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to ending all your money troubles, forever"

Dear Friend,

There is a secret to making money that you're not being told, and it's holding you back. It's a secret that the powers-that-be don't want you to know.

In fact, if you know all the other secrets, including the Law of Attraction, but you don't know THE REAL SECRETS - none of the other laws will work for you in the way you'd like.

Yes, you'll attract things. They just won't be the things you want; the things you've been visualizing or affirming.

Does the above ring familiar to you?

My name is Matt Furey, and like so many others who are struggling financially, I used to be the person who read all the books on prosperity and abundance - and didn't get positive results.

I listened to everything on the Law of Attraction. Yet, I still wasn't prospering.

I repeated affirmations for increased income and the opposite of what I affirmed happened. More bills. More debt.

This made me wonder if all this positive stuff wasn't mere hokum.

Guess what? It's NOT hokum. But if you don't know The REAL SECRETS to greater prosperity - the Law of Attraction won't work for you.

Right Before Your Eyes

In movies like The Secret - the REAL SECRETS of prosperity are right before your eyes. Yet, they are never explained. None of the people in the movie ONLY visualized what they wanted and made it happen.

They did other things, too.

And when they combined the LAW of Attraction to these "other things" - they reeled in what they wanted like bees to honey. It came much more easily and it came much faster than those who were working harder than they were.

Is hard work the REAL SECRET?

It's true. Many people have been told all their lives that "hard work" is the secret of success.

I've got news for you. It's not.

Hard work may be important, but it's NOT the secret. If hard work were the secret to wealth and abundance, most people in the world today would be rich. So there's something more that's missing from the equation.

\ On the other hand, if all you do is visualize - you cannot truly live the life of the people you're seeing in these movies on success.

And I know this for a fact. I know what it's like to be the person who is broke and in debt, and I know what it's like to be on the other side of the fence.

I know what it's like to "owe" everyone money. And I know what it's like to "owe nuthin to nobody."

And I've compiled The REAL SECRETS into a program called 101 Ways to Magnetize Money in Any Economy.
101 Ways to Magnetize Money in Any Economy
Some of the secrets I'm teaching you in this program are mental, some are spiritual, some have to do with your career, others have to do with how you work. Others deal with the first thought you're thinking when you wake up each day - and the last one before you go to bed at night.

And some of the secrets have to do with WHAT type of work you're involved in. Tell me, did you ever notice that all the people in The Secret have at least one thing in common?

They chose a profession that pays off big time.

Yes, some jobs lend themselves to money being attracted and magnetized quickly - and others don't. And one of the most amazing facts is that the job that lends itself to the biggest payoffs, including residual payoffs, is not difficult to learn.

Yet, it's a secret to most people living in the world today. Most people don't have a clue how easy it can be to get on the fast track to prosperity and abundance.

YOU will be driving on that fast track when you're reading and listening to the REAL SECRETS I teach in 101 Ways to Magnetize Money in Any Economy.

Listed below are some of the things you will learn in 101 Ways to Magnetize Money in Any Economy:

• The one word you'll want to start your day with. If you begin saying this word as soon as your eyes open, you will be astounded at how your day flows.

The one thing you can begin thinking about that will help you find jobs, opportunities, even unexpected checks or money.

• Are there any valid excuses for not being able to make money?

If you do what you love, will the money follow? Find out the truth before it's too late.

• The one thing you can do with your body language that will make a HUGE difference in your ability to get what you want out of life.

Does your memory have anything to do with making money or falling into the right opportunity at the right time? You'll be amazed at the answer to this one.

• The LAW that makes Law of Attraction and all other Laws work. This one is not talked about on The Secret - yet every player lives it. Get the answer.

One question to ask yourself before bed that will cause your subconscious to begin working for you instead of against you.

• If you fall down 1,000 times, how many times should you get up? A baby reveals the answer to this question.

The one way to clear your mind of negativity faster than affirmations, visualization and all other techniques combined.

• The best professions you can enter TODAY that will put you on the fast track to prosperity.

Does health and fitness have anything to do with money magnetism? Find out the truth.

• The secret thing my wife and I began doing that allowed money to accumulate quickly. Before doing this, all the other LAWS didn't work.

How to make money watching television. This is something you won't read anywhere else!

• Should you be afraid of paying more taxes?

The famous 9-word speech that energized a graduating class in England. These nine words hold the key to your success in life as well.

• What do breathing and feeling have to do with financial success? You'll learn to see the difference when someone writes a check.

How to program your mind for success even when you're not trying to and don't think you are.

• Can you make it rain money?

What to teach your children about money. Believe me, it's not, "Money is the root of all evil."

• The most important key to being able to ask for money and get it. Failure to observe this truth will always result in a "no."

How many things should you do at a time if you want to get more things done in less time? Answer revealed on page 110.

• What is millionaire-itis? And how do you get it?

Can you really make money while you sleep? This shocking truth will amaze you.

Are you ready for a financial miracle?

I've seen the information contained in 101 Ways to Magnetize Money in Any Economy work miracles.

For example, there's Jim, in Colorado, who tripled his income last year, during a recession, and he's going like gangbusters this year as well.

I watched Kevin, from Washington state, make his first million last year - more than five times what he used to make.

I saw Susan, in California, make more sales in her insurance company than ever before.

Then there's Joan, in Florida, who is hiring more people this year to run her multi-million dollar per year operation. She refuses to participate in recessions.

At the same time that many people were failing, going out of business and losing money hand-over-fist, another group of people were doing better than ever.

How can this be?

You'll find the answer to that question in 101 Ways to Magnetize Money in Any Economy.

If you were to do nothing but read the titles for each WAY I've written about - it would be enough information to last you forever. And if you follow my instructions, I believe success will shine upon you.

Not only that, but the author is not someone who is writing about prosperity and abundance in order to make his fortune. He's already made his fortune.

And he truly IS someone who knows what it is like to go from "rags to riches" - and he can help you do it, too.

The 1-Yard Line

101 Ways to Magnetize Money in Any Economy One of the things I have always done when times were tough, was see myself on the 1-Yard Line in a football game. With one more step, I score the winning touchdown.

That's how I feel about this program, too. Anyone who orders is stepping over the line - entering the realm of success and abundance.

This is why now is the time to put yourself in scoring position. Now is the time to take one more step forward so you can learn the REAL SECRETS of financial success known only to the most prosperous men and women who have ever lived.

Order now and change your financial future forever.

Matt Furey

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