men.

This same story was told to me last September by Ron Ipach – after I spoke at his seminar in San Antonio, Texas.

Those who have watched the movie The Secret – heard John Assaraf tell the same sort of story.

Years ago Leonardo da Vinci hung pictures up to help him with his creations. Last time I checked he was no slouch in the creative world.

Yet, perhaps you didn’t know that Walt Disney modeled the same idea.

My friend, training your mind to think in pictures is perhaps the most important goal getting skill you can learn. I am very particular about anything that goes on the walls in my home or office. Nothing is put up without me taking the time to think about the psychological, spiritual … even the metaphysical effect it can have on my life.

All this spells out the reason why I had a Wheel of Fortune poster made last fall. I wanted to create a poster that I could give to people who want to put this magnetic success secret into practice … and NOW.

I’m prepared to give you a Wheel of Fortune poster, too – but they’re only being made available to members of the Psycho-Cybernetics Success Group. Maybe I’m asking too much of you to be a member – but based on the response I’ve gotten so far, I don’t think so.

Besides, as a member, each month you’ll receive a new breakthrough visualization CD, a Success Scroll and Success Reminder Card – as well as a riveting newsletter that plants the power of thinking in mental pictures deep into your mind.

Give the program a shot for a month and I’ll send you the Wheel of Fortune poster gratis – along with a Zero Resistance to Success Certificate – suitable for framing – signed by yours truly.

Go enroll NOW.


Matthew Furey
Zen Master of the Internet

Your Wheel of Fortune

Friday, January 4th, 2008

You’ve probably heard of the show Wheel of Fortune. When I was a college chump as well as champ, I used to tune in and watch with intrigue as Vanna White turned duh numbers.

Truth is that every college boy I knew at the time was tuned into her as well.

After college, I moved to California, and got a girl friend who scoffed about the multi-millyun dollhair salary Vanna was getting for doing nuthin but turning numbers.

I let her know that it was not a good idea to curse the rich and famous – otherwise chances are this will cause the curse to boomerang you – ensuring that you never have any extra change yourself.

She didn’t like this and the diatribe continued. I then told her that salary is a matter of self-worth and self-proclamation. I told her that Vanna herself must think she’s worth it otherwise she would do something to drive the dough away. I further stated that Merv Griffin – now residing in Billionaire Heaven – must have agreed that she was worth it otherwise he wouldn’t pay her that kind of salary.

Then the final swat came when I talked about me and all the other college boys huddled in a living room watching Vanna turn the numbers. I said: “Anyone who can do that, regardless of talent, brains or ability, is worth some sort of high salary.”

This only inflamed my steady more and by the end of the conversation we were no longer bosom buds. From that moment onward I made sure I only attracted women who believed that having lots and lots of muney was indeed a “good thing.” And that muney was just as much “spiritual” essence as it was material.

Afterall, you could very easily translate the line, “Give us this day our daily bread” into “Give us this day our daily dough.” I believe Nature abhors poverty. I don’t believe the Creator put us on this earth to be poor or to scoff at the rich.

The so-called enlightened are not enlightened at all if they have negative feelings and attitudes about wealth, muney and so on.

Personally, if someone wants to be poor and argue for the sake of poverty – I don’t care three hoots. It’s none of my business. I don’t get angry or upset that these people ask life for less than a penny when it would gladly give much more. Tis of no concern to me.

I will do my part to help those who WANT to rise above poverty – and the two schools I’ve opened in China – a third is going up this year – is part of my mission. But I will do no part in trying to restructure the minds of those who don’t want.

All the above leads me to something else I’d like to give y’all as a gratis gift from me. It’s a Wheel of Fortune posture I had created last year.

A Wheel of Fortune poster has nothing to do with the game show, Vanna White or the dearly departed Merv. A Wheel of Fortune poster is a magnet you put up in your home or office – and it contains pictures and symbols of all the things you want to attract into your life – including a spouse who has good attitudes about muney.

You can also put the car of your dreams, the house of your fantasies and the very career you’d like to have.

Many people who’ve used a Wheel of Fortune poster will tell you that they broke down and cried when they saw the magical effect it had in their lives. Moving into the very dream home that was placed on the poster is just one example. I’ve talked to half a dozen men who cried like babies when they realized, “Oh my God. See this picture on my poster – it’s the same house we just moved into.”

I had 500 of these Wheel of Fortune posters made last fall and I gave 140 out in late October. That means I have 360 left. I’d really like to give one to you, too. But because the supply is limited, I’m forced to set some guidelines.

First, you’ve got to be a member of the Psycho-Cybernetics Success Group – wherein each month you’ll receive an income-generating, life-changing Psycho-Cybernetics newsletter and monthly visualization CD.

You can enroll now and give it a test-drive. If you decide you don’t like it and want to drop, no problem.

If you’re already a member, not to worry. We’ll send you one with your package this month.

The Psycho-Cybernetics Wheel of Fortune poster can be worth a veritable fortune to you. It’s easily worth a new home, a nicer car, an increased salary – maybe even a prosperity minded boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse.

Get one now while supplies last.

Go enroll in my Success Group NOW.


Matthew “Matt” Furey
Zen Master of the Internet

Who is “The Big Self?”

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

Great email came through the pipeline yesterday.

A man who has read a lot of Zen stuff – but hasn’t really lived it – chided me for being a “self-proclaimed Zen Master.”

I couldn’t help but wonder if the man knows what “self” means.

Moreover, what is the BIG SELF. Or “who” is the Big Self.

And then, is there really any other way to become anything other than through self-proclamation.

Sure, you can wait for someone to knight you or appoint you – but none of the great men or women in history ever waited for such a moment – nor did they care. They recognized who they were and went with it.

Not only that, but anyone who was ever appointed, certified or voted into anything – first and foremost, still had to see himself there first. You don’t land anywhere by accident. You get a vision of what you want. You form a mental picture. Then you put in the time practicing whatever it takes to become that

If you do this long enough – your mental image will become a reality.

Never forget, even the Buddha had to see himself as a Buddha – otherwise – no Buddha.

Anytime anyone ever criticizes or condemns you for being self-proclaimed, self-promoting – or any of those other jealous terms – raise your hands in victory and shout “Hurrah.”

Anyone can be an idiot. Anyone can condemn what he doesn’t know.

Conversely, anyone can discover his big self and turn his life into a masterpiece.

Discovering your BIG SELF is not the same as “finding yourself.”

Those who go on a mission to find the self rarely ever do – and if they do – they find the wrong one. They find the failure, the loser, the stumbler and bumbler.

I teach people to discover a very different kind of self – a BIG SELF; the part of you that knows success, happiness, peace of mind and something more – and can have it at any time. The part of you that believes he can do anything he sets his mind on.

You won’t find this self through study. You’ll only find it through the experience you get from practice. And the desire for practice comes from having the right mental image.

I’ll have more on this in my special report entitled, The Trump Card.

Make sure you send an email and make your request for it.

It’ll be out later this week.

Matthew Furey
BIG SELF Proclaimed Zen Master of the Internet

What’s a Burning Desire?

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

From my journal:

“A burning desire doesn’t mean flexing your muscles, stiffening your spine and trying to physically force your goal upon the world. A burning desire is a lot like the story of the burning bush. The bush is on fire but the fire does not consume the bush. And so it is with YOU. You have a desire that burns of its own accord, without effort or struggle because you pictured what you want with so much enthusiasm that the desire has taken on a life of its own. You wanted it. Now it wants you.”

Matthew Furey
Zero Resistance Living

Dropping the New Years Ball

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

What a ride last night. Waiting til the clock rolled 12 midnight along with about a million others. Awesome to say the least.The last time I stayed up through New Years was 1999, when I rang in the New Millenium was a couple thousand bodyweight squats, aka Hindu squats.

Last night was special because eight years ago my wife, Zhannie, was pregnant with our son, Frank. And Frank was up with us last night, through it all. The three of us held each other as the final seconds of 2007 ticked away. What a rush.

If you set your goals for 2008 before last night that is a good thing. Now it’s a matter of being focused each day and making sure you have the right information and right coaches and mentors before you – to help you go where you want

It would be a horrible mistake to try to go it alone. Years ago Iearned the following phrase from Dr. Robert Schuller – “I need help – I can’t do it alone.”

The misinformed, arrogant, and ego-driven think they can go it alone and succeed at a high level. Not possible. The greatest achievers throughout history had mentors and advisors and coaches and this will NEVER change.

Show me a man who thinks there’s no secret knowledge, that he doesn’t need advice, coaching or help in anyway – that success is nothing but hard, hard work – and I’ll show you someone with a closed mind. Success is ALL about discovering what you didn’t know before, applying it and continuing to be open to and listen to those who have knowledge you don’t possess or are afraid to apply properly.

Anything you do not know that someone else does – is a SECRET to you.

Anything that someone else knows that you wish you knew – is a secret to you.

Don’t you think there are 31 NFL head coaches who’d like to know what Bill Bellicek knows about getting a team united around a vision. How about getting a Randy Moss to shut up and put up. No other coach was able to accomplish that one.

How’d he do it. Do you know the answer. If not, you cannot duplicate his success.

I guarantee the answer to getting Moss to play the way he is is NOT “hard, hard work.” First his mind had to be captured.

No one has been able to do that before.


Over the past 30 years I have studied the most successful men and women in history, and believe me, they knew things that the less successful did not know.

Are you making sure you’re learning what you need to do to make it bigger than ever before.

Chances are excellent you’re doing some of the right things – but not all. Chances are that you haven’t focused the way you know you’re capable of. Chances are the one big thing holding you back is fear. You can be seven feet tall and weigh pounds. You can be strong as a bear – but if you look at all the areas where you’re stuck – you suddenly feel seven inches tall. You’re not such a big shot when confronted with the things you feel incompetent in.

In a couple days I’m going to release my special report, The Trump
Card. Make sure you get a copy. There’s no charge. It’ll reveal the
secret to making all your goals and dreams become a reality.

It’ll lay out a very cut n dried case for what you need to do to
make your life into the masterpiece you’d like it to be. It’ll lay
out the method for you to eliminate fear, worry, arrogance
and other negative habit patterns from your life.

To make sure you get in first in line for your copy – send me an email and we’ll put you on the list.

More coming very soon. Get ready for the best year of your life.

Matthew Furey

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